What To Do If Android Auto Not Connecting To Car?

When the client’s Android gadget is associated with the vehicle, the head unit will fill in as an outer presentation for the Android gadget, introducing upheld programming in a vehicle explicit UI given by the Android Auto application.

In Android Auto’s first cycles, the gadget was needed to be associated through USB to the vehicle. It is an extraordinary method to use your gadget while in the car but it’s not much use if Android auto not connecting to car. Let us figure out how we can help you fix this problem in your car. Let’s begin!

What Is Android Auto?

Android Auto is a portable application created by Google to reflect highlights of an Android gadget. For example, a cell phone, on a vehicle’s dashboard data and amusement head unit. When an Android gadget is matched with the vehicle’s head unit, the framework can reflect some applications on the vehicle’s showcase. Upheld applications incorporate GPS planning and route, music playback, SMS, phone, and Web search.

The framework upholds both touchscreen and catch-controlled head units. Without hand activity through voice, orders are accessible and prescribed to lessen driver interruption.

The most well-known way Android Auto is sent is by means of an Android cell phone running the Android Auto application. Going about as an expert to a vehicle’s dashboard head unit that backings this usefulness.

Why Is My Android Auto Not Connecting To My Car?

These are some of the most common issues of why Android Auto not connecting to car:-

1. App Crashing

There are various purposes behind applications to crash. Applications aren’t wonderful that is the reason you will as often as possible see your most-loved applications refreshing occasionally. Engineers are attempting to tackle issues announced by their clients.

On the off chance that you utilize your application a great deal, brief documents, and information heap up. These brief records take up a great deal of your extra room making it blocked and incapable to run applications easily.

2. Not Working Or Connecting

One thing we referenced on the establishment steps is to check whether your gadget is viable with Android Auto, both on your vehicle or on your telephone. It is vital to check this before establishment.

Check the physical or remote association from your cell phone like the Bluetooth availability or the link used to interface with the head unit. check the head unit side and ensure Android Auto is empowered on the rundown of utilizations on the head unit’s settings.

3. Wrong Location

This might be because of issues with GPS administrations or its low exactness. Ensure your Google Play Services and the guide is state-of-the-art. Set the GPS precision to high.

4. Communication Apps Not Working

In this, you can’t settle on decisions or send messages on the head unit by training your Google Assistant. Ensure the association from the head unit to the cell phone is steady and continuous. It’s barely enough to utilize a functioning USB link.

What To Do If Android Auto Not Connecting To Car?

These Android Auto investigating tips will help you fix the component when it isn’t working right:-

1. Restart Your Phone

At the point when Android Auto breakdowns, it’s ideally an impermanent glitch with the application on your telephone. Hence, you ought to consistently play out a speedy gadget restart when Android Auto breakdowns.

On most gadgets, you can do this by holding the Power button until a menu shows up. Pick Restart on the off chance that it’s accessible; else hit Shut Down and walk out on following a little while. From that point forward, attempt to utilize Android Auto again and check whether it works right.

2. Update Your Phone And Android Auto App

On the off chance that Android Auto worked before yet quit working appropriately, you may have to introduce a few updates to get it in the groove again. Head to Settings > System > Advanced > System Update to check for Android refreshes, and introduce any that are accessible. Note that these menu names might be distinctive relying upon your telephone.

Subsequently, open the Play Store. Slide-out the left menu and select My applications and games to show the entirety of your introduced applications that have refreshes accessible. In the event that you see Android Auto in the rundown, tap Update to introduce it. While you’re here, you should refresh other center framework applications like Google and Google Play benefits as well. Doing so can fix issues, for example, Android Auto’s voice orders not working. Take a stab at opening the Android Auto application after any updates are introduced, as there might be a client arrangement update or comparable that you need to acknowledge prior to proceeding to utilize it.

3. Make Sure Your Phone Works With Android Auto

In the event that Android Auto isn’t working in any way, you ought to affirm that your telephone works with the element. Google’s assistance page on Android Auto expresses that you need a gadget with Android 6 Marshmallow or higher to utilize it. Ensure that you’re in a country where Android Auto is upheld, as well. You’ll discover a rundown of districts under Where to use on the Google page connected previously. It works in numerous nations, like the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and India. Be that as it may, Android Auto will not capacity appropriately in specific areas

4. Confirm That Your Car Supports Android Auto

On the off chance that you need to utilize Android Auto on your vehicle’s presentation, you should have a viable vehicle. Regardless of whether your vehicle has a USB port, it probably won’t uphold Android Auto. Check the rundown of Android Auto-upheld vehicles and search for your vehicle. When all is said in done, the element just shows up on vehicles from 2016-2017 and fresher.  To ensure, your vehicle’s manual should specify Android Auto if it’s upheld. In the event that your vehicle doesn’t uphold Android Auto, you can buy a sound system that utilizes it.

5. Investigate Your Car’s Infotainment System

Now, you should check for issues with your vehicle’s head unit. Ensure you’re dispatching the Android Auto application from the primary menu – its area contrasts via vehicle. A great deal of the time, the application will not dispatch consequently, driving you to think something isn’t right. In the event that there’s a method to restart the infotainment framework, take a stab at doing as such. On the off chance that this isn’t an alternative, just shut your vehicle off for a couple of moments, at that point start it again and attempt again. At long last, on the off chance that you have a post-retail beneficiary, check the creator’s site to check whether there’s a product update. Apply any accessible updates, at that point give the association another attempt.

6. Check Your USB Cable

When utilizing Android Auto on your vehicle’s showcase, you need a USB link to associate your telephone to your vehicle. On the off chance that this link turns sour or is of inferior quality, it could drop the association arbitrarily or decline to the interface by any stretch of the imagination.

Have a go at supplanting your USB link with another that you know is excellent; the link that accompanied your telephone is typically a solid match. For best outcomes, utilize a link that is no longer than six feet. Remember that if the link is for charging just and doesn’t uphold information move, it will not work for Android Auto. As a rule, you can tell if a link upholds information move in the event that it has the USB “harpoon” image on the USB-An end.

7. Check Your Paired Car Settings

Android Auto allows you to match your telephone with different vehicles. In case you’re experiencing difficulty blending with another vehicle, you can visit these choices to ideally fix it.
To visit your Android Auto vehicle settings, open the Android Auto application, at that point slide out the left menu and pick Settings. On this screen, tap Previously associated vehicles.

This will show you a rundown of vehicles that you’ve supported or dismissed to use with Android Auto. On the off chance that you see your vehicle in the Rejected vehicle header, you may have done this unintentionally. Eliminate the vehicle from the obstructed rundown and take a stab at matching it once more. Regularly, the Add new vehicles to Android Auto alternative ought to be empowered. In the event that this is killed, your telephone will just charge as opposed to beginning the Android Auto arrangement measure when you plug it in.

8. Clear Cache And Storage For The Android Auto App

Now, if Android Auto actually will not work, your smartest choice is to clear all the saved information in the Android Auto application and start once more. You ought to do this while separated from your vehicle. Clear reserve first, at that point take a stab at utilizing Android Auto once more. On the off chance that this doesn’t work, return to the menu and tap Clear stockpiling straightaway. This erases all the information for the application, so it resembles introducing it without any preparation. You may need to arrange settings for Android Auto again in the wake of doing this. Ideally, subsequent to cleaning all the capacity off, Android Auto will associate for you once more.


To finish up you presently see every one of the basic errors you may be making which was the explanation that was making your android auto gadgets not interface with one another. Now you know the answer to your question that why android auto not connecting to car.