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What Are The Symptoms Of A Bad Purge Valve?

Do you want to learn more about the symptoms of a bad purge valve? Before that let me tell you how reliable are you towards nature and its condition. The reason behind mentioning the term reliability has got everything to do with that of Purge Canister Valve.

You may be wondering how could it ve tie up the tow contrary terms at one place right? Read the full article out to know the reason.

Your Engine is consists of highly sophisticated equipment. Also includes a Purge Cannistre Valve and the symptoms bad purge valve.

What Is A Purge Canister Valve?

A Purge Canister Valve controls How much fuel vapour can be released into the Intake from the Canister. Just like a supervising officer at a Tollgate.

A Vapour Canister Purge Valve plays an important role in running of your car. It is a vital and significant component that was firmly for good reasons.

The Central Computer system controls when to open the valve and when to close. The functioning is based on the circumstances and the utilisation of the Engine.

During the good old days, there is no central computer functioning systems that can help the valve work according to the sensors. So, our predecessors used to control the valve based upon the amount of vapour gathers inti the holder section of the valve.

Coming to today’s world, The purge valves can get contaminate with debris and dust that makes the valve stuck which will eventually cause an evaporation leak inside the manifold.

The primary agenda of inserting a purge valve inside the engine is to avoid contagious gases emitting into the atmosphere that could cause huge non-repairable damage to the climate.

The most important part of the evaporation system controlled by computer. Which is to allow the vapour to get into the intake and not to the atmosphere.

What Are The Symptoms Of A Bad Purge Valve and How Does It Affect The Car?

6 Primary Symptoms Can Indicate You If You Have A Bad Purge Valve:

1. Engine Light Illuminates:

Check you Engine Light in the Dashboard to make sure that there is no imminent trouble in your Engine. Although the Engine Light has several reasons that might cause an illumination at the dashboard checking your purge canister valve holds a good potential that could cause the improper signal in your dashboard.

The Signal might get alert due to the open or shortage of circuit. Open Circuit and Close circuits widely contribute to the malfunction of the valve. Even though the central computer takes care of it. It is most preferable if you act on it instead of relying on the System. There is a good number of sensors in every corner of the engine to take care of the Valve.

2. Rough Idle:

One of the most commonly reported symptoms. If you have a bad purge canister inside your vehicle there will be Rough Idle. You can find about ti when you keep the car engine on during the Traffic signals, take way stalls, etc.

Whenever you stagnate your car with no motion you can affirmatively experience the bad idle of your engine. Also, he engine hesitates to moves forward soon after you receive the signal to move on. Troubling your car to start smoothly soon after filling up the gas is a good sign.

Gas in the tank will push fuel vapours through the vent valve to the charcoal canister. Soon after it leads to the struck open purge valve solenoid and into the Engine causing a very rich condition.

Your car will not run smoothly unlike every other day is a good Symptoms Of A Bad Purge Valve.

3. Testing or Trouble Shooting:

Why wait for the signals when you have time to check for them in real.

Let’s get to know how to test for a bad purge valve. and how to spot the Symptoms Of A Bad Purge Valve.

  • Remove the purge valve solenoid.
  • Apply power to the purge valve solenoid
  • No use a vacuum hand pump and apply vacuum to the open part of the purge valve going to the Engine/Intake manifold.
  • The Vaccum should hold for at least 5 minutes to determine a good functioning purge valve.
  • If the vacuum needle on the gauge drops dead after a few minutes then the purge valve is bad and needs to be taken care of.

This will determine if the purge canister valve is working properly or not.

4. Failing In Emission Test:

As we discussed before, the purge valve will confine the harmful gases upon releasing on to the atmosphere you will fail in the Environmental test of you have a bad purge. The toxic hydrocarbons gases will enter the test kit thus failing the result.

5. Gas Cap:

The Gas cap not being close properly after filling up your tank can also cause damage in the purge valve. So, before rushing to the mechanic and offering him money blindly, make sure you fixed the gas cap nice and tight. IF not, do it and commence your journey without a tiny bit of trouble.

6. Acceleration:

The Power you apply on Gas doers not match your speed. The Acceleration pad defies your car’s motion. The bad purge may result in performance damage of your motion. If you spot that then it means bad symptoms of a purge valve.

These are the 6 potential reasons that can cause trouble and damage your Vapour Purge Canister Valve unhesitantly.

