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What To Do When Car Won’t Start Because Of Alarm? [Easy Fixes]

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Many of us face the problem in our day to day life when our car won’t start because of alarm. There are so many reasons why this happens. So here are some ways in which we can switch off the alarm and start the car. The primary role of an alarm in our car is to enhance security. It will protect your vehicle from vandalism and theft. The electrical circuit will disconnect in the event of suspicious activity. It may cut off the power supply in a manner that it will fail to start.

This innovative method is a sure way of keeping your car safe. The system can also get triggered without a clear threat. As a result, it can immobilize the engine. Suppose you are in a situation when your car is not starting because of an alarm, what will you do? The car engine might not start due to the failure of the alarm system. In case the car is not working properly, you may have to shut down the car. The car will not work properly until the complications are sorted.

Why The Anti Theft System Won’t Let My Car Start?

There are several reasons behind this problem which are faced by a normal human in his day to day life. Some of which are:

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1. Low Battery Charge

The alarm can beep ought to an interloper bit your automotive. An equivalent alarm can still warn you if the battery charge is low. Whenever the battery is heading towards the end, put on the engine. As a result, the alarm will detonate as an associate degree indicator on an occasional battery level. You can use the multi-meter to ascertain the battery readings.

2. Faulty Battery Terminals

When the battery terminals are faulty, it interferes with the flow of power. Within the same vein, electrical parts could get inadequate power. Such a case could prompt the alarm to interpret that the battery level is low. Consequently, it’ll set out the alarm. It’s essential to create positive that the terminals are clean. Before the rest, take away any electrical connections. You ought to wear protecting covering too.

3. Alarm Incorrectly Installed

For a recently put in alarm, it’s cheap to determine if it is properly done. Specific symptoms are frequent on and off. If you have got a multi-meter, verify if every wire is receiving power or not.

4. Faulty Key Fob

A key fob is additionally the remote automotive key. You’ll be able to use it to unlock and lock the automotive doors. It will even start your engine once you push a button. A number of controls on the key fob have a link with the alarm system. A bad key fob will trigger a false signal. The incorrect signal could have an effect on the automotive alarm too.

5. Sensitive Shock Sensing Element

A sensitive shock sensing element will trigger an associate degree alarm. It happens notwithstanding a cat or a dog touches the vehicle slightly. The continual beeping of the alarm can mechanically drain the battery. You’ll be able to assemble the shock sensing element by twisting it.

6. Dirty Catch Sensing Elements

A hood sensing element will trigger the alarm joined forces to open the car’s hood. A dirty hood will cause the alarm to travel off. If that happens, find the sensing element and clean it. By doing this, it’ll come to an original condition.

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What To Do If Car Won’t Start Because Of Alarm?

There are some methods which are very helpful at the time when car face problem in getting started because of the alarm.

Method 1: Judge The Battery

Check the battery to work out if it’s low or dead. If it’s low, then you ought to perform a recharge. In such a scenario, the automobile security systems are unable to find the protection code of your key fob.

You should additionally judge the battery connections. If they’re right, then you’ll be able to jump-start it. The procedure is probably going to finish your downside.

1. When Inside The Car

You can find the ignition slot and insert the key. Slightly flip it to the correct solely. You’ll be able to maintain the key to its position for a minimum of ten minutes or additional. Within the event, it’s going to close up the sunshine and ignite the automobile.

Notably, during this state, the engine is off, however, the automobile is on. There are alternative accessories just like the radio and dashboard that are on. It’s sensible to bypass the alarm.

1. When Outside The Car

Access the door on the driver’s aspect and insert the key for a minute. The action is to undertake flip begin it within the event of unlocking the door. Such makes the automobile to sense that you just possess the initial key. The look works once there’s a dead battery or a broken key fob.

The procedure is customary among varied models like BMW, Mercedes, and Volkswagen. For Honda, the strategy may have some modifications.

Method 2: Reset The Automobile Laptop

It is an associate degree possibility of determination an automobile that won’t begin thanks to the alarm downside. Begin by disconnecting the positive terminal of your battery. Let it rest for a minimum of 2 minutes. Reconnect it. At this time, the cathode and anode terminals ought to get befittingly connected.

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The procedure can reset the PC system. Eventually, the automobile might kick-off.

Method 3: Check The Key

The key typically includes an integral chip. As you utilize it, it’ll send the code to the car’s alarm after you insert it to ignite. Just in case of a broken or broken key, the chip might not work. You’ll strive another key if one fails to retort.

If nothing happens, you’ll be able to consult associate degree skilled. You’ll be able to additionally attempt to begin the engine victimization the key. If the engine fails to retort, leave it within the position for a minimum of ten minutes. Because the security light-weight disappears, let the ignition detonate. You’ll be able to sit up for twenty seconds then begin the engine.

How Much Does It Cost?

The average cost of repair when the car won’t start because of alarm is about $150.The labor cost is estimated between $44 and $56.


If your automobile won’t begin thanks to associate degree alarm, take acceptable action. You’ll be able to begin by checking the condition of your battery. If the battery is faulty, you’ll be able to replace it for higher operations. It’s very important to look at the specified remedies. An alarm plays a vital role within the overall security of your vehicle. It’s so suggested that you just ought to detain the correct order. If you have got a dead alarm, it suggests that your security can get compromised.

As you implement higher than procures, you’ll move out of despair. There’ll be additional hope if you consult the dealer. The skilled can fix the difficulty and let your vehicle operate optimally. Hurry up after your expertise such a challenge. You may air the safe aspect. Happy driving.

So can a car alarm stop a car from starting, Yes! If you have any question or problem which you are facing in your day to day life then you can write us down in the comment box we will try to come up with the solution.