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The Best Lift Kits for Dodge Ram 2500 [Top 8]

Dodge Ram trucks, presently known as Ram trucks are light pickup trucks. Today we’ll look for some of the best lift kits available for Dodge Ram 2500.

The full-size pickup trucks have been advertised and manufactured since 2011 under the Ram trucks brand. To date, they have propelled five different generations of Ram trucks.

How To Select The Correct Lift Kit?

Introducing a lift on your vehicle is something other than money-related speculation for general drivers. It is profoundly close to a home choice that can genuinely affect the look and capacity of a vehicle. There’re several aspects of picking, introducing, and keeping up a lifted vehicle. It is imperative to know before starting the procedure.

Picking the right lift unit relies upon two things. The ground clearance and tire diameter. This shows you ought to do your exploration dependent on:

  • Year and model of the car.
  • Looking up for new tire diameter and width.
  • Rim offset, to know how much rim sticks out.

Best Lift Kits For Dodge Ram 2500

The principal reason for buying a lift is to raise the vehicle’s tallness. Along these lines, it is very fundamental for you to gauge the wheel measurement and the freedom of your vehicle. Let us discuss the best lift kits.

1. ECCPP Raise Your Truck 2-inch Leveling Lift KIT

Fits for:

  • (1994-2018) Dodge RAM 1500, 2500, 3500 (2WD)

The lift kit will raise your truck by 2″ in the back. However, the leveling unit is more slender than 2″. The lift stature and pack thickness are not 1:1 because of suspension geometry. This dispenses factory rake and splendidly levels the front with the back of the vehicle. Gives a discernibly forceful look to your truck. Gives extra bumper leeway to bigger tires and wheels. Keeps up your unique OEM ride quality, directing quality, and driving solace.

Machine-fabricated decisively from 6061-T6 aircraft-grade aluminum billet. Heat treated and solidified 10.9-grade jolts pre-introduced. The anodized surface gives extra protection from erosion. Uncommonly solid and light contrasted with spacers made of steel. With basic bolt-on installation. The procedure requires no strut preloading, cutting, or adjusting of any processing plant parts, which can be done within 2 hours. This is one of the best lift kits for dodge ram 2500.

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  • 1 Year Warranty and full money-back guarantee for Quality issues.
  • 2-inch lift from the rear.
  • No change in ride comfort and steering.
  • 10.9-grade bolts are pre-installed.
  • Gives high ground clearance.
  • 33 in. tires ideal for installation.
  • Product dimension: 6.6 x 6.6 x 6.5 inches
  • Item weight: 5.6 pounds

2. Supreme Suspensions – 2.5″ Front Lift Kit

Fits for:

  • (1994-2012) Dodge Ram 2500, 3500 (4WD)
  • (1994-2001) Dodge Ram 1500 (4WD)

This arrangement of front spring spacers is used from high-quality carbon steel. And will withstand even the hardest driving conditions.

Steel spring spacers are covered with exceptional powder. That is to secure the spacers against the components and offer premium protection from consumption. This is one of the best lift kits for dodge ram 2500.

It levels the position of your truck and fits bigger tires or some additional ground clearance out on the trails. They’ll have a pack custom-fitted explicitly to your truck and your needs.

Overall a decent leveling pack and a decent purchase. The jolts on the top rib are strung through a tapped gap. However, they are not connected in place. Also, when introducing the provided nylon nuts they begin to pull out of their gap due to nylon resistance.

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  • 2.5 Inch Front Lift Kit
  • No special tools are required to mount these “bolt-on” spacers
  • 2 Carbon Steel Front Spring Spacers
  • The product comes with all required hardware and an installation manual.
  • Ideal for 33 in. tires.
  • Product dimensions: 12.2 x 9.9 x 7.2 inches
  • Item weight: 13.32 pounds

3. Rough Country 3″ Lift Kit

Fits for:

  • (2003-2013) Dodge Ram 2500 (4WD Suspension System)

Give your Dodge Ram a progressively forceful appearance and a lot of ride height with Rough Country’s 3″ lift pack for 03-13 2500 models. There’s essentially no simpler method to lift your Ram than with this comprehensive pack.

