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What’s That Clicking Noise From Front Wheel While Driving?

Did you hear a weird clicking noise while driving your car? Might be from the wheels. The clicking noise on a drive feels like a mosquito buzzing into your ear. That sound just disappointingly hits your brain. Inside a car, comfort is a top-tier priority for the driver and this noise disrupts the harmony of the enclosed environment.

There is a high probability that the clicking noise is initiated from the front wheel of your car. The wheels are the most exposed components of a vehicle. This makes them prone to damage. Noise from a faulty wheel axle is a common problem. If you hear that clicking noise from the front wheel while driving, this article will help you figure out the reasons behind the noise and how an easy fix might solve the problem.

Why Is The Front Wheel Making That Clicking Noise?

The clicking noise can be due to various reasons like loose parts or irregularity in the wheel structure.

1. Faulty Constant Velocity(CV) Joint

A broken CV joint is the most common reason for the wheel to make a clicking noise constantly. These joints are the building blocks of your car’s steering system. The main function of the joints is to provide flexibility to the front axle to make the wheels and suspension function in sync. The flexibility is lost if the CV joint is broken and a constant clicking sound is audible.

2. Loose Suspension

Your car’s suspension system functions to provide weight balance for the running machine. It gives a feel of a smooth ride by maximizing the friction present between the wheels and the road. A loose suspension means a disbalance in car wheels and this can cause a clicking noise that bothers the driver.

3. Damaged Struts

The struts are a component of the suspension system of your car. They function as a shock absorber for your car. A damaged strut will obstruct the absorption of the pressure that the suspension experiences while the car is running. Struts can work with a gaseous or a liquid form of resisting substance to absorb the shock. If the shock is not being absorbed, this is a dangerous situation for your suspension system and will cause the wheels to produce a weird noise.

4. Loose Wheel Cover

A wheel cover or hubcap is the outer cover of a wheel. It makes the car look good by covering the wheel but, it functions to prevent the accumulation of dirt and moisture over the wheel. A loose hubcap will make a clicking noise from the front wheel while driving as it will constantly hit the wheel fasteners.

What To Do If You Hear A Clicking Noise From Front Wheel While Driving?

There can be various reasons for that clicking noise and you have to fix it by the problem which is diagnosed. Sometimes, a slight tightening of the concerned part will help you get rid of the clicking noise but other times, it might be a bigger problem that calls for a replacement of a component. This section will highlight the fixes you can try if you are experiencing a weird noise while driving your car.

1. Getting A Suspension Check

A suspension system is the one providing balance to your car. Loose suspension causes the wheels to make a clicking noise. If there is a problem diagnosed in your car’s suspension system, getting it back to the standard value will make the noise go away and also upgrade the safety standards of your driving experience.

2. Repairing The CV Joint

The CV joint is the one that facilitates flexibility to the axle of your vehicle. Furthermore, it also keeps a check on the efficient functioning of the whole steering system of your car. If you are constantly experiencing a clicking sound from the front wheel while driving, it is recommended that the CV joints should be examined and repaired, or replaced according to the intensity of the damage.

3. Inflating The Tyres According To Specifications

Sometimes, the problem behind the noise can be really basic, and hence, diagnosing it becomes difficult. Irregular inflation levels in the four tires of your machine may cause a disbalance on the front axle. This disbalance leads to a weird noise and also hampers the overall driving experience.

4. Repairing Struts

Faulty struts are unable to absorb the pressure and shock which build upon the suspension structure. Repairing the struts ensures a proper shock-up mechanism and the pressure does not create excess tension on the front axle of your car. Therefore, a good strut unit will make sure that your drive is comfortable and enjoyable.

5. Checking Steering Linkage

Once a mechanic is sure that the noise is not initiating from the tires or the suspension unit, The next best thing to do is to examine the steering linkage of your vehicle. Firstly, It will ensure a proper driving experience that is safe, and secondly, it will help you get rid of the disappointing clicking noise.


Frequently Asked Questions:

So,here are some of the frequently asked questions about what causes a clicking sound in front wheel while driving , what might make a clicking clamor while driving etc?-

What Causes A Clicking Sound In Front Wheel While Driving?

Vehicle wheels make popping or clicking commotions because of defective CV joints, worn swaggers or drive belts, free hubcaps, measured tires, or free suspension. normal materials.

What Might Make A Clicking Clamor While Driving?

A clicking commotion while driving can show a large group of issues, from low motor oil to free brake cushions, that can imperil your vehicle and make a significant cost if you don’t get the issue early.

For What Reason Does My Tire Seem As Though It’s Clicking?

There’s an issue with your tires

On the off chance that tires aren’t a similar size or tension or on the other hand, assuming something has made harm to any of them, you could hear a clicking or popping sound from the offender’s corner. You ought to constantly ensure that tires are expanded to the right strain and are a similar size.

Could An Awful Wheel Bearing Make A Clicking Sound?

Commotion is an exemplary indication of an awful wheel bearing or wheel center bearing. Here are a few marks of a ragged wheel center point bearing or other wheel-end harm: Snapping, clicking, or popping. This can show a well-used or harmed external CV joint.


A noise-free and soothing experience is the most basic expectation from a long drive. Henceforth, If you hear a considerable amount of clicking noise from front wheel while driving, it’s best to get it checked and repaired. Repairing this problem is important as, firstly, it will promote a comforting noise-free environment inside your enclosed machine and secondly, it will reduce the chance of any major problem in the future.

I hope that this article will help you get rid of that disappointing clicking noise. Driving should not only be a healthy experience but also something which the driver enjoys. Therefore, it is really important to get rid of any weird noise which can cause discomfort to the driver.

Stay safe and enjoy a noise-free driving experience

Thank You.