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Why Car Lost Power While Driving And Won’t Start?

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It sounds like a pretty weird and irritating situation. But suppose you are driving down the car to your favourite picnic spot and suddenly the car lost power while driving and won’t start. Let’s hope this does not occur on the highway because finding some help there is difficult.

Unfortunately, this problem can occur anytime, anywhere, and to anyone. So, one must always be ready for such uneven conditions. It is the condition experienced by most drivers and happens when least expected. There may be numerous factors ranging from easy to complicated causes responsible for the sudden shut off in the car. In this article, we’ll learn and know the grounds and reason behind such annoying situations. So, let’s have a brief intro to all the causes one by one.

Why Car Lost Power While Driving And Won’t Start?

There could include a wide variety of reasons responsible for the power loss of the engine while driving. As the things and devices in a car are all connected in one or the other ways thus, failure in a single system can result causing severe damage or outcome.

So, below are listed the most common causes of power failure in car. Let’s start with the discussion on each cause.

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1. Faulty Fuel Pump Or Fuel System

The purpose of the fuel pump is to provide the engine with the proper fuel requirement so that the vehicle runs smooth and comfortably. Along with the fuel requirement, it also delivers the fuel at the correct pressure to the engine.

All this will help the vehicle meet the engine’s demands give its maximum performance while driving.

If the car faces any disturbance or the fuel flow rate is below the required level, it stalls and stops working. And this condition could occur even while driving and you would stick in the middle of the road, which is quite annoying.

There is no solution to the problem generated except the repair or to change the fuel pump. You can check the fuel filter, as there is a chance that the main problem lies within it rather than the fuel pump.

2. Fuel Injector Problems

Fuel injectors are one of the crucial parts for the management of a vehicle’s engine. They located within the car’s fuel system, and their primary function is to spray fuel inside the engine.

If fuel injectors face any difficulty or malfunctioning like clogging or leaking, it will cause the car to struggle to reach high revs.

The failure in the fuel injector accompanied by multiple problems. It includes misfiring, the issue with the ignition system, and even an increased smell of fuel around the vehicle.

So, these problems must not be ignored and corrected as soon as possible.

3. Low Charged Alternator

The alternator is responsible for multiple functions, and one of the main functions is charging the car’s battery. The sudden battery light on the dashboard signifies the low battery, and the vehicle will work for few more minutes. After that, it will stop.

Thus, if your car suddenly stops while driving in the middle of the road, then the most probable reason is the bad alternator.

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The broken or faulty alternator would fail to supply the power to your car and various other essential parts. All this would reflect your car functioning, and hence, soon, the car engine will face sudden shut-off.

4. Running Out Of Fuel

It is the most common cause or reason behind the sudden power loss of the vehicle. Although it’s pretty annoying and sounds irresponsible, this happens with many people.

The primary reason related to this issue is that the drivers often forget to refuel the car. And as a result, the vehicle runs out of fuel in the middle of the road. Sometimes, there are chances that the fuel gauge is not giving the correct reading, which causes the issue.

Also, there is the chance that your fuel pump is not working correctly and thus unable to deliver the required fuel to the engine. Anyways, whatsoever is the reason for empty fuel tank but the solution is only one, i.e., refilling the fuel tank.

5. Issue With Car’s Ignition System

The car ignition system is in charge of providing the power to the engine for efficient working of the vehicle. If the ignition system fails, then the car will abruptly shut off in the middle of the road while driving.

First of all, in these conditions, you need complete assurance that there is ignition failure, and this is checked by trying your car keys in the ignition again. If it fails to restart, then it is an ignition system failure.

You can also change the affected part by yourself if you know which part to repair. The best option is visiting a mechanic as they are familiar with such situations thus, fix the ignition properly and perfectly.

6. Wrong Signals Sensor

The sensors are responsible for reading the vehicle’s movements and instruct the electrical circulating unit (ECU) based on readings. The ECU, in turn, send the signals to actuators like spark plugs and indicators from time to time so that vehicle could run smoothly.

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As we know, various sensors regulate the management of the engine, so its malfunctioning is a severe concern. If readings wrongly noticed the situation, then wrong orders would transfer to the actuators leading to bad performance.

And eventually, the car or vehicle shut off and won’t start even trying a lot.

Can Bad Spark Plug Result The Car To Shut Down While Driving?

The spark plug in cars are generally used to light your gas to create the combustion. And because of the generation of combustion or furning of fuel, the car is able to move thus, drives the engine. Any fault regarding the spark plug may cause you vehicle in sudden cessation while driving.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix The Power Lost In Car?

As mentioned above, the car lost its power while driving through various reasons, thus repair or replacement depends on the cause of malufactioning in the particular part.

Generally, the replacemet of faulty alternator may cost about $250 to $650; the fuse replacement may cost ranges between $100 to $130; and starter replacement approximately cost $300 to $900. However, it may vary from place to place and vehicle to vehicle.


So, going through this article, we are at least that much clear that we need to have regular vehicle servicing. Otherwise, the sudden damage or any frequent fault in the mid of the journey will create a big issue. Thus, precautions are better than cure.

We hope that now whenever your car lost power while driving and won’t start, you’ll exactly know what to do and what not. If your doubts and queries regarding the topic persist, comment below in the comment section. And we’ll surely answer all the questions as quick as possible.