How To Lower A Car Suspension [6 Easy Methods]

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Lowering a vehicle’s suspension is the most popular type of modification done today. It is done to increase the capability in handling performance and to possibly increase the visual appeal of the vehicle. Manipulating the vehicle’s suspension is required to get that urban sporty look. If you do not know how to lower a car suspension, then you are in the right article.

Let us begin!

Why Lower A Car Suspension?

The main reason for lowering a car is as follows:

  • Performance gain increases in terms of cornering
  • Improves Comfort
  • Enhances Aerodynamics
  • Less Rollover Risk
  • Looks Good

How To Lower A Car Suspension?

Each and every method has it’s own pros and cons but lowering your car suspension differs from person to person according to one’s individual taste and what are they looking for.

  • Lowering Link Kit
  • Coil-Overs or Coil Springs
  • Air Suspension
  • Leaf Springs
  • Hydraulic Cylinders
  • Lower the Torsion Bar

So let us get into each of them in detail, and figure out how to lower a car suspension at home for free.

Lowering links

So by buying a kit called “Lowering Links”, allows us to lower the vehicle straight from the factory but this is only exclusive to vehicles that have automatic OEM air suspension. It gives a fitment look that you want and has a similar sense of style as of Air Lift or Accuair, except you only spend a few hundred bucks.

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They are simple to install and affordable in the case in the future you’re looking forward to selling you can uninstall it easily. Lowering Links are just sort of aesthetic piece, they don’t increase any sort of performance. OEM has limited scope or freedom of action in what it can and can’t do.

If you are looking for a quick solution by spending a few hundred dollars then lowering links are the easiest ones. Lowering Links or springs are the free beta versions of a video game. This kit costs $400 to $ 500.

Coil-overs Or Coil Springs

Coil Springs are attached to A-frames or the axles they can be found out on a car’s front or rear suspension. While lowering in car or vehicle suspension is probably still the most common modification that a lot of people do to their car. Coil-overs allow us to adjust the ride height and quality, it even allows us to adjust dampening indeed these are insanely versatile.

Coil-overs contain shock absorbers, which is surrounded completely by a coil spring that’s pretty much all it is and they usually come already installed. If they are n’t installed you can install it by customizing it by yourself, this allows you a lot of availability to really dive into your car and understand how all this works.

If you’re planning on launching the car using drag or drift or autocross you need to actually set up your coil overs precisely for how you plan to drive the car to make them work effectively and efficiently. These springs cost an average of  $300  to  $400.

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Steps for lowering suspension via Coil Springs:

1. You can replace these coil springs with shorter coil springs or you can your former coil springs to a mechanic shop and soften or shorten them a bit.

2. By using a cutting-wheel start cutting the coil  slowly and steadily from the initial quarter and start incrementing the cuts as this an everlasting action

Air Suspension

Air Suspension is the most popular style suspension in the coming years. Air Suspension has prevailed for some time as of now. AMG, Audi A8 models had this for quite a long time. They have in fact slipped into the aftermarket customization stuff because that’s how this automobile industry works. More options and tailored things are required in this industry.

Air Suspension does everything with the click of a button and allows you to get that look of being slammed on the road, it permits you to drive through speed bumps, potholes. Air Suspension compromises of a  compressor, springs, pneumatic solenoid valves, height sensors, electronic control unit, air reservoir, airlines, pressure sensor. This whole system allows you to put air pressure into bags that are in your front or rear struts.

The higher the car lifts up, the more the air in the bag. When you get rid of that air down your car loses pressure, it grants the car to come back down onto the ground. This air suspension kit is around  $200 to  $300

Leaf Springs

$95 to $170 is the cost of installation of leaf springs while replacing it costs $ 450 to $790 if you hire a professional. Steps for lowering suspension via Leaf Springs:

  1. Modify the vehicle’s leaf springs: Leaf Springs consists of each plate of steel strips combined together, they need to tighten or strengthen it more.
  2. Detach leaf springs from  the rear suspension of your vehicle: Take your vehicle to a garage and tilt or bend  the leaf springs like a curve or a trajectory
  3. By using a flip kit and placing blocks beneath the leaf springs the curve or drop can be made to a greater extent. With these kits, the vehicles drop extremely low this task needs to be done by a mechanic
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Hydraulic Cylinders

Hydraulic Cylinders can be installed on all 4 suspensions corners of your car. Installing these hydraulic cylinders is not suffice there is an additional burden of installing batteries, hydraulic pumps, an internal control system to manage these pumps. The large bulk or amount of battery power is required for each of this hydraulic pump is the major disadvantage of these cylinders

Lowering The Torsion Bar

Using Torsion Bar keys adjust the torsion bars of your car, this will sink your vehicle to the ground.$209 and $229 is the average cost of replacement of torsion bars.


Now that you know how to lower a car suspension, you need to see the pros and cons of whether or not you want to lower your car. Depending on the area you live you should think of lowering your car suspension as you also spend a hundred bucks over all these methods. Suppose I live in a locality with potholes or speed bumps, I won’t go for driving a low car daily.

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