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What Does Exclamation Point On Dash Indicate?

Are you someone who owns a modern vehicle? It is super comfortable to drive a modern vehicle with all its technology and advantages right? For you to avail such benefits, modern cars come with a lot of computer modules, electrical wires, etc. This also means a complaint to any one of them can do wrong to your car. However, there are some warning signs that your car will show as an indication on the dashboard when there is something wrong with the car

Dashboard warning signs come in a variety of colours and designs made to indicate the problem with your car effectively. One among the many such warning signs is the exclamation point on the dash. This article covers what this sign and some relevant others mean. 

What Do Different Dashboard Lights Indicate?

As mentioned above dashboard lights come in a variety of colours including red, yellow or amber, green and blue. Those warning signs that are shown in red indicate that the problem is serious and needs immediate attention. Red warning signs are thus used to indicate a major issue or component failure. Yellow or amber lights mostly indicate lower grade hazard warnings such as the activation of a traction control system while driving on slippery roads. Green and blue lighted signs simply indicate that something is on or a feature is engaged like the indicator signs. 

The exclamation point on the dash sign comes along with the symbol of a yellow tire indicating that one or more of your tires are underinflated. Like this, all the warning signs indicate what your car’s issue is. Let’s see the different warning signs that make the appearance of an exclamation point on the dash  

Why Am I Seeing An Exclamation Point On Dash?

There can be some reasons why you see an exclamation point along with other symbols on the dashboard of your car. We will check them each one by one. 

1. Tire Pressure Monitor

The sign exclamation point on the dash with a yellow tire is otherwise called the tire pressure warning light. The warning symbol indicates that one or more of your vehicle’s cars is underinflated. Some modern cars can even indicate which tire is underinflated or has low pressure. This warning light is in yellow or amber colour indicating a lower grade hazard. 

The tire pressure monitoring system or TPMS is the part that is responsible for monitoring and activating the light in your car. It’s recommended to immediately pull over your car somewhere safe as soon as you see the warning sign. Then check each tire to find which one has lower pressure. It is unsafe to drive your car when even a single tire is underinflated. It can even drastically alter the vehicle’s handling. 

If you find that any or more of your tires are deflated, call for a tow truck or change the tire if your vehicle is equipped with a spare. You can also drive to the nearest car service station to check the pressure and fill the air in all the deflated tires. 

When the light goes on, it means that the tire pressure has gone below the recommended 25 percentage. The common reasons you should look for when this tire is switched on are punctured tires, a faulty tire pressure sensor, seasonal temperature changes that can change the pressure of your tires or road hazards. 

2. Brake System Light

Another warning sign that is accompanied by an exclamation point is the brake system light warning. It is a red warning sign featuring a circle and an exclamation mark in the middle. The light usually indicates that either the parking brake is engaged or there is some issue with the braking system. When you see the warning light, try setting and releasing the parking brake when it’s completely safe. If this doesn’t switch off the light, call a tow truck to get your car to the nearby service centre or a maintenance worker to get the braking system checked. 

The possible reasons why this warning sign can go on are engaged parking brake, damage in brake systems like worn brake discs or pads, low brake fluid levels, a stuck parking brake, or an issue with the anti-lock braking system. 

3. Transmission Fluid Temperature Light

The transmission fluid temperature warning is generally a red or yellow coloured symbol with a gear surrounding an exclamation mark. This symbol usually turns on when the transmission is overheating. Like other warning symbols, you have to stop your car immediately when you see this exclamation point on the dashboard and check what’s wrong. 

Common reasons why this warning sign appears are low fluid levels in the transmission, overheating transmission, worn internal components, high mileage and sustained heavy towing. 

4. Power Steering Warning Light

Another warning light that is accompanied by an exclamation point is the Power steering warning light. This sign is often red or yellow and is accompanied by a steering wheel symbol beside an exclamation point. When your car detects a problem with the steering, this warning sign appears on the dashboard. If your car has EPS or Electric Power Steering you’ll have to get your car checked by a mechanic when the warning sign appears. 

However, if your car has hydraulic power steering, the warning sign usually appears when the power steering fluid reservoir is low. In this case, too it is advised to get the car checked by a mechanic to top it off and check for leaks. It’s unsafe to dry your vehicle when this sign is on. You will find it difficult to manoeuvre your vehicle with faulty steering. 

5. Glow Plug Light

This warning symbol is usually yellow or amber. The sign is a car key symbol with an exclamation mark over it. If you are driving a diesel car, you must only start your vehicle after this warning light switches off. If the light appears after the ignition the glow plugs have a problem which you must get checked.

Frequently Asked Questions:

So, here are some of the frequently asked questions about what does the dash light with an exclamation point means, what does (!) Means , what does yellow triangle  with exclamation mark mean in a car , what does low tire pressure light look like etc?-

What Does The Dash Light With An Exclamation Point Mean?

This dashboard looks like a tire with an exclamation point in it from which we get to know that the tire pressure in at least one of your tires is low. You have to check your tire’s air pressure immediately. You still should check your tire pressure.

What Does (!) Mean In Car?

Modern cars come with  the little exclamation point inside of a half-circle merely means one or more of your tires have low pressure.

What Does Yellow Triangle With Exclamation Mark Mean In Car?

If you see that warning light triangle with an exclamation mark appearing, this icon stands for your Honda vehicle’s Vehicle Stability Assist system and will illuminate your dashboard when an issue has been solved.

What Does Low Tire Pressure Light Look Like?

The low-pressure indicator looks like an exclamation point in the middle of an open top. This lights up when the pressure in one or more of your tires.

What Does A Red Circle With An Exclamation Mark Mean In A Car?

This red symbol of an exclamation mark in a circle tells a fluid leak in the system, that provides the braking effort that the brake fluid level may have dropped.


All the warning lights mentioned above are the ones that make an exclamation point appear on your dashboard. There are a lot more warning lights that appear on your dashboard which indicate different issues with your car. Hope this article helped you.