Best 4 Post Car Lifts | Buyer Guide

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Are you a car hobbyist? And are you always struggle while having a beneath look of your car? Stop all your struggles right away and have a look at the top car lift with 4-post to end all your problems. Do keep in mind, while best 4 post car lifts are highly durable and many your life easy, is going to make you send something between $2,000 to $4,000 which all merely depends on how much does your car weighs and how much do you want the holding capacity of your car lift.

Don’t worry about your dollar spend, only if all you are worried about your car. You can even leave your car parked in these 4-post car lifts which mind it you won’t be able to do if bought a 2-post car lift. They double your garage space by stacking two cars easily in one spot.

Best 4 Post Car Lifts | Buyer Guide

Let explore deep into the best 4 post car lifts that we are going to review today.


The Triumph NSS 8 is the best seller on Amazon and the most affordable 4-Post Car Lift. They are a great way of storage and do service to your vehicle which can weigh up to 8,000 lbs.

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The best part of having them is they come along with a caster kit letting you move freely around the garage, jack tray that lets the user use a bottle jack to lift one end of the vehicle, and three drip trays that keeps any fluid in the top vehicle from dripping down. They are portable and easy to install.

Key Features:

  • Auto-lock with 10 different positions while raising
  • 110v Motor
  • 84 inches of Overall Height
  • 175 inches of Overall Length
  • 93 inches of Drive Through Width
  • 165 inches of Runway Length

2. BendPak HD-9 4-Post Car Lift

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The space-saving design of BendPak 4-Post Lift is a reliable hydraulic power system lift that is perfect for vehicle servicing and storing in your own house-garage which could be a maximum of 8ft standard ceiling. The single-phase 220V, 2HP motor aids the car lift to raise fully just in 45 seconds.

Key Features:

  • 88 inches of the overall width
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Lockable unit with every 4 inches of spacing
  • Oversized self-lubricating cable rollers keep things operating smoothly
  • Heavy-duty 3/8in. dia. aircraft cable and rugged 1 1/4in. roller axles stand up to tough use

3. Mayflower Blacksmith Pro 8000 Four Post Lift

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This MayFlower Blacksmith Car Lift is a 4- post car lift that is suitable for those whose vehicle weighs up to 8,000lbs. They have the Heavy-Duty Single hydraulic cylinder mounted underneath their runway. The 110V 60Hz 1 Phase motor takes about 40 seconds to raise completely to the max height of 72 inches leaving the underneath runway clearance of 69 inches.

They are perfect for those wanting to park or store their vehicle in their garage and get it self-serviced. The package includes a jack tray, a set of 3 drip trays, approach ramps, and a poly caster kit.

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Key Features:

  • 175 inches of Overall length and 165 inches of runway length
  • 84 inches overall height and 106 inches of the overall width
  • 99 inches of width between posts and 77 inches of drive-thru width
  • Safety lock release with built-in 10 lock positions.

4. Atlas 414 4-Post Lift

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The Atlas 414 four-post car lift is best suitable for those owning heavy-duty vehicles that weigh up to 14,000 lbs as it can bare so. They are mainly built to service the commercial-grade standards and it extremely durable. They use a high strength cable system that is under the runway oversized hydraulic cylinder which gets powered by a 220V Single Phase motor to raise and lower the vehicle.

Key Features:

  • Powder Coat Finish
  • Air Operated Single Point Lock Release
  • Automatic Shut-Off Switch,
  • Lock Ladder Column Design
  • Mounting Hardware Included

5. BendPak HD-9XW 4-Post Extra-Tall Car Lift

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To have an Extra tall car lift that is reliable and has a hydraulic power system lift we would recommend the BendPak 4-post Car lift as it is designed in a space-saving way that gets maximize valuable floor area to your garage. They come along a 220V 2HP motor that can lift these heavy-duty vehicles in just 45 seconds and they also have 15 lock positions on their to fully lifted with an excellent operator safety feature.

Key Features:

  • Maximum lifting capacity of 9,000-lb.
  • 82 inches high-rise design has additional drive-under clearance for higher vehicles
  • Freestanding design requires no special foundation and installation is not complicated
  • Perfect for parking, storage, and service
  • Runways accommodate narrow and standard vehicles

6. APlusLift HW-8S 4-Post Portable Storage Car Lift

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The APlusLift HW-8S 8 is CE Certified Lift Structure and Hydraulic 4-Post System that has a capacity of 8,000 lbs. They have the 110V 3HP 60 HZ motor that can raise the vehicle completely in just 40 seconds and can have safe locking at 10 different positions. They have superior corrosion resistance all due to their powder coated finishing. The packet includes a jack tray, 3 drip trays, a caster kit, and an approach ramp.

Key Features:

  • 72inches of Lifting Height:
  • 69 inches of Clearance Under Runway
  • 84 inches of the Overall Height and 106 inches of the Overall Width
  • 93 inches of Drive-Thru Width
  • 165 inches of the Runway Length and 6 inches of the Runway Gauge Steel
  • 175 inches of the Overall Length

6 Best 4 Post Car Lifts

Below we have listed down some of the best 4 post car lifts so that you can make a purchase decision.

  1. TRIUMPH NSS-8, 4 Post Car Lift
  2. BendPak HD-9, 4 Post Car Lift
  3. Mayflower Blacksmith Pro 8000 4 Post Lift
  4. Atlas 414 4 Post Lift
  5. BendPak HD-9XW 4 Post Extra-Tall Car Lift
  6. APlusLift HW-8S 4 Post Portable Storage Car Lift


So by now, you must be sure on what are your buying preferences and what are the quality features that exist in a 4-post car lift. Then, I guess you should stop further worrying and make your buying decision with the best of best products that are available in the market. We hope our reviews are helping you to do so.

Lastly, we would highly recommend the Triumph NSS 8 but only if your vehicle weighs under or around 8,000 lbs. Else the review is on for all sorts of weigh capacity available by different 4-post car lift. Let us know in the comment what in this article made it useful for you?

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