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Does Your Car Shakes When Braking At High Speeds?

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Does your Car Shakes When Braking At High Speeds?  Are you sure it’s not your mobile that’s vibrating/shaking while you are on your way towards the destination? I’m guessing that was a beautiful day and you are on your way towards your Office to fix a deal that will leap your Companies Subtotal to another level. Fine music was humming from your audio player to lighten your mood up progressively. These fantasies were not sustainable because your car shatters to shake just after you hit the brakes resulting in you in a bad mood altogether.

Car shakes when breaking

This is not fair right! Not at all. So to comfort you with a safe and smooth journey, we dedicate this article that will help you learn and teach you on How to fix? How to troubleshoot and the reason behind your car shake while braking at high speeds.

Why Does Your Car Shake When Braking At High Speeds?


2 possibilities might result in shaking of your Vehicle when Braking.

And the 1 one is simple, practical and easy.

1.Loose Tires

Loose tires

Loose tries are one of the most common and primary reasons for the shaking of your car when braking. Also, it is a vital part after all.

Loose bolts might release in the disconnection of your vehicle probably resulting or leading to a vicious accident. So it is important to spot out and to fix your tires once and for all.

2. Warpage Of Rotor

Rotor Warped

Well, this right here is an important and mechanical problem that involves machinery, equipment and skill to fix it.

What Is A Rotor? How It Is Linked to your Car Shakes When Braking At High Speeds?

A rotor is a circle-shaped iron disc that is engraved at the middle, acting as a firm rim that holds the whole body of the wheel on it.

Figuratively, rotors were accompanied by the Brake calipers at the 3’o clock position to restrict the motion of the wheel by sending the brake pads to act on the motion constantly when apply.

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Precisely, a rotor is a metallic circular wheel that acquaints with brake pads to restrict the motion of the wheel.

When we apply brakes from inside the car the brake pads connected with the Brakes squeeze the rotor and release the friction.

Upon getting press by the brakes thus resulting in the kinetic energy bringing the vehicle to stagnation.

What is a Brake Caliper?

The Brake Calipers are the most elevated and crucially important part of a cAr.

The Brake calipers are located at the top of the rotors. These Brake calipers clamp at the 4 adjacent wheels to help your car have a smooth and enriching stop.

Generally, there are 2 kinds of brake Calipers in a vehicle.

Inboard Brake Pads and Outboard Brake Pads

Incorporated with Fictional surface at the eligible adjacent edges which will help the motion to reduce when applied brakes.

When the driver inside of the Car applies brakes to avoid a possible collision or bumping or an accident. In short, we can say for any possible purpose the brake fluid presented in the master cylinder creates super hydraulic pressure and restricts the momentum of the vehicle to an end.

In conclusion, this is the functionality and the usage of a Brake Caliper.

Caliper Items

When we explore in general, in an engineering perspective, a brake pad’s lifetime is very short span and fragile when compared with that of other components of the vehicle.

Brake pads are conservatively efficient and hail for the constant contributions and elegance that it portrays to comfort the vehicle the best way possible.

Since the functionality, itself states the contrasting repulsion and the contact with the highly motorable rotor brake pads results in the scrimmage of the brakes. The short-spanned life of Brteal pads is inevitable and unmanageable.

There is no sabbatical phase for these brake pads since it the most dependable and highly important part of a vehicle.

The origination or the invention of Brake pads are for Race cars.

Race cars

Previously, the Dumb Brake system was in vibrant use during the time of Race. But later, the system drastically resulted in some dangerous and vicious Racing accidents. Also, this subsequently resulting in the urge to inventing a special system to keep the vehicles nice and harmless. And efficient for the racers to perform, thus resulting in Brake Pads.

This is precisely the reason behind the invention of Brake pads.

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How To Troubleshoot Your Vehicle?

Well, this segment is pretty simple. As the question itself suggests that you experience shaking/vibrating of the braking while driving.

Hop into your vehicle and take it for a quick view preferably on an empty road to test the vehicle in various speed limits.

