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How To fix A Warped Dashboard?

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Have you ever faced or experience an issue related to the dashboard? We know such problems in cars are not as common as others, like suspension damage or warning signs, but they experience in few cars. The generation of issues related to the dashboard occurs due to specific reasons discussed in the topic further. However, the most common cause is exposure to ultraviolet rays. In this article, we will cover few questions regarding the content, like how to fix a warped dashboard? What are the causes resulting in it, fixation costs, and many other frequently asked questions? So, let’s begin with the topic along with a detailed explanation.

What Are The Causes For Dashboard Warping?

There could be specific reasons regarding the issue. But all would develop either due to your carelessness or, more appropriately, because of accidents. However, some naturally occur reasons include excess exposure to sunlight and the old age of the car. So, let’s have a detailed discussion over the topic.

1. Exposure To Sunlight

Excess exposure to the heat can split the chemical molecules on the dashboard and thus, cause warping of the dashboard. The ultraviolet rays eventually cause the plastic dashboard to dry and crack due to repeated exposure.

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2. Old Age Of The Car

Everything has a limited lifespan, so to the dashboard of the car. With the advancement of the vehicle’s age, like the other parts of the car, a dashboard faces a certain level of torsion and damage, and that is pretty common. The regular servicing of the vehicle can help you deal with the problem.

How To Fix A Warped Dashboard?

Cars generally have multilayered dashboard made up of polymers, and some older cars dashboard is oof polyvinyl chlorides (PVC). All these materials cracked, tear, and face a certain level of pressure, because of which a warped dashboard form. However, you can prevent torsion with proper maintenance and protection of the dashboard.

Radiation exposure may also lead to dashboard fractures that result in oil evaporation and disrupt plastic molecules. So, here we will talk about some of the measures to repair or fix dashboard warping.

1. Clean And Prep Dashboard

Proper maintenance is necessary for everything thing therefore cleaning is the excellent solution to achieve a firm bond. The prime most thing you need to do is wash the dashboard using a dashboard rag. It must be level to ensure that a crack is effectively filled.

However, to perform cleaning on the leather dashboard, you can use a damp microfiber cloth with either an oil-based soap or a non-alkaline leather cleaner. It would provide you with the best outcomes. For the places which are pretty hard to reach, you can use soft bristles or paintbrushes for the purpose.

2. Dealing With Small Area

For such cases, we recommend you to use painful silicone as these are the easiest to mend. Here, it would be best to fill the cracks and allow them to heal for some time. Also, a minimum of two layers of silicone is enough and the best option to deal with the issue.

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After applying and filling the cracks with silicone, level the surface properly. Also, remove the excess silicone above the crack with the help of wet or sweeten fingers.

However, if you have dried the silicone, you can cover it with a vinyl band, then paint it and mix the borders in the correct colour.

3. In Case Dashboard Has Large Cracks

If your dashboard cracked or faced any heavy trauma, you need significant efforts in fixing the issues. After all, the larger the crack, the much tricky and powerful is the filling. Here also, complete the cracks with the help of silicone caulk as much as you can, like in step 1.

You can also use a 2-part epoxy solution or other industrial filler in place of or as an alternative to silicone. However, the exact quantity regarding the solution depends on the size of the crack.

Use the fibre resin for the top surface of the fracture and cut it for applying over the dashboard. The interconnecting strands provide a very robust repair. Soon after the complete cure of resin fibre, apply Bondo to the fibreglass and leave it for a few hours. At last, flush the dashboard with sand it down thoroughly.

4. Final Finishing

It is the final step of the procedure. It would be best to polish the dashboard and put it on microfiber to give a last look. And remember to perform a spot test before applying the polish.

And finally, wipe the dust with a clean, dry microfiber towel to clear all the left-out residues. You can do this using a moist chariot and saturate another towel into rubbing alcohol to wipe on the afflicted regions to remove ink from your dashboard.

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Hence, the process ends here, and you’ll receive the desired result as per your demand.

Is A Cracked Dashboard Dangerous?

The dashboard is more susceptible to splinter in unexpected and potentially dangerous directions during the deployment of airbags. Hence, all this would cause the generation of warped dashboard problems in the portions with higher chances of shattering. It may result and creates the potential for bodily harm from shrapnel during impact.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Dashboard?

The replacement of the dashboard is highly an expensive task. The average cost for replacing a dashboard may range between $1800 to $2000, and labour costs are estimated to be about $550 to $700.

These ranges do not include taxes and fees. Also, they may vary from place to place and depend on the vehicle’s make and model.


We hope the information mentioned above help and guide all the readers to deal with their problem. However, by the end of the content, we expect that you know how to fix a warped dashboard.

If your doubts or queries regarding the content persist, comment below in the comment section. And we will try to make an extra effort to answer all your questions as quickly as possible.