It’s the ideal mix of execution, assurance, and style with unmatched ground clearance. This pack includes a pack of Nitrogen-charged N3 Shock Absorbers that gives a decent ride to both on and rough terrain use. This is one of the best lift kits for dodge ram 2500. As far as ride quality, this implies the best of the two universes for an everyday driver that is not hesitant to take care of business.

Keeps up Factory Ride Quality. It comes with simple home Installation. Which hardly takes 2-3 hours. Back lift squares are manufactured – more grounded and offer a more extended life expectancy than cast squares. Supported by Rough Country’s Lifetime Replacement Warranty.

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  • No special hand tools are required for installation at home
  • N3 Shock Absorbers
  • Decent ride quality
  • Can be used for both on and off-road terrains
  • Item weight: 112 pounds
  • 3 in. lift kit
  • ideal for 35″ tires

4. Daystar, Dodge Ram 1″ Leveling Kit

Fits for:

  • (1994-2001) Dodge Ram 1500
  • (2005-2010) Dodge Ram 1500
  • (1994-2013) Dodge Ram 2500/3500 (4WD)

Daystar is the main maker of lift and leveling packs for trucks and SUVs.With more than 300 applications accessible and checking. Daystar’s lift and leveling pack are developed of high-thickness Polyurethane.

Polyurethane is utilized for a few reasons: It retains clamor, vibration, and music, and there is no metal-on-metal contact likewise with other leveling packs. And it has an enduring completion that does not rust, chip, or blur after some time.

Daystar’s lift and leveling kit keep up the processing plant ride quality. It doesn’t affect the pulling or towing limit because the factory springs and other suspension components are retained. This is one of the best lift kits for dodge ram 2500.

On all late-model strut applications. Daystar’s leveling pack includes a top-mount simple introduce configuration. Daystar’s segments mount over the plant strut to get together instead of preloading the loop spring. Produced in the United States of America, and upheld by a lifetime guarantee. There is just no preferred decision over Daystar solace ride lift and leveling packs.

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  • Endurance towards corrosion
  • Doesn’t affect towing or hauling for the trucks
  • Thick polyurethane lifts are made
  • Product dimensions: 12 x 8 x 8 in
  • Item weight: 0.5 pounds
  • 1 in. lift kit
  • Ideal for 33” tires

5. Supreme Suspensions – Full 3″ Front + 2″ Rear Lift Kit

Fits for:

  • (2003-2012) Dodge Ram 2500, 3500 (4WD)
  • (2003-2008) Dodge Ram 1500 Mega Cab (4WD)
  • (2003-2012) Dodge Ram 3500 (4WD)

Not suitable for the Non-Overload model or one with the 3.5″ Axle. This pack is accurately designed to give a 3″ front suspension lift and 2″ back suspension lift. It improves the vibe of your vehicle. It also accommodates a progressively amazing position, enabling you to fit bigger custom edges and tires.

The front lift curl spring spacers are cold-produced from high-quality carbon steel. And is ensured to withstand even the worst situations. The back lift squares are CNC machined from strong squares of T6 Aircraft Billet and get an extraordinary anodized covering.

Prestigious for its sheer quality and lightweight, this top-notch lift material will never pack or twist under exorbitant burdens. Installation takes 2 to 4 hours without the requirement for exceptional devices. It’s advisable to take professional help, for installation.

The kit incorporates two High-Strength Carbon Steel Front Coil Spring Spacers. Two Aircraft Billet Rear Lift Blocks, four Zinc-Plated Extended U-Bolts, Installation Hardware, Installation Instructions, and Supreme Suspensions Pro kit.

