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What To Do If My Electronic Car Key Got Wet?

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A car key or an auto key is a key used to open as well as start a car. Present-day key plans are generally balanced, and some utilization grooves on the two sides, as opposed to a cut edge, to impel the lock. It has various applications for the vehicle with which it was sold. A vehicle key can open the entryways, start the start, open the glove compartment, and open the storage compartment (boot) of the vehicle.

A few vehicles accompany an extra key known as a valet key that begins the start and opens the driver’s side entryway however keeps the valet from accessing assets that are situated in the storage compartment or the glove box.

Without acknowledging it, we notice that our electronic car key got wet and this happens more often than not when we fail to remember the keys in a pocket from the garments we wash. In the event that a car reaches out to the water, this can cause an issue.

In the same way as other gadgets, vehicle keys aren’t waterproof. While a conventional, machine-cut key utilized in more established vehicles can endure an experience with water safety, a fresher electronic key like a transponder key, shrewd key (here and there called a keyless section gadget), or controller key can be truly harmed or even totally destroyed whenever lowered.

What Happens If Your Electronic Car Key Got Wet?

Suppose you neglected to remove your car keys from your bathing suit pocket before you hopped in the pool, or perhaps they fell into a puddle on an especially stormy day. The most noticeably terrible thing is the point at which somebody drops them in your beverage as a joke, making it the most costly lager or wine, you’ll at any point drink.

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You must try to open wet car keys because the issues come when the water keeps in touch with sensitive gadgets. Very soon, the circuit board will begin to practice environmental awareness and furry. At the point when this occurs, the key will quit working.

The more extended the fob is lowered, the almost certain it is that your dandy will not work any longer. You’ll probably need to purchase a conceivably costly substitution. There are a few different ways your fob can be harmed. The issues start once the circuit board inside the dandy gets wet. Portions of the circuit board can get shorted out or rust and erosion could set in quicker. In more extreme cases, the battery can pass on, spill, or detonate.

When you’ve quickly removed the fob from the water, you have several alternatives. You can either attempt to fix it yourself or get a substitution. Look at the coxcomb for any gets or switches. Assuming you see one, push it and pull the mechanical key out of the dandy. When you’re inside your vehicle, search for a plastic cap close to the directing wheel. Eliminate it and you’ll see a keyspace.

How To Rescue Your Key Fob After It Gets Wet?

With the following tips, you may be able to understand that why electronic car key got wet:-

1. Act Quickly

Whenever you’ve understood you’ve gotten your key fob wet, you’ll need to have it dried out straightaway. The more you stand by, the more uncertain your coxcomb will endure its brush with death. That is on the grounds that your key coxcomb can surrender to at least one significant issue from the second it comes into contact with water. Water makes for an extraordinary conductor, which implies it could undoubtedly short out pieces of the key coxcomb’s circuit board. A wet circuit board is additionally one that will see its metal follows and different segments surrender to rust and erosion. A wet circuit board can likewise make the keyfob battery dump its charge. In the best-case scenario, you’ll end up with a dead battery.

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2. Spot And Shake

After you promptly remove it from the water, hold the coxcomb button-side down. Shake it a piece to get however much water out from its inside as could reasonably be expected. Spot the fob catch side down on top of a perfect, dry towel or fabric, and let it rest there for a couple of moments. At that point, utilize the towel or material to get as much water out of the fissure as possible.

3. Open It Up

Even after the entirety of this work, odds are there’s as yet a modest quantity of water caught within the key fob. This is the ideal opportunity to painstakingly open up the key coxcomb. A few coxcombs are held along with little Phillips head, Torx, or Allen-head screws, while others should be painstakingly pried separated with a level screwdriver. When the key coxcomb is aired out, cautiously dry out within the case and the circuit board however much as could be expected. Wipe the circuit board cautiously with a q-tip plunged in 90% isopropyl liquor to eliminate any extra contaminations and afterward let it dry out totally.

4. Check The Battery

You’ll likewise need to investigate the battery and ensure it isn’t spilling. In the event that it is, cautiously eliminates the battery and rub the influenced territories with a q-tip plunged in refined white vinegar. This will kill the corrosive and make it more secure to tidy up. It’s a smart thought to supplant the battery as insurance, simply in the event that it was harmed or exhausted after the unplanned lowering. In the wake of eliminating the battery, scour the contacts on the circuit board with isopropyl liquor and let it dry prior to introducing the new battery.

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5. Try It Out

Test each catch on the fob. Assuming they all work, the coxcomb is all around great! At that point, assuming a few catches work yet not all, rehash the cleaning cycle and test the coxcomb again whenever you’ve wrapped up. In the event that none of the catches work, you’ll either have to get the dandy reinvented or supplanted totally.

Whatever you do, don’t attempt to dry your dandy with either a hairdryer or a microwave. The previous choice will broil your key’s hardware and guarantee it never works again while the last could light a fire. You ought to likewise realize that regardless of whether you follow this strategy correctly, there’s as yet a possibility your key will not work any longer and you’ll have to purchase a substitution.

How Much Does A Key Fob Cost?

The awful news is that as vehicle key innovation has advanced, substitution costs have drastically expanded. Fortunately, you could possibly decrease or even stay away from substitution costs through and through. This relies upon your vehicle’s guarantee, your vehicle protection strategy, or if your new vehicle seller covers lost or harmed dandies. Nonetheless, when in doubt, it costs somewhere in the range of $50 and $100 to get a substitution key dandy. The expense of substitution likewise relies upon the vehicle, the work, and the kind of key coxcomb itself.


If your electronic car key got wet and wont start, regardless of whether you dropped it in the pool, mishandled it into a puddle, or inadvertently left it in the clothes washer, there are a lot of ways you can get your key fob drenched accidentally. The following time you need to fish your critical fob out of the clothes washer, don’t panic. You have alternatives! You can either endeavor to fix it yourself or get a replacement.