Gear up the vehicle and take the speed towards 60-70 most likely. roll down your glasses to feel the vibrant more lively. Apply the brake and observe the shaking or the vibration. Check your string wheel source report that the shaking will indicate through the steering wheel in most of the cases. The shaking or the vibrating will starts to stutter your vehicle.

Note: Mostly, the vibration happens in the front wheel. Most specifically the steering side.

Bring your vehicle to halt and jack the front end. Now place your at 12-6 clock position and try to wiggle your Wheel. Do the same by pacing your hands at 3-9 position. If you feel the motion then there is a problem that needs to be performed.

In some rare cases, while braking at high speeds your car may sound or feel like strutting or starting to break down. In such cases, consult a mechanic to find out the trouble and confirm affirmatively.

How To Fix Your Car Shakes When Braking At High Speeds?

The most important part of the article that helps you exactly on how to fix the problem in a step by step process:

As we digress every time – Fixing your Car is not Rocket Science. Just a conscious mind and potential are all that it’s required to fix your car on your own.

Problem 1 – When your Rotor is damaged.

rotor damage

  1. Jack up your car by mounting at the right place.
  2. Get rid of your front wheel.
  3. Now carefully inspect the rotor.
  4. Check the Brake Callipers before taking it off by loosening the bolts. (Note –  When separated from the rotor make sure the roller of the Brake calliper is not hanging on the braking because it may cause damage to the Brake lines.)
  5. Get a suitable socket and loosen it up
  6. pull the brake pad off gently.
  7. Now, we have to measure the Rotor. This is an important aspect so make sure you pay proper attention and inspect the rotor with scrutiny.
  8. Get an Outside caliper which you can buy at any store at a low cost and measure the rotor by insulating it with that of rotor width.
  9. Place the Calliper exactly to that of the Rotor.
  10. Now, gently measure the rotor by rotating it a clock or anti-clockwise.
  11. While turning the outside caliper which is injected with equal width and length you may feel the caliper fighting up or losing down. If you find any of the see symptoms then I confirm that your root is armed and needs to be replaced.
  12. Confirm the Disc – Rotor warpage by inspecting it twice.
  13. Now that you have confirmed the lumpier surface, take down the brake caliper assembly by using a definite bar.
  14. Get the New rotor and replace it with the old one.
  15. Bolt up the rotor with specified torques tight and clean
  16. Now, you need to replace the brake pads with new ones. Since we diagnosed the rotor problem it is mandatory to replace the brake pads to restrict the deliberate disaster possibilities.
  17. Break pads
  18. Before replacing the brake pads, apply the Brake grease to the pads prominently.
  19. The most key component that you can use to perform all the see specifies skilled tasks is to get yourself with a Brake caliper retractor Kit.
  20. Accordingly, use a handle to squeeze the Brake pads to the position by using pliers.
  21. Now fi the caliper in its meant to be position.
  22. Bring pack the tier and fix it with the desired bolts.
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And the problem is solved.

The whole process might seem a bit funny and long but as we enroll ourselves to create out the problem we will be going just fine.

Problem 2 – Loose wheels

this is a quite natural and simple practical problem which can be fixed within a seconds.

  1. Lift your car.
  2. Wiggle out your wheels
  3. If you find any movement or shivering just tighten up the screws of the respective wheel. And you’re good to go.

Fixing tires

By doing these simple and efficient steps you can happily and proudly fix up your car on your own without any need for the intervention of a mechanic.

Does Your Car Bounce Up and Down While Driving?


Car juggling around the streets or at the middle of the rods might be a bit intimidated and vulnerable considering the fellow passengers. So, to pop out of trouble, one must know how to fix the problem on their own. And most importantly, the wheel is the most efficient, key, and primary factor of a Vehicle to take care of it and there’s is nothing but a smooth and quality journey.

I hope this article ‘Car shakes when braking at high speeds’ helps you to point out, learn about, and on Fixing the problem on your own.

Drive Safe and Stay Safe.

Thank You.