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How To Install A Brake Light Switch

Brake lights are controlled by the brake pad under the steering wheel. Whenever we press the brake pad, the brake light starts emitting light. This lets the driver of the car behind know you are hitting the brake and might stop. Now imagine if the car in front of you did not have a working set of brake lights. It might cause an accident. Has your brake light switch stopped functioning? Do you wish to know how to install a brake light switch? If yes, this article will be very helpful to you.

As we drive our car, it ages and so do the components of the car. The brake light switch is quite small and it gets damaged over time. A faulty switch means the lights will not emit light upon hitting the brake. Along with your and others’ safety, you can also get fined for driving around with malfunctioned lights. So, getting the switch fixed must be a priority.

How Does A Brake Light Switch Work?

When you press the brake pad, the switch allows the current to flow to the light bulbs. A switch is a connector that can either break a circuit or complete one. The switch bridges with the brake pad and the circuit, allowing the current flow. In some cases, this switch gets misaligned or damaged completely.


How To Know If The Brake Light Switch Has Stopped Working?

A brake switch helps in lighting up all of the bulbs. If all of them are not working, there is a high chance your brake light switch has stopped working. If this is the case, there will be no light emission from the bulbs. As we have discussed earlier, the switch can get misaligned which causes the bulbs to be emitting light all the time. Due to misalignment, another consequence could occur. The switch gets on and off at random times as it gets improperly aligned. This means, the circuit sometimes gets complete, and sometimes it does not.

How To Install A Brake Light Switch?

The first step to replace a brake light switch is to change the old one. Make sure you have a flashlight, a set of needle-nose pliers, and a wrench of size 10mm to 14mm. Remember that only some tools would be required depending on the car you have.

  • Remove the battery to prevent any type of electric shorts. Make sure to tuck the cables somewhere so they don’t make contact with each other.
  • Find the switch. It is a plastic box above the brake pad that has two or three screws on it. Now press the plastic tabs which will make the connecter come out.
  • If your switch is new turn it counterclockwise and this will cause the switch to disconnect. If your switch is old, you will have to use a wrench to remove the screws and bolts.

Now, all we have to do is install a new switch so remember to take a good look at both of them and make sure they look identical.

  • If you have a new-style switch, align the switch and the socket holes. Insert the switch.
  • After that lock the switch by rotating it in a clockwise direction. And, be sure to connect the battery so it starts working again.
  • If you have an old-style switch, save the nuts of the old switch and just screw them on the new switch.
  • Tighten the screws and just reconnect the battery after.


How Much Would It Cost To Install A Brake Light Switch?

A brake light switch is quite cheap, generally ranging from $20 to $75. The labor cost would certainly make it almost double as the parts aren’t that costly. You can easily replace the light switch on your own saving yourself some money. It is very easy to replace a brake light switch and you do not need any prior technical knowledge to do it.

What Happens When Your Brake Light Switch Goes Out?

Assuming that the switch is terrible, the brake lights will not work and the transmission shifter won’t emerge from the “Recreation area” position. In vehicles with a press button start framework, a flawed brake light switch can cause the vehicle not to begin. Frequently, the brake light switch could be staying and work discontinuously.

When Should A Brake Light Switch Be Supplanted?

An awful brake light switch will offer a lot of caution hints on when it should be supplanted and here are some of them:
The brake lights are not dealing with a steady premise.
Not ready to remove the vehicle from Park.
The brake lights are not working by any means.
There is noticeable harm to the switch.

What Amount Does It Cost To Fix A Brake Light Switch?

The amount Does it Cost to Replace the Brake Light Switch? A substitution brake light switch for the most part costs around $30 to $75, contingent upon the make and model of the vehicle. Getting a brake light switch fixed at a shop will add ordinarily $80 to the maintenance.

Might A Brake At Any Point Switch Channel Your Battery?

Assuming the brake light switch shorts inside it might cause the brake lights to remain enlightened, in any event, when the pedal isn’t being squeezed. This will cause the brake lights to wear out sooner than they ought to, as well as make a parasitic channel on the battery.


A brake light switch is essential for car safety and also the passenger’s safety. The brake light switch prevents a lot of accidents and without it, you can get fined. It is not supposed to be ignored and fortunately, replacing it is also quite easy. No one can make an excuse to not fix it. The cost is also quite low and the consequences are very dangerous. I hope this article helped you know to install a brake light switch.