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How To Get Car Unstuck From Snow?

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Winter is a great season. The cold temperature makes us feel fresh and relaxed. The winter season is almost perfect but when the cold gets too extreme, things start to get hard. For starters, the water present begins to turn into snow which slows down our car engine from warming up. The snow can also get our car stuck in one place. And, this is one of the worst problems. Most people don’t know how to get car unstuck from snow and do things out of rage and frustration which only makes their problem worse. If your car frequently keeps getting stuck in the snow this article will be a lifesaver.

How To Get Car Unstuck From Snow?

It is a very common problem for people living in snowy areas. It can be very time-consuming and requires a lot of effort if not done correctly. Fortunately, down below are some quick ways to get your car unstuck from snow:

1. Using A Shovel:

A shovel is a tool used to dig snow or mud. If used correctly it can be a great help in getting a car unstuck. Try and dig around your car tires and make a path for your car. By doing this you are clearing the ground for the tires to get friction. Friction as we know is required for a car to move. Make sure you dig snow a few feet away from the tires.

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2. Using Transmission:

Using the transmission in a certain way will help the tires to remove the snow off its surface. First, put the gear into drive and then reverse. Make sure to hit the break at every peak of the gear. The only problem with this is that you can easily wreck your transmission. There is a chance of the gears failing. But, by doing this the car tyre will rock off the snow off its surface, which will lead it to get unstuck.

3. Using Traction:

Adding traction to the wheels of your car will help you get out of the snow. Things like salt, sand and mud can add traction in situations like these. Also, make sure the traction control of your vehicle is turned off. The traction control prevents the car tires from spinning, which might not be what you need to get out of snow. Traction chains is a device that helps with car traction.

4. Using Push:

Pushing can be very effective in getting out of the snow. For moving, the car needs to be in gear but sadly when a car is stuck in snow getting the tires to move can be very hard. In this case, you must use whatever you can to get yourself out of the problem. If there are people around you, asking them to push your car out of the snow would be a great idea. Pushing the car with other people’s help will get your car out of the snow.

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5. Using A Tow Truck:

A tow truck is used to tow away abandoned vehicles or vehicle that are parked at the wrong spot. You can use this service to get your car out of the snow. There are various companies that offer tow truck assistance and if you have no other choice, these can be very handy. Instead of a tow truck, if you know someone with a strong pickup truck, you could call that person to help you.

6. Avoiding Acceleration:

Accelerating senselessly will not get you unstuck. It will be the momentum of tires that rock off the snow. Most people will keep accelerating and that will make the problem worse. They will get stuck in the snow more deeply. Therefore, whenever you get stuck you should really avoid hitting the gas. Instead, hit the gas periodically.

Bonus Tips

Watch the video below to get additional tips to remove your stuck car from the snow:


Getting stuck in the snow can be a very irritating problem and also very time-consuming. There are ways to fix this issue but preventing should always be the first priority. Keeping a shovel is a very wise choice when you live in a snowy area. Also, you should get offroad tires that work well in snow. Keeping all these precautions prior to snowfalls will prevent you from getting stuck. After reading this article, you must know how to get car unstuck from snow.