Does Your Car Bounces Up and Down While Driving?

Does Your Car Bounces Up and Down While Driving?

If your car bounces while driving be alert!. “Bouncing Cars” Does Your Car Bounces Up and Down While Driving? seems funny to address or to be labelled, but the aftermath of the constant bouncing will cost a lot to digest. Doesn’t matter! whether it’s your vehicle or the vehicle that is up ahead of yours. If you notice a car bounces Up and Down while driving, you must warn yourself or the opponent to fix the concerned trouble. Ignoring the troubling momentum of your vehicle will lead to serious damage physically to your spinal cord discs and your vehicle constructively.  Suppose your find your car bounces up and down while driving, then you should get your senses together and act on it ASAP.

A standard strut and suspension

The suspension is a vital mechanism that reinforces for safe and smooth driving. Before digging up to the Core, let’s talk about the actual reason behind the bouncing of your car. Why does your car bounce up and down while driving?

What Is A Strut & How Does It Work?


A Strut is a Combination of Spring and Shock absorber together.


A shock-absorber with a metal seat for the spring to sit in above your Wheels is known as a Strut.

While you’re driving your Cars over multiple hurdles, Speed breakers, Speed Controllers, Mud Pits and disoriented roads etc…. The Spring that laced above the tires gets compressed and restricts the motion management instantly. As you go past the bum the spring gets uncompressed and release the energy gradually. A car bounces up and down while driving due to its bad suspension.

Precisely, the Spring absorbs the majority of the impact.

By this mechanism, your car will be able to take you to your destination safely without hurting any sensitive part of the body figuratively.

Mechanism: Springs are absolutely good at storing energies but apparently they are not so good or efficient in releasing the energy.

As soon as the Spring compresses and releases the energy, the spring starts to bounce until it comes to a gradual end… (like a pendulum coming to its rest gradually) your car bounces up and down while driving, this stigma is known as Spring Rebound. Shock absorbers are specially designed to reduce the Spring rebound precisely for this type of Hard Situations.

Shock Absorbers

Troubleshooting Trouble shoot

  • The shock absorbers are completely filled with oil, and that oil generates heat whenever there is compression on it. The seal at the top acts as a restrictor that stops oil from leaking.
  • With the string going up and down due to the non-stop movement of the car, the seal gets varied due to time and the oil perpetuates to leak.
  • Check for physical damage. During long stretched driving sessions there might be a fair chance that your car might be hit by a Rock.
  • Check for the rust on the Shock absorbers for confirming the disaster beforehand.

How To Identify If The Car Bounces Up And Down While Driving?

While you’re inside of your car proceeding towards your destination, if you by any chance experience a constant bouncing vigorously from time to time or if you absolutely feel like driving on a trampoline then it confirms the trouble in your suspension for sure.

Car suspension

  • The perpetuation of excessive Bouncing whenever you drive past a Breaker, Hurdle, Pit is a good sign.
  • Constant Oil leakage at the brim of Struts is a great way to find out.
  • Physical damage may also cause trouble such as Bent or Rust on the Struts to help you identify the Trouble.
  • Harsh riding experience – meaning your car just sitting too low bottoming out.
  • A simple bounce test by putting pressure on the fender and checking for the motion of rest is a Classic, Standard Method to pluck out the problem.
  • Drive your car around a bent and check for a body roll. Excessive body roll than normal indicates your Car is in trouble in terms of suspension. The weight of your Car constantly drifts at the arrowed wheel is a good sign to spot the crime.
  • Excessive Nose driving says the Break triggers the Shock absorbers and rises up the front end.
  • Braking distance increases gradually which is serious trouble and also the reason for 20% of car accidents all over the world.
  • Another way of identifying your Susepsenuon trouble is to hear out the squeezing sounds of your vehicle wherever the tires descend from the ramp. The dripping constant annoying sound is a fine remark on your suspension.

These are the most typical signs that tell us about the chaos that has happened to the Struts.


Modern cars come with Gas-Charged Shocks and Struts where nitrogen is used inside to keep the oil under pressure. These Shocks and struts can fail internally without any confirmed leakage or oil spillage at all.

If you spot out the trouble, test them by spraying water at the top seal and see if you can find any bubbles at the brim. If you find any then there is damage that needs to be worked on.

How To Fix The Problem?


Grab the required tools such as Struts Bed, Wrench, Screwdriver etc… and replace the suspension immediately to avoid constant bounce of your Vehicle once for all.

Above your wheels including”Front and Rear End,” you can find Shock absorbers with a spring coiled around them as one unit.

Apply penetrating fluid a day before the action for soaking up the screws and the Knuckle belt and then dismantle them to pluck out the old strut and immediately replace it with your New Strut.

Follow necessary precautions guided by the manual and replace the old with new.

Diagnose the suspension problem means replacing it with new equipment. It is the only option to evade any further trouble.


Looks deceive the imminent troubles. So if you find someone or spot yourself in a vehicle with an unfigured constant momentum, Do not ignore! This is not a self-solvable issue. There has to be some Human Effort. Commuting in a non-conditional vehicle not only sabotages your journey but also makes you vulnerable with the fellow Commuters.

Replace your Struts with new ones as soon as possible. Check for the condition of your tires. Consulting an expert is highly preferable and stress consumable. It is your primary duty as a citizen who travels around to check and take good care of our vehicle.

I hope this article will help you to troubleshoot the Suspension inconvenience in your car and helps you act coherently.

Thank you. Drive safely

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