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Can You Change Oil Without Changing Filter?

Can you change oil without changing filter? It is a common confusion between the drivers. The answer to this question is No, you don’t always have to change the filter. An oil filter plays a vital role in ensuring your car doesn’t get stranded on the road. By keeping the engine clean of impurities. The car’s engine pushes car oil through the filter, which then purifies the oil before it goes back in through the engine.

If a car engine is the heart of your vehicle, then the oil is the blood. It circulates to ensure that the engine is working correctly by lubricating the moving parts. The main purpose of the engine filter is to keep the oil clean and free from dirt, debris, and flecks of metal that can damage the engine. It ensures that only clean oil gets in contact with the moving engine parts. 

Can You Change Oil Without Changing Filter?

We have already mentioned above that it’s possible to change car oil without changing the filter. An oil filter also plays an important role in retaining the engine oil pressure. If your oil filter is clogged, the engine oil won’t be able to move freely and this will reduce its pressure. Moreover, the pressure relief valve of an oil filter also plays a vital part by ensuring the pressure doesn’t get too intense. However, the filter has an important role in keeping the car oil that runs through the engine clean. It is pertinent for the oil filter to be in perfect working condition.

If you’re wondering can you change oil without changing filter? Then, read your car’s manual to see the kilometres mentioned before a replacement is needed. Generally, car manufacturers suggest changing the oil filter after every other oil change or after 10,000 to 15,000 kilometres. However, in extreme driving conditions, you must change the oil filter more frequently every 5,000 kilometres. Extreme driving conditions include but are not limited to:

  • Dealing with stop-and-go traffic frequently
  • Driving in extreme heat or cold
  • Driving on dirt roads or under dusty conditions
  • If your vehicle regularly tows heavy load

You can definitely change car oil without changing the filter but most car experts agree that spending a little more money to keep your car in perfect condition is better than saving a few dirhams.

Frequently Asked Questions:-

Till now we’ve seen can you change oil without changing filter? Now we’ll discuss some frequently asked questions such as is it possible to change oil without changing the oil filter? and what happens if you change the oil but not the oil filter? etc.

1. Is It Possible To Change Oil Without Changing The Oil Filter?

Yes, you can change oil without changing the filter, but it is best to go through the owner’s manual to see what’s recommended for your car and its engine.

2. What Happens If You Change The Oil But Not The Oil Filter?

For a few kilometres, the car works perfectly fine with an old filter, but debris will eventually cause too much damage to the engine’s moving part.


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