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How To Fix Scratched Steering Wheel?

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The steering wheel is the main body of the vehicle which guides and manages your direction while driving. It generally handles all four tires of the vehicle simultaneously, thus, the fault or damage regarding it cannot be handled or bear. Hence, proper servicing and maintenance are necessary to provide proper and long-lasting life. Have you ever faced or experienced issues related to the worn or damaged steering wheel? we know it’s pretty tough an unbearable situation.

Thus, here in the article, we will discuss how to fix scratched steering wheel, its replacement cost, and certain frequently asked questions related to the topic. So, let’s begin with the content and try to fix all your problems in such cases.

How To Fix Scratched Steering Wheel?

The scratches in the steering wheel can be differentiated according to the extend of damage or depth of the trauma or scratch. Some scratches are mild and are corrected easily following simple repair procedures while others are pretty large and great demanding a difficult but long-lasting way.

So, here we will discuss in detail certain steps which you need to follow for repairing or fixing the issues of the scratched steering wheel. hence, let’s begin with the steps:

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Step 1:

Before beginning with the procedure, it is better to take precautions rather than cure i.e., cover all the possible things before they ruin with the chemicals and other stuff which we will use for fixation. Thus, you need to cover your seat, floor, and dashboard with a disposable cloth.

The chemical you use may discolor the seats, floor, and dashboard if proper precautions are not taken to protect the surface.

Step 2:

Next, apply the masking tape over any buttons, or logos not made of leather on the steering wheel to avoid any unnecessary damage. It would help to protect these from the cleaning and coloring agents used for the fixation steps.

After taking all the necessary precautions, clean the steering wheel using the alcohol. For this, you need to rub the alcohol properly over the steering wheel to have better outcomes. Scrub the leather surface of your steering wheel with the cotton swabs soaked in alcohol until the swabs come away clean. And similarly, clean the entire steering wheel.

Step 3:

Now, sand the steering wheel with the 400-grit or any higher grit available sandpaper to clear away the extra crusty flakes of the leather. Also, do it on the small scratches in the steering wheel that allows coloring agents to seep into the leather.

As soon as you perform the above-mentioned steps, you need to wipe the steering wheel with the linseed oil to soften the leather. Allow it to sit for some time and wait for at least ten to fifteen minutes which will help the leather surface on the steering wheel to absorb the linseed oil.

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Step 4:

Next, fill holes in the leather present on the steering wheel with the leather filler. You use your fingers or any other dabbing instrument to smooth the filler across the creases and holes in the leather. Further, you need to sand down the area for a smoother surface.

Later, wipe down the wheel with a sturdy cloth to remove the remnants from the sandpaper. The removal of such tiny crumbs is necessary to favor a smooth and uninterrupted repair process.

Step 5:

Now, allow coating the steering wheel in a clear leather adhesion promoter which would provide certain benefits to the procedure. The adhesion promoter will help to bond the leather dye to the steering wheel, which will make it last longer. It will also provide the application of the dye much smoother than expected.

Step 6:

It is the last step to the completion of the procedure. Here, you need to dip a sponge into the leather dye and then use it on the steering wheel. You need to wipe the dye over the wheel in circular motions until the dye completely coats the steering wheel.

Further, spray the steering wheel with the satin clear coat once the dye dries. It would protect the steering wheel from damage and gives it a smooth and pleasant feel.

Can You Buff Scratch Out Of Leather?

It is pretty possible to buff out of the leather but barely three scratches with a soft cloth dabbed in leather oil or air conditioner. Starting from the central portion of the damaged area, buff the leather in circular motions, working your way out towards the edges. You need to continue it until the scratch disappears properly or completely, otherwise, you may not have the look according to your desire.

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How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Leather Steering Wheel?

It is considered pretty expensive so you can choose to re-wrap your steering wheel to avoid unnecessary expenses. The average cost required for replacing the leather steering wheel may range between $150 to $450.

However, the expenses may vary depending upon the location as well as the type of make and model you choose.

How Do You Tighten Your Steering Wheel Cover?

For tightening the steering wheel cover, you need to perform few simple steps to tackle the situation. First, twist the thread around the needle and pull the thread tight. Take the string connecting both the sides of the cover and wrap it around the needle approximately three to four times before pulling it tight.

Thus, it simply includes three main steps i.e., measuring and preparing your steering wheel, installing a stretch-style steering wheel cover. And lastly, sewing a steering wheel cover.


We hope the information mentioned above help and guides all the readers to handle their issues regarding the topic. However, we also expect that by the end of the content you know how to fix scratched steering wheel and get all the answers you were searching for.

If your doubts or queries related to the matter persist, please comment below in the comment section. And we will surely put an effort to answer all your questions as quickly as possible.