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  • Easy installation. Bolt-on technology.
  • Only fit Overload models with the 4″ Axle.
  • Two high-strength carbon steel front coils, two aircraft billets, and four zinc-plated U-bolts.
  • Installation hardware and the manual comes with the product.
  • 3 in the front lift.
  • 2 in. rear lift.
  • 35” tire ideal for front
  • 33” tire ideal for the rear.

6. ReadyLift 66-1202 2.0″ Rear Block Kit

Fits for:

  • Dodge RAM 2500/3500 (2WD/4WD)

ReadyLift is the quickest, most secure, and most economical approach to lift, level, or raise trucks and SUVs. You can add tires up to 37 in. in diameter. While other lift packs cost thousands to purchase and hours to introduce, ReadyLift can be introduced in as meager as 1 hour and cannot cost exactly the cost of a solitary custom wheel.

ReadyLift suggests custom wheels no more extensive than 9.0 inches with 4.5 inches – 5.5 crawls of backspacing on most applications. Utilizing wheels more extensive than 9.0 inches may require a bigger backspacing or a decreased tire height. this is to limit the opportunity of the tire to bumper leeway issues on certain applications.

ReadyLift states that the installer must confirm the right and safe fitments. ReadyLift does not accept accountability for any blunders or misapplications contained inside this guide. This is one of the best lift kits for dodge ram 2500.

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  • OEM style block with pre-cut and E-coated U-bolts
  • Retains the OEM factory ride while lifting your vehicle to 4 inches
  • Installs easily in about an hour – professional install recommended
  • Product dimensions: 6.5 x 17 x 8.5 inches
  • Item weight: 20 pounds.
  • 2 in. rear lift.
  • Ideal for 33” tires.

7. Performance Accessories, 3″ Body Lift Kit

Fits on:

  • Dodge Ram 1500 Gas (2WD and 4WD)
  • (2005) Dodge Ram 2500/3500 (2WD)

Execution Accessories 3-inch Body Lift Kit PN-60123 raises the vehicle by including bigger-width tires. Without adjusting the production line suspension framework and OEM ride attributes. The unit incorporates high-weight fiberglass fortified nylon lift squares. Which are 3/16 inch thick laser cut and powder covered guard movement sections?

A CNC machined and zinc plated steering extension, high-quality equipment, and augmentation sections. A lot of urethane is used for covering gaps between the body and frame. To cover any holes between the body and edge. Easily installable framework.  It has all the things required for installation.

Extra Information: Fiberglass strengthened nylon body squares CNC machined and zinc plated directing augmentation Laser cut and powder covered migration sections Laser cut and zinc plated fittings and sections High-quality equipment included Made in the U.S.A.This is one of the best lift kits for dodge ram 2500.

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  • Gives 3-inches of lift without altering existing suspension parts.
  • Permits utilization of bigger-width tires and factory rims for improved ground leeway.
  • It doesn’t change the OEM suspension geometry or processing plant strength control parameters.
  • Maintains the factory’s smooth ride.
  • Keeps the truck’s center of gravity lower than an equivalent suspension lift.
  • Product dimensions: 12 x 16 x 8 inches
  • Item weight: 43.6 pounds
  • Ideal for 35 in. tires.
  • ideal for 35″ tires.

8. Hell Bent Steel Dodge Ram 2″ Leveling/Lift Kit

Fits for:

  • (1994-2012) Dodge Ram 2500/3500 (4WD)
  • (1994-2001) Dodge Ram 1500 (4WD)
  • (2006-2008) Dodge Ram 1500 Mega Cab (4WD)

Hell Bent Steel coil spring spacers will lift the front of your truck. Which can allow you to install bigger tires? The American-made all-steel spacers won’t break down or decrease the height. Unlike nylon or polyurethane, spacers will, after some time.

This is the top-notch Dodge Ram leveling unit you have been scanning for. Hell Bent Steel utilizes just the most noteworthy quality materials and most productive procedures. No other producer has a more grounded responsibility for quality and esteem. The Hell Bent Steel Dodge Ram leveling pack is anything but difficult to install in roughly 1-2 hours. The structure and development of the kit make it safe to install and utilize. The spacers won’t include unnecessary weight or cause untimely wear to your Ram’s suspension.

