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Best Low Profile Floor Jacks [Top 7]

Lifting a car can be a dangerous undertaking. You are in control of lifting tons of metal into the air. In this article, we have compiled a comprehensive list of the best low-profile floor jacks.

A car jack is a key piece of kit in the armory of any well-equipped at-home car mechanic. For one thing, you need it so you can get complete access to all parts of our vehicle. At the same time, this is a piece of equipment that you need to have complete faith in.

Best Low Profile Floor Jacks

You need to use a tool that you can trust implicitly. To help you find it, here is our rundown of some of the best car jacks on the market.

1. Torin Big Hydraulic Trolley

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Torin big red hydraulic exactly what it says on the box – it is big and it is red. Not only that there is more than that also, straight out the box, but this also has a hefty feel and is well constructed- this is a tool that you can put your trust in.

It’s one of the best low-profile floor jacks currently on the market. This is good to know because it is rated to lift a considerable weight.

Key features:

  • Heavy-duty lifting for trucks and SUVs
  • Extra-long neck
  • 3-ton capacity
  • Specification
  • Brand Torin
  • Model T83006
  • Weight 43.9 pounds

2. Torin Big Steel Scissor Jack

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Torin’s big red steel scissor jack is proof that good things can come in small packages. When fully collapsed. It measures around 5 inches high, 5 inches wide, and 18 inches long. That is pretty small and makes it very much suitable to carry in the vehicle.

The problem with scissor-style jacks is that they often suffer from stability issues. Happily, that is not a concern you need with this model. It has a lovely big footprint that gives a very stable base.

Key features:

  • Small size
  • Large base
  • 1.5-ton lift capacity
  • Specification
  • Brand Torin
  • Model T10152
  • Weight 7.7 pounds

3. Arcan ALJ3T Aluminum Floor Jack



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The problem with car jacks that come with a big lift capacity is they are often extremely heavy, making them frankly a pain to move around a home garage. Arcan has listened to that complaint and brought this model to the market.

The AlJ3T brings a lift capacity of 3 tons in a tool that barely tips the scales over 55 pounds. It’s one of the best low-profile floor jacks currently on the market.

Key features:

  • Low weight
  • 3-ton lift capacity
  • Reinforced lifting arm
  • Specification:
  • Brand Arcan
  • Model ALJ3T
  • Weight 56 pounds

4. Arcan XL2T Low Profile Steel Service Jack


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Arcan XL2T black is a heavy piece of equipment. let’s get that out of the way first. At the same time, however, that heaviness is not wasted. It is an ultra-low profile which means that it can get under even super low clearance cars for easy lifting. And its 2-ton lift capacity will help it handle just about anything

That long chassis is also very handy, especially for front-wheel drive vehicles. Not only for that but can lift a vehicle to a height of around 24 inches-that is a very generous lifting height for such a low-profile jack

Key features:

  • Extra low profile
  • Extra-long chassis
  • Specification:
  • Brand Arcan
  • Model XL2T
  • Weight 97 pounds

5. Pro-lift F-767 Grey Low Profile Floor Jack


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To say that this is pretty basic jack is doing something of a disservice to the F-767. Yes, it is cheaper than a lot of comparable models out there. This is a sturdy, well-built machine. It has a low profile that makes it easy to get under low clearance cars.

It has an excellent 2-ton lift capacity. If a complaint could be made, it would be that a lifting height of only 14 inches may not be suitable for everyone. So, it will get your car up quickly and efficiently for the price you will pay, which is not bad going at all.

Key features:

  • Low weight
  • 2-ton weight capacity
  • Lifting range of 3.5 to 14 inches
  • Specification:
  • Brand pro lift
  • Model F-767
  • Weight 30 pound

6. Liftman 2 Ton Hydraulic Trolley Floor Jack


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Liftman 2-ton set is lovely and compact and would be great for a smaller garage/shed, where it is a storage issue. The price is also exceptionally low. So admittedly the jack is a very basic model. That said, both it and the strands are sturdy enough construction. when used in combination will provide a solid lifting platform for most cars smaller than SUV size

The lifting height is pretty low. So this is probably best deployed for tasks like changing tires. It may not lift high enough to make it easy to get underneath the car properly. Still, if you want a cheap and reliable jack to have on hand to tackle the occasional wheel change, this is a great set to invest in.

Key features:

  • 2-ton weight capacity
  • Heavy gauge steel construction
  • 5 to a 13-inch lifting height
  • Specification:
  • Brand lift master
  • Model FBA_615ZH
  • Weight 31.8 Pounds

7. Torin Big Steel Jack Stands

Torin’s big red steel is simple to use and relatively cheap, these Jack strands are a great addition to any home garage. If you are planning on working underneath your vehicle, you simply must invest in a set of stands. They will help to hold the vehicle and keep it safe as your work.

These stands are well welded and will last a long time, making them ideal for an ideal long-term investment for occasional or frequent use. With the car up, these stands are nice and sturdy and will happily hold up any car smaller than a big SUV or truck

Key features:

  • 2Ton weight capacity
  • Lift height 11 to 16.75 inches
  • Large saddle surface
  • Specification:
  • Brand Torin
  • Model T42002
  • Weight 7.5 Pounds

7 Best Low Profile Floor Jacks

Below are some of the best low-profile floor jacks that you can use.

  1. Torin Big Red Hydraulic Trolley
  2. Torin Big Red Steel Scissor Jack
  3. Arcan Alj3T Aluminum Floor Jack
  4. Arcan Xl2T Black Low-profile Steel Service Jack
  5. Pro-lift F-767 Grey Low-profile Floor Jack
  6. Liftman 2 Ton Hydraulic Trolley Floor Jack
  7. Torin Big Red Steel Jack Stands

1. Are You Looking For A Low-Profile Floor Jack?

Low-profile floor jacks must be small enough to fit beneath a car while yet being powerful enough to lift it off the ground. Given that the average compact automobile weighs just under 3,000 pounds, a 2-ton lift will normally be sufficient to elevate the vehicle’s front, back, or sides without difficulty.

2. Is It Possible To Raise A Truck Using A 3-Tonne Jack?

The 3-Ton Quick Rise Aluminum Floor Jack from Arcan is a lightweight addition worth considering. This jack is made of aircraft-grade aluminum and weighs only 56 pounds. It also has a lifting range of 3.75 inches to 18 inches, allowing it to raise most SUVs and light-duty trucks.

3. What’s the jack size?

For most simple jobs, a 2-ton jack will work; however, investing in one with more capability is never a bad idea. The selected jack’s ideal capacity should reach about three-quarters of the vehicle’s overall weight. More often than not, weight ratings are indicated on a sticker located in the driver’s side door jam.


Lifting a piece of metal weighing more than 100 lbs. is not an easy proposition. It requires physical strength, a quick stance, and of course a powerful tool. The task, if done improperly, can even cost your precious life.

Car jacks come in various sizes, colors, shapes, and load capacities. While the idea is to purchase a jack with the highest load capacity and the longest, most flexible neck, this may not necessarily be a wise decision all the time.

Overall Arcan ALJ3T Aluminum Floor Jack is a great choice as it gives good durability and rigidity.

So that you need to know your requirements to identify which of the following top-quality car jacks suits you best.