How To Turn On Heater In Car?

Weather is often variable in most parts of the country. Thus, we require air conditioning systems in summers and heaters in winter. They are necessary not only in houses but also in cars. Similarly, heaters less often used but regarded as an essential requirement in the vehicle. The car heating system or, more appropriately, car heater consists of a motor-driven fan that usually blows warm air from the engine bay to the car’s interior. They meant for providing and maintaining a friendly atmosphere inside the vehicle when needed.

Here, our article will help and guide you to know how to turn on heater in car. It is not a very complex procedure until you follow it step by step carefully.

How Does Car Heater Works?

Car heater while working ow when switched on perform to significant functions. Firstly, it warms up the car, its primary purpose, while secondly, it cools the vehicle’s engine. The car heater works because of few significant vital components, and these include, heater core, blower motor, heater hoses, heat control valve, and HVAC control panel. Also, the heater interacts with the coolant, the thermostat, radiator, and a water pump associated with the cooling system. Generally, the heat produced by the engine needs to be eliminated to maintain the proper functioning of the system. Thus, when you switch on the car’s heater, the engine finds an appropriate path to get rid of its heat.

So, along with providing you with a warm environment in the car, the heater helps release the heat from the engine. Hence, serving two purposes with a single action.

How To Turn On Heater In Car?

The car heater operated in only three simple steps. If you have modern cars, you are aware that they are very sophisticated in controlling the heating system. They only need to click on the switch.

However, in the older model, you need to follow specific steps, as mentioned previously. Also, you must always be aware that switching on the heater is a simple task but has complex functioning. So, let’s begin with the steps:

Step 1:

First of all, start your vehicle’s engine. As it’s lying idle, give it time for the warm-up process, which can be achieved by speeding the car.

Initially, you cannot expect that heater will blow off the heat immediately on switching. It would be best if you spend some time letting the engine warm-up, then you’ll have the desired effect. Also, it would take around five minutes for the modern car to warm up.

The time taken by a car to warm up varies according to the vehicle model and depends on the surrounding climate. Older car with large engines or diesel engines requires more time to heat as compared to newer models. And the climatic conditions too play an essential role in determining how cold it is outside.

Step 2:

In the next step, you first need to find out the location of the temperature control button. Here, you need to adjust the temperature according to the requirement.

Depending on the model of the car, some heaters have a toggle wheel for regulating the temperature, while the others have a digital screen or display. Typically, it measured in Celcius (degree of temperature).

You may also observe that there are few cars with a dual climate control system. They meant for providing a different amount of heat at the driver’s and passenger’s sides. Through these switches, you can control the different temperatures at two places.

I know the dual system sounds pretty fancy, but it has some other positive effects on the car. Also, you can reach the highest temperature in the vehicle by controlling both the switches to the maximum setting.

Step 3:

Now, you can switch on the heater or heating system by simply turning on the fan. You can also adjust the blower present in the car to the speed required. The representation of a heater switch may be different in different vehicles. It could either a knob or a simple button. Often, in some cars, it is represented as a fan symbol.

The speed setting is also available in the fan of the blower motor. It would be best if you cleared that increasing the fan speed doesn’t adjust the temperature. It is only available for expanding the distribution of whatever heat is available or pre-selected.

The steps mentioned earlier are enough for controlling and regulating the car heater. It is sufficient knowledge regarding its operation.

How Often Should Car Heater Need Inspection?

As if now, you are aware that the car heater performs two functions (primarily act as an engine cooling system) at a time; thus, its maintenance should lie at prime most priority.

Whenever you face any difficulty or problem with the heating capability of the engine, we would suggest you soon visit a mechanic for an inspection. All this will help you to figure out the issues related to the heating system.

If you are not facing any problems or issues related to the engine cooling system and heater, we recommend you have a regular visit to a car service centre to inspect your vehicle. All these frequent and consistent check-ups will help you and assure you that your car is healthy and functioning well as it should be.


So, from the above-given guidelines, I hope you are now very well aware of how to turn on the heater in car. Thus, the heater in a vehicle act as one of the significant components that release extra heat produced by the engine. Hence, always remember to have a timely scheduled preventive car maintenance to avoid unstable situations and problems.

I hope all the readers are pleased and satisfied by the measures and ways mentioned above to deal with the heater in the car. If your doubts or queries regarding the topic persist, then please comment below in the comment section. And we will surely answer all the questions as quickly as possible.