The spacers don’t cost hundreds of dollars, unlike other spacers. This makes the kit the best value on the market. The leveling spacers won’t influence your factory’s smooth ride. HBS leveling kits are structured. And ideal for 33 in. tires. In any case, we have numerous clients who have detailed running 35 in. tires with no issues.

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  • It does not fit 2WDs or Power Wagons.
  • The steel plate is CNC cut for exact fitting. And the heavy wall divider tubing is a high load-bearing part that guarantees great stability.
  • HBS mechanical pulsed welding procedure delivers an aerospace evaluation weld. That is of higher quality than the short arc weld utilized by different makes.
  • Easy to install, required hardware and manuals come with the product.
  • 2 in. lift
  • Ideal for 33” tires.
  • Product dimensions: 12 x 9 x 6 inches
  • Item weight: 4.4 pounds

Different Generations Of Dodge Ram

Let us take a look at some of the different models of Dodge Ram before we dive into the shocks for Dodge Ram 2500.

First-generation (1981-1993)

During this time the models were still referred to as “D”, “B”, or “RAM” for two-wheel drive vehicles. Whereas truck models that utilized four-wheel drive technology were referred to as “W” or “POWER RAM”. While the aesthetics of the truck was pretty much similar to the previous Dodge-D series but with some modifications to it. The inside of the Ram line was refreshed with another style of seat situate.

In 1989, Ram trucks wearing a 5.9 L V8 motor got a throttle body fuel infusion for a 20 hp (drive) increment. Another component that was included which was thought about as an extravagance at the time was Rear ABS. Besides, Dodge included an overdrive programmed transmission that diminished fuel utilization in a considerable lot of its vehicles.

This transmission, thought about light obligation, was named the A500 and came bundled with the 3.9 L V6 and 5.2 L V8. Additionally, a pushbutton called the “O/D Off” was added to enable the driver to turn off overdrive functionality.

1992 incorporated a tremendous move up to the motor (3.9 L and 5.2 L). 1993 presented a 5.9 motor, new manifolds, multi-port fuel infusions, and a higher pressure chamber.

Second generation (1993-2002)

In 1994, Dodge chose to upgrade the Ram line. Innovative work started in the second gen in 1986 and proceeded until 1992. At first, the second-gen truck had been set to dispatch in 1991. But the structure had been thrown away with the remark “It would appear that just a repeat of every other person’s truck”. Starting there, the planning group was given half a year to make a remarkable vehicle.

The first rejected structure was thought to have looked excessively “level and car-like”. Which was the way the Dodge officials thought of most trucks at that time? They were searching for something all the more forefront and one of a kind. The redesigned 1994 Ram was an immediate success.

In 1998, Dodge declared the Quad Cab. Its essential component was its little “suicide” entryways that sat behind the principal entryways. This was a reasonable choice that was offered for the Club Cab in 1998. Different changes in 1998 incorporated a reconsidered inside double airbag, adjusted mirrors instead of square ones, a ring that traded the ringer for safety belts/entryway slightly open, and so forth., and an advanced odometer.

Third generation (2003-2008)

Since 1996, the improvement of the third era was completely in progress. After years of secretiveness, the third era of Ram trucks was discharged to the general population on February 7, 2001. At the 2001 Chicago Auto Show, it showed up for the 2002 model year. Along with 1500 models and 2003 with the 2500 and 3500 models. The update was major.

The new designs of the third generation paid off. The crew cabs for the third-gen were Quad Cab trucks that joined ordinary back entryways. The 1500 arrangement (four-wheel-drive light trucks) supplanted their past live axles with an autonomous front suspension, however, the 2500 and 3500 kept the live axles for sturdiness and life span. This most current body style was reminiscent of past structures.

