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How To Fix Rattling Noise In Car When Idle [4 Ways]

Do you hear any rattling or cracking sounds from your car? This may be a warning that something is wrong in your car and needs your attention. You should not ignore these sounds as there could be a serious problem that needs to be taken care of. So, without wasting any time, let’s discuss in detail, what these sounds are and how to fix the rattling noise in car when idle.

Most Common Sounds That Come From Your Car?

Basically, there are 4 types of noise you could hear when there is a problem, if the car rattles when idle. These are:

  1. Clicking Noises While Turning Your Steering
  2. Squeeking Sounds From The Engine Belt
  3. Noises From The Exhaust System
  4. From The Water Pumps

Causes Of Engine Rattling Noises & How To Fix Them?

If you have identified the type of sound you are hearing, better dig into the problem and look for a solution.

1. Fix Clicking Noises While Turning

Common Cause- CV Joint Failure, Old Vehicle

If you are hearing some clicking noises from your car, this might be due to CV Joint Failure or due to an old vehicle.

In the axle, there are inner and outer ball bearings, these are the CV Joints. A Rubber surrounds the joint to protect it from moisture and dust particles, but eventually, it becomes brittle and dry. This damages the CV Joints and this causes the sounds you hear while turning.

How To Fix This?

Well, there is hardly any other way to fix rattling noise in car when idle rather than replacing the axle or the outer CV assembly. And it’s always better that you replace the entire axle rather than just replacing the joint. This is cheaper and efficient.

You can also refer to the below video for more information.

 2. Fix Bearing Sounds From The Water Pump

Common Cause- Water Pump Failure Or Damage To The Bearings In It

This problem is quite difficult to identify because the water pump is fixed deep into the motor. A water pump is a machine in your engine that has a pulley, a propeller, and bearings. Usually, when there is damage to the water pump, the bearings are the ones that are making the sound.

If you want to make sure that the water pump is the one causing the problem, just take a screwdriver and place one side against the casting of the water pump and the other side against your ear. If there is damage, you will hear the bearing sounds.

How To Fix It?

Because the water pump is located deep inside the engine, you need an expert to solve this problem. This is because to get to the water pump, you need to remove lots of other parts and this could be risky if you do it on your own without any prior experience. Also, the only remedy for the water pump is to replace it. This is because the belt gets worn out with time and replacement is the only option.

Below is a video that could help you diagnose your water pump:

3. Fix Rattling Noise From The Heat Shield

Common Cause- Rusting Of The Heat Shield, Old Vehicle

The HeatShield is the component that basically deflects the heat from your fuel tank, wirings, and other sensitive components on the floor of the vehicle. If your Heat Shied is damaged or rusted, or if your vehicle has become old, the health shield becomes rusty and loose. This causes the engine rattling when idle.

How To Fix This?

You can temporarily remove the heat shield without any problems with your engine. But, if you are driving on a long route, this could be dangerous as this might heat up your vehicles and even cause a fire. If you can find some loose screws that could be handled by you, you could fix them. Otherwise, replacement is the best option.

Below is a video that could help you with your problem.

4. Fix Squeeking Sounds From The Engine Belt

Common Cause- Loose Belt, Dry, Damaged Engine Belt

Diagnosing this problem is quite easy because the engine belts make a lot of noise. You could fix this problem on your own.

How To Fix This?

You first need to diagnose when your engine belt is making noise. If it is making noise only when it is damp, you just need to adjust it. If it’s making noise constantly, this could be because it is dry, loose, or damaged and needs to be replaced. Watch the video below to fix the engine rattling when idle.

Frequently Asked Questions Related to Rattling Sound in the car:

So,here are some of Frequently Asked Questions about the definition,how bad engine sounds like  when it falls ,solutions to it-

What Is an Engine Rattling Noise?

An engine rattling noise, or a clicking sound in an engine, can spring up from a number of sources. Whether it’s engine knocking when accelerating or some kind of spark knock or just a general engine noise

What Does a Bad Engine Sound Like When It Falls Off?

If your car engine sounds like the bottom end is going to fall off, it’s probably engine rod knock. The noise you hear is like a ball peen hammer tapping on a steel plate repeatedly.

Why Is My Car Making a Rattling Noise When I Accelerate?

You could be hearing a rattle noise under your car is that the heat shielding in your vehicle is loose or rusted after prolonged use

What Should I Do If My Car Engine Is Rattling?

Check engine oil level and add if needed. If the engine oil level is really low and the engine is rattling after the oil has been added, permanent damage could have occurred and replacement is needed for whichever part is been damaged.

Why Does My Car Make a Noise When It’s Cold?

Cold weather can exacerbate underlying car problems, so you may begin to hear squeaks, squeals and other funny noises you haven’t heard before. These noises may be caused by the engine belt, the serpentine belt, the air conditioning compressor or a power steering pump.

Why Does My Car Rattle When I First Start It?

It could be a sign of piston slap. Pistons move up and down in their cylinders with a tight fit between the piston and cylinder wall.

Final Words

So, we have discussed the problems you are facing and have looked for solutions that might help you understand why the car rattles when idle. If you are not able to fix rattling noise in car when idle yourself, then kindly contact an expert.

If you like this article and have any queries, let us know in the comment section below.