What To Do If Car Your Won’t Start Even After Getting Gas? [4 Solutions]

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If you have just filled your car tank, and it still doesn’t start or crank after time, then you might have made some fault that has caused your fuel pump to fail. It might be possible when your car has been running on low fuel for a longer time. It is because the fuel pump remains in a cool state in the fuel system when it is filled with appropriate fuel. It is essential to diagnose why your car won’t start after getting gas.

And when it runs on low fuel, then it makes the fuel pump hot instantly, and when your pour cool fuel on it, then it fails. So, it works similarly as a human body, as when we drink something cold just after a hot drink, then it might catch up with flue. If you are stuck in a long highway with an only gas station to help and no hope and scope of a mechanic to help you out in any way, then this article can help you to fix the problem of car won’t start after getting gas on your own.

What To Do If Car Won’t Start After Getting Gas?

Here are the steps to follow to fix the problem and start your car again.

1. Check the Essential Things

The few things you need to confirm first is that battery is charged, check your gas gauge and make sure your gas gauge is full, turn your key on and make sure your engine light is on. As i noticed my car wont start because the battery had died.

Then check the RPMs and then you can see that when you start your car, it should jump two to four hundred rpm as it is cranking which proves that computer is actually sending a rotation of the engine so therefore injectors should be functioning and it is possible that we might have a spark in the engine.

2. Check For the Spark

The next thing to do is to go underneath the hood and check for the spark. Then you can it with the spark checker or you can just unplug spark wires and then plug in a screwdriver into the sparker tube and then take a test light and then connect the other end of it which is normally of negative on battery or anything negative on the car itself.

Then take the test light hold it away from the screwdriver and you should able to get it if it has sparked then spawn should jump about a half-inch to three-quarters of an inch or maybe even more than that. So be careful that you don’t get shocked. We take test light because it’s actually insulated.

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3. Check the Fuel Pump

Then we make yourself sit at the driver’s seat and crank the engine and then you can see decent sparking. The next step is to reconnect the spark wire. Then make sure that there is fuel pressure. Then you can find a little cap on the tire which is like an air valve and take that cap off.

Then grab the screwdriver and valve down inside it but before you do that, you have to turn key the on and off for a couple of times as this will confirm that its problem with the fuel pump or it is something else.

4. Get Your Fuel Pump Relaced

The first option is just to bang hard on the fuel tank while you are cranking it. The other way is to first inspect the fuel pump. We can do it by placing the amp clamp over the positive pump- wire.

The next step you need to take is to turn the key on and use the voltmeter to record the reading. Then compare the recorded reading with the owner’s specification and if it is high then you need to replace the fuel pump- the ultimate solution to ‘Car won’t start after getting gas’.

Full Video Guide

If your car won’t start after getting gas, you can refer to the below available video:


Above are some very simple, easy, and practically tried steps that help you when your car didn’t start even after getting gas. You just simply have to follow to fix your problem of car not starting even after getting gas.

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