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Why Car Headlights Won’t Turn Off?

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The headlights are one of the essential parts of the vehicles. They are reasonably necessary as they guide our way and are one of the main constituents of the car in maintain safety.

Defect or any malfunctioning related to headlamps is dangerous and may even result in accidents. So, one of the faults is when your car headlights won’t turn off. But, it is also a problem that must deal adequately to eliminate the issue.

What Do You Mean By Car Headlights?

The headlight is a lamp or light attached in the front of the vehicle to illuminate the road ahead. It’s referred to as a headlamp. There are generally two different variety of headlights, low beam and high beam.

These lights allow the driver to see the roadway in the dark and also signalling other vehicles that a car is present.

Headlights are of three types. Incandescent lamps use a filament inside a glass which heated due to electricity and produced light. Halogen highlights are the most common, and they replace incandescent light as they require more energy for light production than halogen lights.

What To Do When Car Headlights Won’t Turn Off?

Any issues with the highlights are generally the invitation to problems. It can either the headlamp does not switch on, or maybe the headlights won’t turn off. Both of them are the problem.

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Such issues are pretty dangerous as headlights play an essential role in the car. Their malfunctioning is not a good sign; hence we should get them corrected as frequent as possible. Here are specific ways or techniques we could try to deal with this problem.

Step 1:

Adjust the dome light switch. Generally, every vehicle has this switch. It usually lies on the dashboard. Turn the switch to the lowest setting and see whether the light switches off or not. If this does not take place, then definitely you have a terrible control switch.

Step 2:

Open each door and locate the position of the door switch. Then, look at or search the button which stuck in the open position. Then, manually try each switch to check whether is light deactivates or not.

Step 3:

Switch on the vehicle and allow it to run for at least five minutes. Next, please switch off the keys and remove them from the ignition. Next, try to open and shut each door. The light must switch off within five minutes of all the doors being closed.

Step 4:

Trace the wiring for each switch. If you notice any default or abnormality in the wiring, you need to visit a mechanic for the same purpose. Mostly such faults require professional guidance.

Another way to deal with the issue is disconnecting the battery. It is the easiest way to deal with the problem. It generally involves a minor procedure where disconnection of one of the battery cables is necessary. All this requires an appropriately sized wrenched or a socket.

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If you have never tried this or performed it earlier, then the simplest way to do this is to disconnect the negative cable instead of the positive cable. It would avoid or prevent the possibility of a short circuit in the car. After disconnecting the negative battery cable, remember to move it away from the battery. It would prevent the cable from bumped or nudged back.

Why Car Headlights Won’t Shut Off?

There could be multiple reasons for which a car’s headlight won’t switch off. A few of these problems or issues are listed below:

1. Headlight Switch

Most vehicles have lever switches on the steering wheel that operates at a high beam. The switch has multiple functions and designed to do the various task, but it may eventually wear out. It isn’t a big problem but can lead to severe issues if not treated within a time.

You may observe that it may not click in the position the way it used to or be pretty loose. Thus, go to the localized dealer where you will have a factory-trained technician to look.

2. A Bad Relay Could Be The Reason

In this case, your headlight may not turn off; thus, fixation or replacement of relay is mandatory. We could generally check these situations by ourselves as the procedure is relatively easy. However, there are chances that multiple circuits in the vehicle use the same type of relay.

Suppose you notice the other relay in your car that has a similar number as your headlight relay. Then you can remove the headlight relay and swap it for the identical one from a different circuit. Now check whether your headlight turns off usually or not.

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Later visit the technician and ask for the installation of the new relay.

3. Headlight Wiring

We all know that the system won’t work if wiring is not proper, whether it’s a virtual or electric system. Thus, the same is with the headlights case. If you notice any deformities in wire, whether it’s chewed or crushed, or may connections loosen, allow them to fix, and your headlights would work smoothly.

It could be done at low expenses if corrected within time. If you know how to deal with such wires, you can check the power of headlights.

How Much It Cost To Fix?

When the car headlights won’t turn off, it needs to fix in various ways, like removing a fuse or disconnecting the battery. These ways could help to solve the problem.

The average cost for fixation of this type of issue ranges between $100 to $140. These prices or charges may vary from place to place and country to country. Although whatever would be the reason, it won’t cost much.

However, it needs to correct as quickly as possible as a fault in headlights may cause severe accidents. The failure or any issue related to the headlamps are pretty dangerous too. Therefore their fixation must not delay.


After going through the article, we must approach the most important thing: whenever our car headlights won’t turn off or any other issues we face with headlight, we should not ignore them.

I hope all the readers got their answer and have no further queries. However, if doubts persist, please comment below, and we’ll surely answer you.