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How To Loosen Lug Nuts?

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Even though cars are generally our pride and responsible for having fun, but in some cases, they become annoying when it comes to certain things. For example, if we face tightening of the lug nuts in the car.

There may include a wide range of reasons behind this, but most often cause difficulty removing lug nuts containing three main things. These are the over tight lug nuts, rusted lug nuts that develop because of poor maintenance and stripped or worn lug nuts usually associated with impacted wrenches. All the drivers or car owners expect to know how to change the car’s tires in an emergency. There are certain chances that individuals to stick with the readily tight lug nuts in the car. Hence, one must be aware of dealing with such situations also. We provide you with an article that would help you know how to loosen lug nuts in cars.

How To Loosen Lug Nuts In Car?

There are various ways and methods to deal with the problem. One thing you must keep in mind while performing all the procedures is the alignment of the vehicle. Please make sure your car is on the ground before attempting to loosen lug nuts. It would be much more complicated and more severe once the car jacked up as the wheel can move, but the vehicle will remain stable.

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Let’s have a brief discussion on the multiple ways one by one.

1. Use Your Feet To Apply More Force

It’s an undeniable way or technique so, if you are using a small wrench to loosen the lug nuts and trying to turn it by hand, then it is better to use feet to apply more force.

Most of the nuts are loosen anti-clockwise, so place the wrench in a position and step downwards on it to apply an extra force.

2. Try A Breaker Or Cheater Bar

A breaker or cheater bar is generally a longer wrench that provides you with much more leverage and makes the procedure easier.

It is much more superior to the standard tire tools included with your vehicle, and they usually too small to generate enough leverage. You may lean on it, and soon it would result in the loosening of the tightening nut present on your vehicle. You can also use these breaker or cheater bar on tough fasteners and other applications.

3. Loosen Overtight Nuts With An Impact Wrench

If the previous method fails, don’t lose hope and try this method. In this, use an electric impact wrench to safely and efficiently remove the rusted lug nut.

You can remove your car’s lug nuts using an impact wrench, and that need to tighten at the right amount of torque. The impact wrench or impact gun is generally more powerful than the impact driver. We recommend you use full-sized, heavy-duty impact wrenches while dealing with stubborn lug nuts.

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4. Apply WD-40

It is very often to see WD-40 in the garage. If you are trying to loosen up the tight lug nuts of the vehicles, then it’s one of the good options.

The spray WD-40 must be sprayed properly over each and every nut. When you complete the procedure related to the spraying, then allow it to dry and wait for few minutes. It acts as a good lubricant.

5. Use A Penetrating Oil

If you cannot find WD-40 nearby you or your surroundings, we recommend you switch towards the specialist penetrating oil. These oils are of low viscosity and generally specially designed by mechanics to use for this purpose.

As we need to provide proper lubrication, these are the best options for removing rusted nuts. We know that the rusted nuts lubricated by penetrating oil work to remove the rust bonds that lie within the thread and help to loosen the bolt or nut of the vehicle. After applying the penetrating oil, we recommend you head back to one of the above remedies.

6. Apply Heat With Acetylene Torch

Moving on to the following technique, here we try the removal method, which involves the heat. It is an efficient way to deal with the over tight or rusted lug nuts.

The metal has the property to expand and contract with varying or changing temperature. Due to this metal property, we can lose the bolt while using heat and get it moving. Hence, the high-quality acetylene torch is the best method to deal with such issues and that too under reasonable prices.

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7. Alternatively, Try Candle Wax And A Lighter

If you don’t want investment in acetylene torch, then you can use this method in alternation to that technique. Individuals believe that this method involves using a candle to heat the nut and achieve the desired target. But it is not so; in fact, it’s just the first part of it.

Next, use the lighter underneath the nut and the candle above the bolt. The lightening of the candle with a lighter would allow the wax to seep. The seeping results into the threads to aid with removal.

8. Hammer And Socket Method

It is a straightforward method that anyone can perform without requiring any unique tool or kit.

The socket has to centre over the stripped lug nut, and please take care of your finger while using a hammer for tapping the socket onto the nut. Make sure that the socket has firmly tapped over the nut. After that, use a breaker bar and loosen the nut.

This method may give a complete result, but it would prove the more efficient technique.


I hope all the readers have got their answers and are now very well aware of the methods used in how to loosen lug nuts in a car. So, whenever you face such situations, try to deal with the following ways rather than pancaking and creating a rush.

If your doubts persist regarding the topic, be free to comment below in the comment section. And we’ll answer each of your questions as soon as possible.