Fix Traction Control Lights Not Turning Off

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Traction Control is an important safety feature of your car that helps your car to use all the traction available on the road. This system activates on low friction road surfaces like ice, sand, or slippery roads. The traction control system prevents your car from slipping on these kinds of surfaces. It basically helps you gain acceleration on these surfaces. Sometimes, due to some problems in the system or external conditions, you might wonder why these traction control lights wont go off. So, in this article, we are going to discuss how to fix traction control lights not turning off.

Where Are The Traction Control Lights Located?

Traction Control Lights are usually located on the dashboard and have a symbol of a car from rearview with a few dash lines indicating friction on the road. The Traction Control System works hand in hand with the ABS, and both the systems use the same components.

They both use the same speed sensors to determine the tire speed and detect the slips during acceleration or deceleration. The only difference between them is that the Traction Control System is used during acceleration, while the ABS is used during deceleration.

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Fix Traction Control Lights Not Turning Off

We will discuss here, all the possible causes for the traction control lights to remain ON, and look for its solutions.

1. Fix Problem With Your ABS

Yes, you read it right. As mentioned earlier, the ABS and the traction control system work similarly and use the same components. The only difference is that ABS is activated during deceleration, while the traction control system is activated during acceleration. If there is a problem with the braking system of your car, the TC lights might come on to indicate the problem.

How To Fix It?

You can check this problem only by showing it to a mechanic because the ABS is an important system of your car for your safety and should be handled by a professional only.

2. Fix Programming Issues

Any glitch in the programming of the TC system might keep your traction control lights to remain ON. With time, the programming system could fail and not function properly.

How To Fix It?

Reprogramming the system would fix traction control light wont turn off problem. This should be done by a verified professional of your respective car company manufacturer only as he is familiar with the programming of your car.

3. Fix Issues With The Steering Rack

The steering rack is responsible for the proper functioning of the power steering system and is also connected to the steering wheel. It receives a high-pressure hydraulic fluid to help you turn the steering wheel easily. Your steering should be smooth and work in coordination with the traction control system to help you drive safely in bad weather conditions.

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If there is a problem with your steering rack, your steering would be harder to turn and might even lead to an accident in bad weather conditions. The TC light would indicate this problem, and you might see it all the time until you fix it.

How To Fix It?

Solving the problems related to the steering rack would turn the TC light off. This should be handled by a mechanic only as the steering rack is a sensitive component.

4. Fix Problems Related To The Wheel Sensors

The wheel speed sensors track the speed of the rotation of the wheels and every wheel has its own sensor. Any sudden change in the rotation of any of the wheels would be detected by the TC system and would be indicated by the TC lights. If any of the sensors are not working properly, the traction control system would fail and your vehicle will lose the traction.

How To Fix It?

Detecting the faulty sensor and replacing it would fix the problem and turn the TC lights off.

4. Bad Weather Conditions

The most common reason for the TC lights to remain on could be just the bad weather condition you are driving in. If the road you are driving on is slippery, the TC comes into action, but if it is not able to handle the situation or there is a problem with the system, it would be indicated on the dashboard by the TC lights.

How To Fix It?

If the weather conditions are too harsh and the road becomes too slippery making your traction control system difficult to handle it, it is best to pull over a safe spot until the weather conditions are safe to drive. This would turn the TC lights off.

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If there is a problem with the TC system itself, the traction control light won’t turn off until the system is fixed. You should drive very carefully in this situation.

Final Words

So, we have discussed in this article how to fix traction control lights not turning off. You should not ignore it because the traction control system is very crucial for your safety and also because the TC lights may also indicate a problem in the ABS system. Both these systems should function properly all the time.

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