In 2008, Dodged discharged two more Chassis Cab models – the 4500 and 5500. The two trucks accompanied the equivalent Cummins 6.7 diesel as the 3500 undercarriage taxi model. The gross weight was 16,500 lbs (7,500 kg) and 19,500 lb (8,800 kg), individually. The 4500 was a Class-4 truck while the 500 was a class-5 truck.

Fourth generation (2009-2018)

The recent Dodge Ram was uncovered to people in general at the 2008 North American International Auto Show in Detroit. The principal truck was pushed out in parts amid the Fall of 2008 as the 2009 Dodge Ram. 1500. Somewhat later on, 2500, 3500, 4500, and 5500 models were added to the lineup. In 2010, the Ram Trucks brand turned into its very own substance.

All through 2009, Chrysler LLC did everything that it could to keep Ram focused in the business sectors. They redeveloped the 2009 model with another suspension, a new four-entryway taxi style, an incredible Hemi motor alternative, and included the Rambox, an idea wherein an individual could safely store away the majority of their resources inside the bed dividers of the truck Rambox was improved in later models in which the Rambox framework was associated with the remote keyless framework.

The payload limit concerning the fourth-gen has achieved great statures. The 2009 model was appraised as having a towing limit of 9,100 lb (4,100 kg) for a 2WD Ram 1500. With an ordinary cab, since quite a while ago bed, a 5.71 Hemi motor, a 3.92 differential, and 17-inch wheels.

Fifth-generation (2019-onwards)

The fifth-age Ram made its presentation at the 2018 North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Michigan on January 15, 2018. At the same time, its HD adaptation made its introduction at a similar show on January 14, 2019.

The 2019 Ram 1500 will achieve Ram Truck sellers in the U.S. in the primary quarter of 2018 as a mid-2019 model year vehicle.

The 2019 Ram 1500 pickup truck will offer only seven trim dimensions, contrasted with the past 11 diverse trim dimensions.

8 Best Lift Kits For Dodge Ram 2500

Below are some of the best lift kits available for Dodge Ram 2500 available in the market today.

  1. ECCPP Raise Your Truck 2-inch Leveling Lift Kit
  2. Supreme Suspensions – 2.5″ Front Lift Kit
  3. Rough Country 3″ Lift Kit
  4. Daystar, Dodge Ram 1″ Leveling Kit
  5. Supreme Suspensions – Full 3″ Front + 2″ Rear Lift Kit
  6. Readylift 66-1202 2.0″ Rear Block Kit
  7. Performance Accessories, 3″ Body Lift Kit
  8. Hell Bent Steel Dodge Ram 2″ Leveling/Lift Kit

Which Lift Unit Rides The Best?

Back Block Kits are the most well-known back lift technique since they bear the cost of the best ride quality and are the most affordable.

Does RAM Offer A Lift Unit?

Smash truck and Jeep proprietors get lift units for two reasons: further, develop rough terrain execution and improve a vehicle’s look.

How Great Are Harsh Nation Lifts?

Harsh Country lift units offer incredible benefits for cash. Even though their quality isn’t quite so perfect as a few different brands, they are very reasonable and keep going for quite a while. They have a wide scope of choices accessible for a wide range of vehicles, including body/suspension lift and evening out units.

Which Is Better Suspension Lift Or Body Lift?

Generally, we’d suggest a suspension lift basically because it’s much more secure, gives you more ground freedom, is more appealing, and overburdens your truck. While it’s more costly than a body lift, these things consolidated compensate for the expense and are justified.


The lift kit should be Suitable for the Dodge Ram 2500 model. The lift should provide enough ground clearance and be able to attach larger diameter tires. Installing your lift kit is an incredible method to upgrade your Dodge Ram and give it an increasingly alluring look. Ideally, this article will enable you to manage your decisions and alternatives accessible.

Our pick for the best is the Rough Country 3″ Lift Kit. The above suggestions are some of the best lift kits for Dodge Ram 2500. Some of them can be even bought for other models of Dodge Ram trucks as well. But before choosing a lift kit, you must remember the purpose of buying the lift kit.