How To Fix The Bad Purge Valve?

I am happy to announce that this is one of the easiest ways to fix a Car. All you need is a brand new equipment fro market to replace.

Roll up your sleeves and get into the pit.

  1. Open your Fender.
  2. Spot the Purge Valve. A red connector will help you to find the purge valve easily without any hesitations.
  3. disconnect the Fuel rail connections and release the plug.
  4. The Fuel Rails will connect to the purge valve will carry the vapour to intake. So disconnect them smoothly.
  5. No need to find any to say you can simply pluck out the valve outside.
  6. Now replace it with brand new Vapour Purge Canister Valve.
  7. Connect the Fuel rails and the Plug back.

All good and Safe.

Is It Safe To Drive With A Bad Purge Valve?

The topic of reliability! This is the place where it will be accountable for.  It is actually safe when you think of car strutting out in the middle of the road. Because the odds are pretty less that states stall your car in the middle of the road.

But In Ecological Terms, it is absolutely devastating to Drive a Car with a  bad purge. Because it contaminates the air outside the car. The air gets bad due to these contagious gases when released directly into air assuring a bad purge.

As a socially responsible citizen, one should check their Bad Purge basing of the symptoms and should fix it ASAP. That States hoe reliable is yu towards your nature. So Fix it sand save the blame.

Cost To Replace The Bad Purge Valve?

Well, at this particular point I’m guessing your car has shown some symptoms of a bad purge valve. So, Let me comfort you by using the cost varies between 100-150$ for some cars. And about 130-200$ for some others. The Cost will not exceed above 200$.

The Labour Coast might extend up to 100$ for diagnosing symptoms of a bad purge valve and replacing it.

So when put together, we are talking about a total of 300$ altogether.

Why spend such labour cost when you can easily diagnose the problem both your own hands. As the article clearly mentioned on how to fix it in a step by spet process. I am pretty sure that you have the skill and capacity to fic it on your own.

Frequently Asked Questions –

So,here are some of the frequently asked questions about what is a Vapor Canister Purge Valve , happening ,most common codes etc?-

What Is A Vapor Canister Purge Valve?

The vapor canister purge valve is an important component of the EVAP or evaporative emission control system of a car. It is the one that stops the fuel vapors that are created in your gas tank from getting out by confining them temporarily in the charcoal canister.

What Happens If A Purge Valve Does Not Close?

A vapor canister purge valve that does not open or close as it’s supposed to can cause a decreased fuel economy. When it is malfunctioning, it can lead to gas vapors that are used in the combustion to escape and be vented out to the environment.

Can A Bad Purge Valve Cause Check Engine Light To Come On?

The Check Engine Light Turns “ON” While there is a dozen of reasons that can lead to illumination of the check engine light, a bad purge valve could be one of them. There are sensors present in the car’s system that tracks the working of the purge valve, and once the signals from the valve fail to transmit; an indication is a result.

What Are The Most Common Codes For A Bad Purge Valve?

If the purge valve fails electrically, the check engine light will come on. The most common codes when this occurs are P0443 through 0445 and P0458 through 459. Some manufacturer-specific codes will vary. When a canister purge valve is stuck in the closed position, it will prevent the system from burning the evaporated fuel in the engine.

Can A Bad Purge Valve Cause A Vacuum Leak?

A defective purge valve could create a vacuum leak, allowing the flow of unmetered air into the vehicle’s engine; thereby, disturbing its air-fuel ratio. This malfunction could affect the vehicle’s engine start process.

What Happens If You Don’t Replace A Purge Valve?

A bad canister purge valve that stays open for a long period of time can lead to a vacuum leak that can adversely affect the idle speed and the quality performance of the engine.


Driving a car with an internal malfunction is not healthy and safe. So why to take the blame when you can fix it on your won. A BAd Purge Valve can lead to a constant fluid leakage in your engine that might jeopardize the whole functioning of the car. So, before any of the t happens you make sure to clean them

Repairing your car on your own can not only saves you from spending money but also assures confidence in you. You won’t be looking for rushing to a mechanic, unlike others. Instead, you diagnose the problem to fix it on your own. Which is super iconic and idealistic in the very own way.

I hope this article helped you in studying about the Purge Canister CVlave and on How to find the symptoms of a bad purge valve altogether.

Thank You.

Drive and Stay Safe.