7 Most Common Car Suspension Problems

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Cars are designed uniquely but categorized under common names. These are also available from low-end to high-end variants. The price range of a vehicle is based on the features and qualities it delivers. Also, every car should provide comfort and convenience for the people inside it. Suspensions in the vehicles provide this comfort for you despite the road conditions. The role of suspension is to absorb the sudden force impact transferred from the ground to the car. If your suspensions do not work correctly, then you can feel all the bumps on the road. As and like other components, it should be serviced or replaced once its life is over. Check out what are the typical car suspension problems and how to fix them.

What Are Suspensions?

Suspensions in a vehicle is a combined arrangement of spring and dampers that supports the vehicle on its wheels. Any sudden impact of wheels on the road will be absorbed by the suspension so that the people inside the car could never feel the net force. There are different types of suspensions available for all vehicles. It is also a customizable part of the car. Any damage to the suspension affects the quality of the ride. If not corrected sooner could lead to a significant accident.

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What Are The Common Car Suspension Problems?

Every part of the car wears out over some time. Some components are reusable, and some are replaceable. Any minor damages can be resolved, and the suspensions can be reused. But, if there is any major damage, it is better to replace it to avoid accidents. Some of the standard car suspension problems are,

1. Alignment Of Wheels

Suspensions are supported to the wheels. If any suspension gets damaged, it affects the alignment of the wheel. This alignment problem caused by the suspension will wear out the tires. Even though you replace new tires, the alignment issue if not fixed, will damage your tires again and again. If your steering wheel is straight, but vehicle move on one side represents alignment problems. It is better to check alignment if you experience such issues.

2. Shock Absorbers

Shack absorber also called a damper, is a part of the suspension. This device is kept in between the spring to absorb the impact. The damper absorbs the force of impact and reduces it so that the people inside the car will never feel the same effect of the force. If the dampers are not functioning correctly, people can feel the bumps directly. The dampers have fluids that absorb the shock, and if it leaks, the performance of suspension will be reduced.

3. Springs

The net weight of the car lies in the springs on the suspension. The springs can break over time. Broke spring in the suspension exposes the dampers directly. This could lead to accidents. If you cannot control your car over corners or you hear the squeaky sound over bumps, then there could be damage in the springs of suspension. This is because a broken spring cannot support the net weight of the moving vehicle. It is better to replace the suspension before it damages any other part.

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4. Difficult To Steer

It will be hard to steer a vehicle with broke suspension. You can also notice the body of the car lowered down on the side of broke suspension than on the other sides. This affects the uniform distribution of load, which in turn affects the quality of driving. If you have struggled to steer your vehicle, then inspect your suspensions now.

5. Ball Joints

Ball joints connect wheels and the suspension system. The ball joints absorb any small shocks. If you hear squeaky sounds at hard turns, then your ball joints have worn out. It is better to replace the ball joints before it breaks. Any damages while driving the car lead to an accident. Ball joints are available separately so that they can be replaced individually.

6. Brake Damage

Brakes reduce the momentum of the moving vehicle. Any damaged suspensions make the brakes harder to react, which could cause accidents. The wheels, brakes, and suspension systems are interconnected. So any damage to one of these will affect other systems too. It is better to change the suspension system than changing all three. These damages increase the chances of accidents.

7. Control Arms

These arms are connected to the wheel and the steering. As wheels are connected to the suspension system, any damages caused by the suspension on wheels will, in turn, affect the control arms. This could also lead to a breakage of arms at worst by which you cannot move the vehicle after this point.

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These are some common car suspension problems that could happen in the vehicle. It is always better to change the issue rather than waiting to change all the parts. If you notice any such effects while you drive, then there could be a damaged suspension in the vehicle that causes this.

How Much It Costs To Fix?

The cost of fixing varies based on the type and made of the car. It also includes the cost of replacing the parts damaged by bad suspensions. Also, include labor charges because these tasks require specific skills and tools. In total, an average price of $1000 to $5000 will be required to replace suspension. Even some insurance companies cover for us for such replacements.

Working of hydraulic suspension

It is better to have scheduled service and inspection of your vehicle to avoid such issues in the future. Ask your mechanic to check the quality of the suspension every time during the service. Generally, the suspensions in the car should be replaced every 4 to 5 years or over 100000 miles.


A suspension system is an important part that allows the vehicle to serve its complete function. Please don’t hesitate to inspect your vehicle on time. The ignorance and carelessness only lead to accidents. Buying a car is simple, but it needs the necessary maintenance to improve its life.

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