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Why AC Light Blinks Three Times?

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Have you ever faced the condition where the AC light blinks three times while driving? It sounds pretty weird, but this often occurs with most of the vehicles. And the air conditioning unit is regarded as one of the essential systems for maintaining the car’s internal environment. The article further elaborates on the common reasons for the frequent blinking of the air conditioning lights, their fixation, and specific most usually asked questions among the people.

The blinks in the unit signify one or the other issues; either the system is not in an incorrect position to operate, or the mode of control is wrong placed. Whatsoever is the primary reason, the result causes the blinking determining the malfunctioning or unstable situations.

What Does It Signify When Your AC Light Is Blinking In Your Car?

The sudden and readily flashing light usually indicated the problem with the air conditioning system of the car. It generally signifies that the system will not operate as it used to earlier due to the emergence of the issue.

In situation arises when the system has detected a problem in the air conditioning unit and thus shut down the compressor. The switching off of the compressor will prevent the system from locking up and stalling the engine.

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Why AC Light Blinks Three Times?

As discussed above, the air conditioning light emerges due to specific faults or malfunctioning in the unit. Thus, here in this context, we will elaborate on the reasons for the generation of these issues in the car.

Before moving on, we suggest you never ignore the warning lights or any abnormal indications in the car. These indications mean for preventive measures and safety purposes of the passengers in the vehicle.

So. let’s begin with a detailed description of the topic and an elaborate explanation regarding the air conditioning unit.

1. The Serpentine Belt Is Slipping

It regards as one of the major cause responsible for blinking of air conditioning light in the car. The slipping of the belt is the result of a loss of belt tension or pulley misalignment in the vehicle.

Whenever the belt slips off the track, the friction between the belt and the accessory drive pulley results in overheating. Thus, the light emerges and causes frequent blinking of light.

We can quickly identify the faulty serpentine belt by listening to the squeaking noises produced by the slipping belt. Such sounds are more pronounced in hilly areas. It could also occur after you drive over deep puddles or an undercarriage car wash.

2. Faulty Air Conditioning Compressor

The malfunctioning compressor is also a top reason behind the emergence of frequent AC lights in the car. It generally causes the unit to excessively heat because all the refrigerant leaks out. It may also include reduced air coming from the vents or warm air coming from the vents.

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All these are leading to severe issues if not treated in time. Thus, along with the blinking light, it would show some additional warning lights on the car’s dashboard. The two most common reasons behind the compressor failure are the loss of lubrication and slugging.

3. Speed Sensor Malfunctioning

Another possible reason is that the speed sensor does not match the speed of the light. The fault in the speed sensor may arise due to a variety of reasons; among the most common is the improper control over the gear shifting within the transmission.

The transmission, in turn, may exhibit symptoms such as delayed shifts, challenging shifts, and limited gear operation. We can quickly fix the improper sensor by testing it in specific ways and applying the methods over them as required.

We usually recommend you not drive the vehicle in such a situation as the air conditioning light also blinks to signify the danger. The ignorance of such signals may lead to a severe crisis; therefore, it is better to take prevention rather than cure.

However, no need to worry as all these cases can be dealt with by proper caring and regular maintenance of the vehicles. It is the only way to trade the situation most calmly and smoothly.

How Does My AC Blinking Cool On?

The cooling of the air conditioning light may require a specific time or needs switching off of the unit to avoid further heating or any malfunctioning. For this, you could even check the thermostat’s display to confirm that there is a call for cooling. It usually indicates by the message or words cool on or snowflake icon.

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Hence, if you observe such an icon or message on the dashboard, then indeed, a thermostat is in delay mode. And this mode will normalize within five to ten minutes of the initiation of the action. They may purpose of the delay is to protect your vehicle’s equipment from short cycling.

How Do You Fix A Blinking AC Light?

If you are facing the frequent blinking of AC light, then indeed your air conditioning system to turn off soon. Thus, the emergence of warm air and resulting in improper functions. You can switch off the air conditioner for few seconds and turn it on again. For some vehicles, the unit will start working usually, and your problem would solve.

However, it won’t regain its functionality; thus, it needs repair or replacement depending on the condition. The average cost of fixing the air condition system light in such is pretty inexpensive. The accurate ranges may vary from place to place and vehicle to vehicle.


We hope the information mentioned earlier help and guide you to lead your way to the desired result. We had tried our best to simplify and clear all your concepts related to the topic. Now, whenever your ac light blinks three times, we expect you’ll efficiently deal with the situation and take the proper steps regarding the problems with the unit.

However, if your doubts or queries regarding the topic persist, we request you to comment below in the comment section. And we will surely answer all your questions as quickly as possible.