How To Jump AC Compressor Clutch Manually?

How To Jump AC Compressor Clutch Manually?

Every person after starting their car will directly turn on the air conditioner. Some vehicle offers remote control air conditioner features. This feature allows the person to start the AC earlier to set the required comfortable condition in the car. Also, the system scans for outdoor conditions before it sets the AC to low temperature if the outside is hot and the opposite. All this happens in a simple single touch. But not every people know how the air conditioner works and what are parts involve working effectively. One of the significant components in the air conditioner system is the compressor clutch. I know, you must have heard these names separately, but this is not that. If your AC compressor clutch is not working, then learn how to jump AC compressor clutch manually through this article.

What Is An AC Compressor Clutch?

The general use of clutch in the car is to engage and disengage drive train to transmit the power. Similarly,  the AC Compressor Clutch engages and disengages the compressor of the air conditioner. The clutch either transmits power or not, and it does not work partially. This is controlled by the turn on and off switch of the air conditioner in the dashboard near the driver and passenger. It is one of the complicated units in the car that requires sensors, belt drives, and fuses all together to function correctly.

How Do AC Compressor Clutch Work?

The AC Compressor starts to work right after the vehicle is started. When the air conditioner is turned on, the clutch engages with the AC compressor and starts to supply the conditioned air. Also, when the air conditioner is turned off, then the clutch disengages from the compressor and stops the airflow. If your air conditioner is not supplying air after turned on, then this could be the problem. Repairing or replacing the clutch will solve the issues.

What Are The Effects Of Bad AC Compressor Clutch?

The person can notice some common symptoms if the AC Compressor Clutch malfunctions. If you notice any such symptoms, it is better to resolve it quickly so that it does not affect the air conditioning system. Sometimes your battery could be weak, which interrupts the signal transmission from ECU and the system. So it would be best if you jump AC Compressor Clutch manually to make it work again.

If you notice your air conditioner turning on or off sometimes, then your clutch plate must have worn out which affects the contact of the compressor and the clutch. In this case, you can notice your air conditioner turning on and off automatically.

Generally, the clutch bearing will wear out over time. It arrests the engagement and disengagement of the clutch. A lousy clutch can affect the AC Compressor, sensors, and the fuse. Like the compressor belt will be forced under more tension which leads to breakage. In such a case, the entire system has to be replaced to solve the issue.

How To Jump AC Compressor Clutch Manually?

Sometimes the signal interruptions or weak battery can disturb the function of the clutch. This can be resolved manually at the garage in your home. Make sure you have all the necessary equipment and safety wears before you jump the AC compressor clutch.

Turn on your air conditioner and see if it supplies conditioned air or not. If the air supplies are regular, then is no issue. If you find any disturbance in supply or no supply at all even though the compressor is running, then take a small tool and tap gently on the compressor clutch. A weak bearing or worn-out clutch plate affects the contact of the compressor and the clutch. This could be one reason so that a gentle tap will solve it temporarily. Be careful while using tools because belt drives and sensors support the system. Don’t let the tool to hit other parts. It is also advised to replace the clutch to solve it permanently.

A power interruption could also cause AC compressor clutch problems. One pin is grounded, and another is connected to the battery. Check for power supply using a multimeter. If there is a low supply or no supply, then the battery is weak and not supporting the system. Have a jump cable and fully charged battery to jump AC compressor clutch.  Connect one end of jump cable to ground and another to the supply cable. This will allow you to engage the clutch.

If there is no movement in the clutch after you power it manually, then the clutch is damaged, and it is better to replace it. Also, check the fuse and replace it if necessary. The AC unit is one of the complicated systems in the car.

Cost Of Replacement?

The air conditioning system varies based on the model and type of car. So, the cost of replacement varies based on the type of vehicle. It is also advised to replace the whole unit at once for proper functioning. The spares for replacement comes at an average price of $500 to $1000. Also, the labor cost varies based on the complication of work. The replacement of the AC compressor and clutch is one of the expensive maintenance services. It is better to solve the issues at an initial stage to avoid such high expenses.

Check your air conditioning unit regularly for leaks and problems. Because unlike other systems, it does not indicate the issues to the people. Any bad or old refrigerant can also is harmful to people.  So better turn on the air conditioner and open your windows for a while so that the dust and old gases will be flushed out of the car.


A car is made up of many components and complicated connections. A person can solve some common and basic problems like how to jump the AC compressor clutch manually. But it is better to leave all the complicated and skillful works to the professionals to handle it. Always be cautious about the condition of your car. If there is any need for replacement or repair, then don’t ignore it. It is our responsibility to maintain our car and drive properly.

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