Hydraulic Jack | Working | Advantages & Disadvantages

Before directly jumping on to Hydraulic Jack, let’s first recognize ‘Jack’. A jack could be a device that is employed to carry significant weight. A jack can be Mechanical, Electrical, or Hydraulic, according to the tactics of force generation. In this article let us focus only on Hydraulic Jack.

A hydraulic jack works on the idea of Pascal’s law. In 1838 William Joseph William Curtis filed a British patent for a hydraulic jack. In 1851, artificer Richard indignation was granted a patent for a “portable hydraulic press” – the hydraulic jack, a jack that proved to be immensely superior to the screw jacks in use at the time.

What Is A Hydraulic Jack?

A hydraulic jack could be a device that carries a significant weight by applying a force via a hydraulic cylinder. Hydraulic jacks carry weights by the force created by the pressure within the cylinder chamber.

How Do Hydraulic Jacks Work?

A hydraulic jack creates pressure by moving oil through 2 cylinders via a pump plunger. The pump plunger is drawn back, which opens the suction valve and attracts oil into the pump chamber. Because the plunger is pushed down, the oil is transported through an external discharge valve and into the cylinder chamber.

The suction valve then closes, leading to pressure being stored up within the chamber; inflicting the piston within the chamber to rise and carry your significant object. This method is used regularly to raise the load to higher, and higher.

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Types of Hydraulic Jacks

Below we have listed down some of the different types of hydraulic jacks.

Bottle Jack

This sort of hydraulic jack contains a bottle like a form on its main body. This jack is made manually. There is a handle that the user must pump for the weight to be elevated. It comes in numerous sizes with totally different lifting weights capacities. Some bottle jacks will carry four tons at will, some handle fifty loads of varied styles of objects.

Its common uses embrace automobile and house foundation repairs. A bottle jack’s significant bigger models are referred to as barrel jack.

Source: Tradetools.com


Pneumatic Jack

It’s a hydraulic jack that functions with the assistance of compressed gas. This sort of hydraulic jack could be a telescopic jack that is ideal for buses, trucks, and significant duty machinery.

It provides simple and quick lifting. This jack is meant to perform for very high axles and operates swimmingly and taciturnly on the ground. It’s 3 handle point choices that modify simple maneuver450

Pneumatic hydraulic jack
source: sbazar.cz


Floor Jack

A floor jack is a handy and great tool that has castor wheels for simple maneuvering. One of the categories of floor jacks is the automotive floor jack. This sort of floor jack uses fluid mechanics to lower and lift significant vehicles like trucks and cars. It permits auto-mechanics to examine brake systems, exhaust pipes, for support injury, and fast dynamical of tires.

Another type of floor jack is usually employed in homes specifically to people who have walls that ar few inches faraway from crumbling down or have lax foundations. It can even be used as a fortification since it supports the ground beam of the house, therefore, preventing it to sag.

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hydraulic jack floor
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Strand Jack

This jack is employed for lifting significant construction loads and for engineering procedures. It’s used worldwide to strengthen offshore structures, bridges, power stations, refineries, and different structures. A strand jack is employed for sliding operations and work procedures.



Hi-Lift Jack

It’s additionally referred to as farm jack.  This jack’s skillfulness covers numerous applications like clamping, winching, lifting, pushing, and propulsion. Farm jacks are very helpful for cross-country vehicles.

source: http://www.surpluscenter.com


Hydraulic Jacks work limitlessly and are out there in numerous varieties and constructions. This makes them applicable to several numerous industries. The good thing about having a hydraulic jack is that it is often terribly helpful to nearly everyone.

Hydraulic jacks are portable is currently an integral part of people’s must-have tools. These jacks are vital in each skilled use and construction sites, and additionally for private use.

Applications Of Hydraulic Jack

The following are some applications of Hydraulic jack.

  • Lifting an automotive or the other vehicle for dynamical its tires
  • To carry significant hundreds in industries
  • Cranes are fitted with Hydraulic jacks to carry the load
  • They are employed in lifting platforms
  • They are employed in material handling instrumentality
  • They are employed in earth moving instrumentality

Advantages of Hydraulic Jack

The following are some advantages of hydraulic jacks.

  • It occupies less area
  • They are additionally less probably to jam thanks to rust within the thread
  • It is extremely effective with significant hundreds
  • It lifts hundreds with the minimum of effort
  • It is easier to use
  • It is a small amount lighter than screw jacks
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Disadvantages of Hydraulic jack

Below are some disadvantages of Hydraulic Jack.

  • It is at risk of failure if the oil seals are exhausted, this will cause serious issues
  • It has comparatively slow speed
  • Hydraulic oil will emit unpleasant odor once become to heat thanks to overuse
  • It will overheat fairly fast
  • Hydraulic oil leak will cause soil and


So we have discussed everything there is about hydraulic jack.

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