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Why All Gauges Drop To Zero While Driving?

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The dashboard present in your car provides you with every single detail of your vehicle. Or we could say it tells a complex story about everything in your vehicle related to current status. Different cars have different gauges with a variety of instrumental panels- some are easy while others are complicated to deal with the problem. Many people take dashboard gauges for granted. They prioritized them as less important until they stop working or some serious need is required. Imagine a situation when all gauges drop to zero while driving. I know it would drive you crazy but dealing with the problem is the only solution.

So, to deal with such issues, we provide you with the best of our knowledge. The content on the related topic with a brief description is listed below.

What Are Gauges?

The gauges are responsible for providing information about the current situation of the car. And this is done by displaying all the necessary needs on the vehicle’s dashboard behind the steering wheel. They generally help to catch fluctuation or problems in the car before the condition becomes worst or reaches out of control.

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There are mainly four gauges, namely, fuel gauge, speedometer, temperature gauge, and tachometer.

As we can see, gauges are of prime importance for any vehicle, so they must not be taken for granted. Failure in a single gauge is very problematic, and thus if all the gauges are damaged or failed, you can imagine the condition the vehicle would go through.

What Causes All Gauges Drop To Zero While Driving?

Many instrumental clusters of gauges designed and modified to provide all the possible ease to the vehicle. But what if all of them stop working at the same time. A lot of people faces this issue.

There could be multiple reasons or cause for the problem, like a fuse or wiring problem. Thus, we first need to find the cause and act on it to get the desired solution.

So, let’s have a brief intro at various causes:

1. Blown Fuse

It is the guaranteed cause for most vehicles’ sudden failure of all the gauges in the car. Some changes may only the particular part is not working like warning lights need a new bulb.

Thus, one must clear about the fundamental failure by observing the proper reason and, for that, look at your owner’s manual as it would guide you properly.

2. Loose Connectors

The connectors are quickly loose or may unplugged due to various reasons. Thus, they need to fix the problem, which is an easy job and can complete by anyone, but please always be careful while doing it.

Also, make sure that you disconnect the car battery before fixing anything related to the connector to avoid harming you. Later, plug the connectors back together, restore all the loosen, and reconnect the battery.

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Soon your instrumental panel will work as smooth as previously.

3. Stripped Gear

The reason behind the stripped gear is non-working or poorly working speedometer and odometers. The defect in the gauges may because of the broken cable or wires in this case.  Here, the physical cables used in place of sensors in the car.

For fixing such issues, you need to work on the gear and pull out the instrumental cluster to reach the gear. Now, use compressed air and remove all the dust present. At last, use a microfiber cloth to clean the remaining or surrounding area.

4. Overloaded Circuit

A faulty voltage regulator or a regulator which less bearable voltage have a high tendency to face such situations. In these cases, the limited power transferred to the instrumental panel of the vehicles. All this will cause a sudden drop in all the gauges.

Although trying a lot either by sudden start or switching out the battery won’t work. It is better to visit the mechanic or nearby garage for the same purpose to avoid any further or critical situations.

5. Defective Instrumental Cluster

If you have done all the possible reasons and can still find the correct answer, you may look for the instrumental cluster. There are chances of the defective instrumental set having the wrong wiring or sensors or may have broken cable in the panel.

The various electrical related instrument cluster has individual gauges responsible for independent inputs from the particular senders. Therefore, they need to replace within no time.

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6. Bad Sensors

This issue is usually related to impairment in one or two gauges, but it may also observe in the conditions where all the gauges stop functioning.

Here, the sensors either fail to recognize or give the wrong assumption because of the fault in the system. Whatsoever is why we need to cure the problem with the best solution to prevent any issues further.

7. Grounding Problem

It is one of the last things that any person would think and relate to the sudden loss of all the gauges. However, it is pretty often, and one must draw their concern here if the above reasons are not valid.

So, if this is the culprit, try to end the problem soon before it reaches peak level or affects any other device or system.

Cost Of Fixing The Faulty Gauges?

Some of the causes responsible for the sudden loss of all the gauges are easy to deal with, as they have a pretty easy task-related situation. At the same time, some need severe repair or replacement, which depends on the extent of the damage. So, the average cost of replacement lies between $850 to $1000.

The cost also depends on the vehicle make and model and varies from city to city.


Dealing with all the gauges drop to zero while driving is a difficult task. We hope you can now react to the situation calmly and with all the readers are satisfied with the article.

If your doubts or queries regarding the topic persist, comment below in the comment section. And we’ll surely answer all your questions as quick as possible.