Best Shocks and Struts for smooth ride

Shocks and struts 

Shocks and struts are key components of the suspension system. 

When is the best time to replace shocks and struts

As we all know, shocks and struts are the main part of your air suspension system that allows your vehicle to be balanced and perfectly connected to the road. They are quite reliable parts in the whole suspension system, but, they have to be changed after some time.

Now, most of the experts actually recommend replacing shocks and struts every 50,000 to 100,000 miles. However, that is just a general information. The best way to know when to replace your shocks and struts is to follow a specific maintenance schedule that every vehicle has.

Since the life of your best off road shocks and struts mainly depends on your driving patters, you would be able to have a general picture when to replace them. On the other hand, you can always contact the experts and get them to check your shocks and struts and give you the best opinion.

How long do shocks and struts last

If you have been told that there is a time limit or the expiration date on shocks and struts for cars, forget it! There is no definite answer to the question how long do shocks and struts last. Namely, the life span of shocks and struts depends on many reasons and factors.

Some of the main factors that directly contribute to the life of shocks and struts are:

  1. Driving routine/type
  2. The condition of the roads you drive on
  3. Weather conditions
  4. The overall condition of your vehicle
  5. Millage

The difference between shocks and struts

As many of you wonder right now, the difference between shocks and struts is quite complex. Namely, shocks and struts basically do the same job on the car which, of course is, damping the movement when it comes to oscillation and bounce. However, even though they are accomplishing the same job, the shocks and struts are actually two different parts.

Anyhow, it is quite important to know that shocks can’t be used to replace struts, and struts can’t be used to replace shocks as well. This also means that you can’t have both shock and strut on the same wheel. They are always separately integrated in the wheel of the vehicle, so you can’t have both of them on the same wheel.

Now, definitely the main difference between these two parts is that struts are the structural part of the car suspension system. On the other hand, shocks are not a structural part of the suspension system. In that light, we can mention that strut is a definitely the most crucial part of the vehicle steering system which really needs to be of the highest-quality.

Furthermore, people often get confused when they need to buy shocks and struts for smooth ride. Therefore, it is quite important to know the difference. While the struts are actually a part of the suspension system, shocks are only a helpful part that actually does the same job as the struts, but only when it comes to suspension and damping of the oscillation.

Best shocks and struts

1. Bilstein 5100 Monotube Gas Shock Set for Ford F250 4WD Models



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Our first product that we are going to review is the Bilstein 5100 Monotube Gas Shock that comes from a line of quite valuable shocks. Namely, this is actually a whole set of shocks that have 4 basically the same shocks. Anyhow, let’s see the main features and qualities of this outstanding set of shocks.

First of all, the compatibility of the shocks that are equipped in this set is quite amazing. You will be able to mount these shocks on any 4WD vehicle. Besides that, these shocks provide many benefits while driving since they are able to absorb most of the oscillations and bouncing.

Next, there is a monotbue that is charged with the gas which ensures maximum durability and longevity for the vehicle’s suspension system. Also, you can expect that your car’s performance can only increase when you mount these shocks in the suspension system.

Furthermore, you should know that any washers, bushings, and nuts are included in this set. This will allow you to easily mount these shocks since the factory mounting bolts can be reused plenty of times for installation. On top of that, every part that is equipped on these shocks is quite durable and made out of the high-quality materials.

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All in all, you will find these shocks quite valuable and pretty convenient for almost every type of the road and driving routine. Anyhow, Blistein’s limited lifetime warranty surely will come quite helpful in case you come across any troubles with these shocks.


  1. These shocks provide great driving experience.
  2. Made out of the high-quality materials.
  3. Monotune gas charged for maximum durability and longevity.
  4. Improves your vehicle’s performance on the road.


  1. New shocks are a bit stiff at first.
  2. Previous experience is required for installation.

2. Pair Rear Shock Absorber Set with built-in plug for damping regulation


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For our second product, we have prepared these shocks that are quite good when it comes to damping oscillations and bouncing. Simply speaking, you will definitely find these shocks quite good since they will improve your driving experience and time spent on the road.

This air suspension shock absorber is maintaining the original suspension system, but, it is able to deactivate the electronic shock control that the original unit has. This means that you can rely on this shock absorber to easily damp any bouncing movement that your vehicle makes.

Possibly the best thing about this shock absorber is that it comes with a built-in plug that is able to turn off the das warning light. Besides that, this is one of the specially designed shock absorbers that is capable of handling all driving scenarios without the help of electronic damping adjustment system.

Next, the installation process is quite easy and you will be able to directly implement this shock absorber onto your vehicle without any complications. Also, only the high-quality materials were used to make this shock absorber and it will surely meet the standards or even exceed the OEM standards.

Anyway, the compatibility of this shock absorber is quite great as well. Namely, you can use this shock absorber on almost any vehicle that comes from a line of Cadillac and Chevrolet vehicles.


  1. Easily mounted to provide proper fit.
  2. Equipped with the built-in plug that regulates dumping.
  3. Capable of handling every driving scenario.
  4. High-quality materials and parts used to build it.


  1. You might need to modify the air inlet.

3. Detroit Axle Struts and Shock Absorbers for Chevrolet and Enclave Models



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Detroit Axle Strut and shock absorber are definitely one of the best air suspension parts that you can find on the market. With everything that this shock and this strut have to offer, your vehicle wills surely benefit a lot while diving.

The first thing that you should know about this shock and this strut is the compatibility reach. Namely, these parts of the suspension system were specially designed for Enclave and Chevrolet models. Every model that came up on the market before 2016 is basically compatible with this shock and strut.

