What To Do If Your Car AC Pressure Is Too High?

What To Do If Your Car AC Pressure Is Too High?

On long drives in the scorching heat of summer, all we want is a cold drink and a chilled car to enjoy. But have you ever noticed sometimes car’s AC works abnormally and takes a longer time to cool and still you don’t get that chilled feeling? Probably its reason is that the AC pressure too high in your vehicle. Want to know more about this problem? Don’t worry, as I have everything you need to know about it. Stay tuned!

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Why Does AC Pressure Gets Too High?

There are various reasons due to which your car’s AC may not be working properly. In today’s high tech era, these problems are way too common than you think. After all, nothing is perfect! Air conditioner plays an important role in maintaining the temperature inside a car. If ac pressure too high it may be a sign of any serious basal issue.

1. Excessive Coolant

Due to the use of excessive coolant, the system may get overcharged. It can be the reason for ac low side pressure too high.


2. Overfilled Fuel Tank

Some people have the habit of filling their fuel tank to the throat. But do you know that it does more harm to your vehicle than good? One should not exceed the indication bar and overfill tank.


3. Gas Leakage

Before reaching any conclusion, get your system checked for any unusual discharging. YOu can do a visual inspection yourself or get professional help.

4. Poor Oil Quality

Using poor quality and out of date oil can be another cause if ac pressure is too high. You should avoid getting senile kinds of stuff for your dear car, shouldn’t you?

5. Lack of fuel

Not only using excessive fuel is bad for your car, but keeping the fuel level below recommended for a longer period can do even more damage. But those penny-pinching misers still won’t care, I know right.

6. Debris Struck In Fan Motor

If you live in highly polluted areas, then it isn’t a surprise to find small chunks of dust and dirt stuck in your house. Same goes with the vehicle system. The condenser fan may be chocked thus putting it under excessive pressure and thus the AC pressure is too high.

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7. Self Experiment

You may not accept the fact but most of the vehicle owners are guilty of altering their vehicle’s configuration. So all the car owners out there, DON’T TRY TO AMEND YOUR VEHICLE’S CONFIGURATION UNTIL YOU ARE A PROFESSIONAL! Make a note!

8. Loose Fittings

One of the major causes, if your ac pressure is too high, is loosely fit fan shrouds and air dams. After a long time, it is quite normal that the parts get loosened.

How To Fix AC Low Side Pressure Too High?


Above I’ve listed the major causes of why AC pressure is too high. So how to get rid of this problem now? Here is how:

1. First Aid

Once you know the reasons, before going to a mechanic, it’s your duty to give your dear car a basic first aid. Manually check for flaws in your system, visually inspect each and every part of your vehicle.

2. Fix Connections

Get your vehicle checked once a while for any ejected or unsecured connections. Make sure to avoid doing it yourself.

3. Hire Professionals

Get it done by a professional and give your car a salon treatment! It will efficiently promote long life of your vehicle.

4. Avoid Extremes

As they say to always follow the middle path. Either it is fuel level in your vehicle or the AC temperature. Avoid putting it under too much pressure.

5. Maintainance

Replace all of the worn-out parts of fan and dams. It’ll help in restoring the ability of the air conditioner to work properly.

6. Engine Overheat Checked

In case you find out engine overheating as the main culprit behind this, time fo action! The entire system should be cleaned and purified exhaustively to get rid of any further damage.

7. Repairing And Refilling

The first step any mechanic will do is to get the system repairs, cleansed, refilled and vacuumed. Further, any clogging will be removed.


What Is A Normal AC Pressure?

Now after having a look at all the inconvenience caused, you must be thinking about what is the normal pressure so that you can prevent your ca from being damaged. So you must now understand that the pressure inside the car is directly proportional to the pressure outside the car. Here is a standard pressure chart for your rescue:


Lowest Pressure: 30-50 psi on an average

Highest Pressure:140-160 psi on an average

You must note here that the pressure varies according to the variation in temperature of AC.


So now I have shared with you everything you need to know and do if your car’s AC pressure too high. Just remember that whenever you find your AC performance below average, buckle up and repair it soon to avoid any further damage.

Bonus Tips

Again it’s time for some bonus tricks and recommendations that I have for you. Just keep in mind these points to enjoy chilled long drives hassle-free:

  • Keep checking AC pressure regularly.
  • Don’t over/under fill your tank.
  • Check coolant.
  • Avoid overcharging
  • Check for any struck debris or dirt occasionally.
  • Stay away from DIYs.
  • Don’t compromise on quality to save a few bucks.
  • When in doubt, get a mechanic!

So that is all in today’s blog, hope you like it. Just stay tuned to know much more about your vehicle’s well being. For any further queries, just let me know below in the comment section.

Happy driving!

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