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There Is A Check DRL System Indicator Light, What To Do?

When any notification appears on your car’s dash, it can cause a fair amount of stress, especially if you don’t know how serious the alert may be. Have you ever wondered why does check drl system indicator flashes on your dashboard? Daytime Running Lights [DRL] Error is one of those small errors which shouldn’t be ignored if ever occur whilst using the car.

Mostly older cars have DRL and Sidelights integrated into the headlight unit, but others have DRL fitted as retrofit and or factory fitted onto the bottom of the front bumper, all depending on the car’s specification and model.

What Does DRL Light On Dash Mean?

If you’ve been wondering what does check drl system light means? First, you need to know what are the DRL lights in your car? DRL stands for ‘daytime running lights.’ It is a safety measure that makes your car more visible in traffic. They are particularly important in low-light settings, such as driving through a tunnel, beneath bridges, or in dark places. Avoiding collisions is the primary purpose of your daytime running lights. They work to make you more visible to other drivers.

If they’re working properly, they’ll light on when you turn the key in your ignition. When you turn on your headlights, you’ll notice that the light coming from your daytime running lights dims. If your headlights are turned off, they shine brighter. When you start the engine, the DRL light will come on for a few seconds or until you release the parking brake. This light should turn off afterward once the system verifies that everything is working as intended.

What Does Mean Check DRL System Error In The Car?

The DRL lights help to increase the visibility of your car during sunrise and sunset. Due to this other drivers can see your car earlier and better on the road. But these lights may go faulty at any time, which could cause less visibility on the road. And technically car is not road legal anymore due to malfunctioning headlamps. Usually, these lights are turned on with ignition as auto lights function, but for older cars, you will need to turn on side lights and or main (low) beam, and when sidelights will be turned on together with them.

When you turn on the ignition and a warning message pops out on your dashboard saying check left-right daytime running lights/sidelights, it means that headlights have malfunctioning components or bulbs. Usually, it fails one side per time, but of course, it could be a piece of bad luck, and both headlamps malfunction.

How To Diagnose The Daytime Running Lights Malfunctioning Issue?

It’s always good to have an exact idea where the problem actually lies or comes from. Of course, the route of cause and the way to fix this error code depends on the car’s model and specification. Usually, the below steps will help you to find why DRLs have failed.

Step 1:- Check The Fuses And Wires

If the DRL has stopped working on both headlights at the same time. You need to check the fuses and wires as it is very rare that all lights fail at the same time.

Step 2:- Check The Side Bulb By Pulling It Off

If the sidelight bulb has failed, check that side’s bulb by pulling it off. As it might be just a faulty halogen bulb, which has failed and needs to be replaced.

Step 3:- Check The LED Modules

If the car is made after 2010 and has LED DRLs. You need to start by checking LED modules also known as ballast. As it is the mostly failing part of the DRL system, to check if the module has failed just simply change sides, it will save time and money instead of buying new and testing.

Step 4:- Look For An LED Light Source

If the module isn’t faulty, when the third look for an LED diode insert module also known as LED light source, which emits light to daytime running lights. Sadly, these parts aren’t serviceable or repairable, you’ll need to purchase new parts and replace faulty ones.

Is It Safe To Drive With The DRL Indicator Light On?

Most drivers often get scared whenever their DRL indicator is on, thus making them quickly apply the brake and turn off their car. But, it is safe to drive with the DRL on even if it signals a possible issue; Since your vehicle’s regular headlights are working, there is nothing to be scared of. However, you can still take the warning light to a mechanic for a check-up to avoid worse problems.

Frequently Asked Questions:-

Let’s see some frequently asked questions on the check drl system light such as Should I leave DRL on? Are DRL automatic? and How long does DRL last?

1. Should I Leave DRL On?

Today, modern vehicles often feature automated headlights, which will turn on during dark or dim atmospheres, yet they aren’t permitted to have them. In the same way, almost every U.S. vehicle is not allowed to feature DRL, especially if the car is in motion.

2. Are DRL Lights Automatic?

Essentially, the DRL is a low-energy front light configured to come on automatically. It is created to enhance the visibility of your car in a dull, daylight atmosphere. Therefore, it would always automatically switch on whenever you power your engine.

3. How Long Do Daytime Running Lights Last?

If it is continuously being operated, there’ll be a noticeable increase in the rate of changes of its bulbs. On the other hand, when it has to do with an LED DRL, it often lasts for as long as 10 000 hours and is often as durable as the car itself.


Most times, when you notice that your DRL is on, it simply means that the computer has discovered a problem. Once a vehicle’s engine ignites, the DRL will turn on for a few seconds or until you let go of the parking brake. Once the system has certified that everything is functioning correctly, the light will automatically turn off. On the other hand, it can turn on the DRL when a bulb is wrong. However, the circuit itself has several fuses and relays that can result in the same problems.

Therefore, it is necessary to fix it whenever it has issues or take them to a professional mechanic for replacement if the situation demands, as it would help to reduce the risk of collisions with other vehicles. We hope the above-mentioned information about the check drl system will be helpful to all the readers. If anybody’s doubts persist feel free to comment in the comment section below. We’ll try to solve your doubts as soon as possible.