Also, other models like Acadia and every model of Saturn vehicle that came up before 2016 are compatible with the specially designed strut and shock like this one. However, the installation process is a bit complicated and you should probably follow every step of the instruction.

Besides that, a well-known manufacturer like Detroit Axle is definitely one of the leading suppliers when it comes to ride control products. To top it all off, every part of these products is made out of the durable and high-quality materials.


  1. Faculty certified products with splendid performance.
  2. Fits perfectly any model of Chevrolet and Enclave vehicle.
  3. Equipped with highest-quality materials.
  4. Absorbs any oscillation and bouncing movement.


  1. Not that easy installation process.
  2. Shocks don’t have any special features.

4. Monroe Adjusting Shock Absorber with Fluon Banded Pistol for variety of Vehicles


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Monroe Adjusting Shock Absorber is one of the most convenient shock absorbers when it comes to reducing oscillation and bouncing while driving. Namely, this shock absorber is equipped with some special features which directly contribute to its overall performance and quality. Let’s see.

Now, this shock absorber is quite good no matter the occasion or driving scenario. Simply, you can expect from this shock absorber to perform greatly in every situation. This is actually because of the specially designed feature modifier which reduces the friction and ensures smooth and comfortable ride.

On the other hand, this shock absorber is also equipped with the full displaced valving. This feature will ensure you will enable you the consistency of driving even in the most extreme situations. Besides that, this shock absorber has a fluon banded piston. This fluon band will ensure consistent sealing in between the piston and the pressure tube, which will increase the driving control and durability.

On top if it all, you will hardy find better shock absorber with the specially designed features like this one. Also, the value of this shock absorber is quite good since it holds pretty great value for the price.

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  1. Increases driving control and stability on the road.
  2. Equipped with high-quality features that boost performance.
  3. Fluon band provides great durability and control.
  4. Made out of the high-quality materials


  1. There might be some spring noise.
  2. Requires patient and proper installation process.

5. Suspa Shock Absorber with end fittings and durable construction, Made in USA



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Suspa Shock Absorber will definitely come quite helpful for improving your vehicle’s driving performance on the road. With everything that this shock absorber has to offer, you will surely benefit a lot from it.

The first thing that separates this shock absorbers form the others is the convenient design. Namely, the compressed length goes up to 11.8 inches, while the extended length goes up to 19.7 inches, center-from-center. This means that your vehicle will be able to adjust and absorb any kind of pressure or oscillation while driving.

On the other hand, this shock absorber is equipped with nylon ball sockets which are 10mm in diameter. These end fittings will surely provide great and easy installation without any troubles or complications. However, it is recommendable to do the installation process only if you have experience in this field.

Furthermore, the materials that were used to make this shock absorber are of the highest quality. This means that durability and the overall performance of the shock absorber are quite good. This shock absorber will definitely exceed the older one that you had equipped.

After all, there are two shock absorbers included inside this set. They are both quite valuable and definitely the best option if you need to reduce bouncing and oscillation during your driving time.


  1. Specially designed features for maximum performance.
  2. Great durability and high-quality materials.
  3. Equipped with end fittings for easy installation.
  4. Force exceeds up to 100 LBS.


  1. Adjustment screw is not equipped for pressure lessening.
  2. They might be a bit short for some vehicles.

6. Bilstein Rear Shock Absorber for 2002 GMC Sierra 1500



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Bilstein Rear Shock Absorber surely is one of the best on the market considering everything that this absorber has to offer. With the shock absorber like this one, you will surely be able to improve your car’s performance and driving capabilities.

Now, some of the most important specially designed features that this shock absorber is equipped with are monotube, durable construction, special internal design, and outstanding finish and high-quality materials. Every one of these features directly contributes to the overall performance and the value of the shock absorber.

Anyhow, the high-quality materials are definitely making this shock absorber quite great as they improve its durability and performance. Besides that, there is a monotube gas charged which will increase the durability and longevity.

Furthermore, this shock absorber is compatible with only 2002 Sierra 1500 models. This might seem a little bit underwhelming, but this shock absorber does its job in the best possible light. If you find yourself to be an owner of this vehicle, you surely will benefit a lot from this shock absorber.

All in all, the Blisten’s lifetime limited warranty will also ensure that if anything happens with this shock absorber, you will get the new one instead. Also, you will find this shock absorber quite valuable since it holds massive value for the cash.


  1. Heavy-duty construction with high-quality materials.
  2. Ensures better driving control and less oscillation.
  3. This shock absorber is easy to install.
  4. Covered with zinc plated finish for extra durability.


  1. Compatible with only one vehicle model.
  2. Provides a bit stiff feeling at first.

7. Detroit Axle Rear Driver & Passenger Side Complete Strut



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This is one of the best struts that comes from a line of Detroit Axle products that is equipped with lots of different features. Anyhow, this strut is only designed for rear driver and passenger side wheels. In that light, let’s see everything that this strut has to offer.

As we all know, strut is a major part of any suspension system, therefore, this strut surely will maximize the performance of your vehicle. With the high-quality materials and specially designed shape, this strut will absorb most of the bouncing and oscillation during the driving time.

On top of that, this whole package is equipped with strut, coil, and a spring with mounts which enables easy installation process. However, this is only a strut made for Sedan models, but, you can find it quite valuable if you drive one of the Sedan vehicles.


  1. Ensures Detroit Axle’s guarantee and quality.
  2. Easy installation process without complications.
  3. Durable and high-quality materials for maximum performance.
  4. Great for every Sedan model vehicle.


  1. You might experience stiff feeling at the beginning.
  2. Compatible with Sedan models only.


In the light of everything that is said above, it is only left to mention the overall value of these shocks and struts that we reviewed. Namely, every product that we listed here holds massive value for the cash since it provides great benefits for every user.

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