Why There Is Water Coming Out Of The Exhaust Pipe?

Why There Is Water Coming Out Of The Exhaust Pipe?

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Why There Is Water Coming Out Of The Exhaust Pipe? these are the most frequent question asked by every Vehicle owner ever! Maintaining sanity in personal & professional life is vital and crucial for every living human being. By referring to sanity, every human being goes through a lot of (not physical) mental stress these days. To save yourself from the trauma, one should learn how to vent out all the unnecessary elements in their life by venting them out and leaving a peaceful and happy life.

Similarly, your vehicle needs an exhaust to vent out all the unnecessary gases to protect itself from the unnecessary contagious smoke that can cause trouble to its engine.


This article will give you a detailed explanation of why there is water inside your exhaust Pipe and stop it.

Why Do We See Water Coming Out Of The Exhaust Pipe?

Firstly, make sure the venting substance is water, not Gasoline. Because if you spot gasoline leaking from the tailpipe then it’s a whole different dimension that needs to be taken care of. So, make sure the exhausted element is Water (H2O).

This is the reason why there is water is dripping out of the exhaust.

There are 2 primary reasons that can make you see water coming out of exhaust pipe

  •  Condensation
  • Catalytic Exhaustion


water from exhaust

The epitome behind condensation is nothing but a Fair chemical reaction.

The Engine burns Gasoline made of Hydrogen and Carbon.

Also, during the whole process, your vehicles inhale other Earth’s atmospheric gases which are inevitable and uncompromised.

So, the standard chemical reaction of earth’s atmospheric gases + Hydrogen and Carbon leads to Water. That is the primary reason behind the Water inside the exhaust pipe

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Catalytic Converter:

Catalytic Converter

During the 19th century, cars were manufactured without any filter to hold back the infectious gas substances that vent out from the tailpipe the primary reason for Global Warming today.

Relentless exhaustion of these chemically vulnerable gases has messed up the Layers of the Atmosphere damaging the Climate permanently.

In the coming years, Engineers and the Government in conjunction decided by implementing a decree to leap out of the ordeal.

The law ordered to stop emitting those gases into the atmosphere to save the world for coming generations.

This is the reason behind the invention of a new preventive filter that prevents the smoke from passing frequently into the climate by addressing it with a filter called a Catalytic Converter.

During the process of this specific functionality, the vehicle very often shows the symptoms of leakage of water from the exhaust.

Piston Damage:

The most important and unignorable aspect, or can I say, the reason for water coming out of the exhaust is due to damage or disorientation in the Piston.

How To Identify If There Is Water Inside The Exhausts pipe?


Technically, identifying the water coming out of your tailpipe is a bit of a tricky than it’s supposed to be.

During winter, spotting water at your tailpipe is an incurable remedy that cannot be identified with a glance at the exhaust. When it’s raining or snowing at your place finding water at your tailpipe is one f the most relevant and frequent.

Most importantly, the first thing to do is to avoid possible contact with your bare hands to check on the water leakage inside the exhaust.

The Location:

Car in snow

Just imagine you’re on a vacation in a cold mountain place resting in your guest villa hoping to slit the time just by sitting in your place watching something fun all weekend. The second day you receive a call from your manager desperately wanting you to come to the solution to correct some major analytical errors in the project that will aid your company to earn more financially. In short, you rush to your car and start the engine after a long cold day hoping to reach your office in time to help your superior officer instantly.

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The car has been stagnated in the cold for sure. When you start the car, the engine commences burning the gasoline producing heat to roll forward. This is the exact situation where you can find water dripping out of your Exhaust due to the unmoved movement of your car. Here, have some patience instead of panicking and rushing to the mechanic and stay cool until the engine gets cool.

Technically, The engine is fighting back against the cool that has conquered the car due to the location. So, no need to worry much about the car’s condition even though it drips water from the exhaust.

Because the engine undergoes a finite number of chemical reactions when turned on. The whole chemically soluble reactions then release contagious burnt gases that are so hot in-depth and undergo a lot of pressure during the whole driving process. So if you made a contact to check the water condition with your bare hands it would vandalize the upper layer of your skin so bad it may lead to an infectious skin peeling that will haunt you for a long time altogether.

The combustion Process reincarnates Water as a byproduct.


How To Fix The Water Coming Out Of The Exhaust pipe?

Well, it doesn’t matter whether the problem is minor or major defiant. In the end, the Problem is a Problem that needs to be corrected.

Problem 1:

Condensation Fixing:

Condensation is nothing but the engine reverting moisture/cold in the Climate. So, if you find yourself in a cold moisture place with your car they must not be worried about the centering of water from your tailpipe.

Just give your engine some time to cool down and witness the water vanishing from the exhaust once for all.

Strictly remember to not to touch policy until your engine completely lost the hotness.

do not touch

Condensation Is a chemical and mechanical reaction with a byproduct called Water.

It is fine and regular for vehicles that commute in cold places to vent out water and this process does not need to be taken care of. Don’t panic and continue with the work. It’s Ok to ignore!

Problem 2

Catalytic Converter:

Catalytic Converter

A catalytic converter is a filter that reduces the effects of poisonous chemical gases upon releasing to nature by restricting them inside the exhaust pipe once for all.

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Silencer == Muffler is the last portion or chamber that converts burnt gases and reduces the sound emission of those very first burnt gases. Before Muffler, there resides Catalytic Converter.

The Catalytic chamber Consists of 2 Chambers that helps in protecting the atmosphere from harmful gases.

Also, The exhaust chamber sends 3 gases to the Catalytic Chamber to convert them.

  1. Carbon Monoxide – CO
  2. Unburned Hydrocarbon – HC
  3. Oxides of Nitrogen – NOx

Due to the chemical reservations in those gases water vapor results from the whole scientific chemical reactions.

When this vapor gets low pressure amidst its journey towards exhaust pipe results into the water which is the primary reason for the tailpipe relating water form it.

Problem 3:

Piston Damage:


It’s serious damage. Don’t ignore or neglect the damage.

Piston formally is a converter that converts the fuel into energy that leads the vehicle to move forward.

If you find constant eater dripping from your tailpipe make sure your Pistin is just fine and functioning well. If not immediately consult an expert and make them change or replace it with the new one.

Pistion is an essential part of the car. Period!

Consulting a mechanic and replacing it with the new one is the best and only recommendable option.

Piston Damage = Smoke+Water Dripping

Also, the odor of the smoke will be so peculiar and hard to inhale.

Smoke Emission:

Always keep an eye on the smoke that’s emitting out of your tailpipe.

There are 2 Basic methodologies to identify a problem by Smoke.

Black Smoke emission states that there is a problem in burning fuel in your Engine which can lead to serious functional issues at the end.

Black Smoke

Whereas White Smoke emission States that there is a problem with the cylinder and you can solve it by consulting an expert.

White smoke


In the end, there’s always something that bothers Human Beings every single time. The remedy that needs to be followed to fight back these constant issues is to learn how to fight back against them.

Learning about your Vehicle is a fine remedy that outruns most of your functioning problems.

Drive Safe and Stay Safe.

Thank You.

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