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The Best Shocks For Harley Davidson For Touring

Every person needs that his machine should work smoothly, so there are some best shocks for Harley touring that help the machine to work smoothly. Harley-Davidson is known for producing the best bikes in the world.

So, if one has it, he wants it to run lifelong, and its parts should be durable, giving riders comfort and a stylish look at the same time. These parts can improve themselves greatly by attaching some best shock absorbers in them so that the riders can enjoy their ride.

Since some shockers are already attached to these bikes to provide the bikers with softness, but to make the ride more enjoyable and comfortable, excluding the irritation that is caused, and to improve its height, all at once. Thus, one can select the shock absorbers based on their opinion and select the best shocks for Harley touring.

Below is the comparison table, where the customers can make choice, based on their requirements. There are primary differences in the shocks below. One can use it to determine the type, colour, and Harley, that is best suited for them.

Best Shocks For Harley Touring

Below are the best shock absorbers for Harley-Davidson bikes for touring.

1. Progressive 412 Shocks

Progressive 412 Shocks, having a load capacity of 250 lbs, and are attached at the rear side of the bike, are used for the people that are planning for a ride with a passenger. It is the best shock absorber considered for the Harley-Davidson bikes, it has both the pros as well as cons. These are the best shocks for Harley touring.

It avoids the bumps and the bounces that irritate your back. Since it has a height adjustment of 2 inches, it helps one to get relieved the back pain. It senses the frequency of the bumps and adjusts the damping sound produced in constant sensory updating performance.

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Pros Cons
Quick installation and painless comfortable uncomfortable uncomfortable uncomfortable Uncomfortable on roads at are very bumped lessness
Less rebound is felt as it is absorbed due Due to the uneven distribution of weight, there might be a reduction in the effectiveness of the Spock relieves
Relieves a person from the back pain

2. Legend Suspension Revo-A Coil Shocks

The Legend Suspension Revo-A Coihavehocks has a great absorption in areas that are littered with abrupt irregularities on the roads. It also has both pros and cons.

It has a great weight carrying capacity, which is 400 lbs and is attached to the rear side of the bike. An adjustable preloaded spring action that helps in compression and the rebounding damping adjustments. It can be rebuilt after every 20,000-30,000 miles.

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Pros Cons
Does not cause the tires to leap The shocks may vary in the regions where there is a varied road
It is effective when it goes over the potholes
Small and large bumps on the road absorb more effectively as compared to the air shocks

3. Progressive 970 Piggyback Shocks

It is having an outstanding performance on the rear side by keeping the wheels from jumping up high when travelling at a high speed. It ensures a firm ride that will alleviate strain from the ordinary shocks but feels slightly stiff when one is close at a speed of 60 miles per hour.

The riding experience is an extremely smooth riding performance having a very low centre of gravity. It has a load capacity of 800 lbs, situated again at the rear side of the bike. In this, one can adjust the height up to 2 inches and also can lower the height very easily.

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Pros Cons
An adjustment wrench is provided along with the shocks Causes a stiffness when moved from lower to a higher speed
The exterior looks well
Has a height adjustment of 2 inches

4. Progressive 490 Sport Shocks

In this, the level adjustments are very good, and it helps to smoothen the ride when one is riding a bike with someone that has more weight than the person riding the bike. Unlike other shock absorbers, which are attached to the rear side, this shock absorber is attached to the front side of the bike.

It has adjustable load capacity but generally can handle up to 250 lbs. It can raise the height to 2 inches, but lowering down is quite difficult in this. Check Price on Amazon

Pros Cons
Provides great compression at high speeds It requires a floor jack to install the shocks
Keeps the tires firm at large bumps sits It’s lowest setting damages and makes the rider feel very soft
There’s a risk of lowering the height

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Comparison Of Best Shocks For Harley Davidson

Product Side Load Limit Fitment Height Adjustment Price Ratings
Progressive 412 Shocks Rear 250 lbs Sportster; Dyna; Touring; V-Rod 2 inches 299 4.5
Legend Suspension Revo-A Coil Shocks Rear 400 lbs All Touring 2-3 inches 924 4.5
Progressive 970 Piggyback Shocks Rear 800 lbs Sportster; Dyna; Touring; V-Rod 2 inches 1199 3.5
Progressive 490 Sport Shocks Front 250 lbs All Touring 2 inches 679 5.0

5 Best Shocks For Harley For Touring

Below are the five best shocks for Harley Touring applications.

  1. Progressive 412 Shocks
  2. Legend Suspension Revo-A Coil Shocks
  3. Progressive 970 Piggyback Shocks
  4. Progressive 490 Sport Shocks
  5. OHLINS USA HD 022 Shocks

Frequently Asked Questions-

So, here are some of the frequently asked questions about what are the best Harley  Shocks, their worth, what do progressive shocks do-

1. What  Do Progressive Shocks Do?

– Progressive Shocks are nitrogen-gas-charged twin shocks that work as a plusher but it stiffens up as we use them as the travel. It is steel-bodied.

2. Should I Adjust My Shocks?

– Yes, Shocks should be adjusted because every rider has their unique appearance – weight, own habits etc.

Adjustments are required for the new shock absorber also.

3. How Long Do Shock Absorbers Last On A Motorcycle?

– As such their no time limit aftershock the shock absorber last. The quality of the road you ride is significant.

4. Does Lowering A Harley Affect Handling?

–  In some cases, people say that lowering a Harley enhances handling and some people say that it will lower the travel suspension.

The thing which you should remember is to make lowering both sides equally.

5. How Do I Make My Motorcycle Ride Smoother?

: First, you clean it regularly because if a motorcycle is filled with dirt then it is disrespectful.

: Clutch out, you should chain it right and make it smooth as oil.

6. Why Should I Upgrade My Suspension?

: We should upgrade Suspension because it has advantages like for example  handling gets better, allowing fitting tyres with bigger treads, and towing also becomes easy, this will give more body clearance if any obstacles arise. So it is better to upgrade your suspension for better results.

Final Verdict

Harley-Davidson produces the best and most classic bikes in the world. It not only reduces the pain and strain but also provides a comfortable and adjustable seat, which the rider can adjust according to his comfort. Along with producing the best bikes in the world, it also ensures to provide all the possible services that they can provide to them, along with the best quality of the shock absorbers that last long, has durability and the customers don’t face any issues later.

To make their ride enjoyable and full of pleasure, they provide the riders with these long-lasting shock absorbers. Thus, Harley-Davidson provides the best quality with the shock absorbers to make their customers happy with the rides and the quality of the shock absorber that they use.

So, according to me, the best shock for Harley touring is the Progressive 970 Piggyback Shocks as it provides the maximum load capacity and also has an adjusting wrench through which one can adjust the height for up to 2 inches.