How To Lower A Truck? [6 Ways]

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In the long list of modern alterations done by truck owners, one of the most favourable moderation is lowering. While everyone has their own set of opinion over this, indeed lowering comes with its own set of pros and cons. So in today’s blog, I will talk in-depth about how to lower a truck, why to lower a truck and the cost of the alteration. Let’s begin!

how to lower a truck

Why To Lower A Truck?

Lowering trucks and cars are very popular among the peer group of car lovers these days. It is something almost all truck owners have done at least once. This decision made is often based on many factors such as performance, comfort, control and most importantly overall appearance. Below are a few most dominating factors:

how to lower a truck

1. Attractive Appearance

Who hates the idea of turning their not so cool truck into a classy one? Apparently no one. Lowering your truck not only changes its appearance in the first place but also makes it attractive considerably. Forgiving a new look to old suspension, it is their number one choice.

2. Reduced Aerodynamics

Since the gap between suspension body and earth is reduced, lesser air passes through the bottom of suspension which in turn provides reduced aerodynamics thus better speed and control. Lese air underneath provides sporty anatomy to your truck.

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3. Better Control And Handling

If you lower a truck, you are providing it much needed stability as the centre of mass is lowered thus stability increases considerably. This in turns provides you with better control over the steering wheel.

4. Improved Tyre Grip And TRaction

Hanging vehicle so low to ground increases the grip of tyres over the road and helps you drive safely. It also improves traction and control over the vehicle while turnings and breaks miraculously too.

5. Lowered Toppling risk

The lower the vehicle sits on the ground, the lesser the chance of rolling over. That is why many safety manuals advise lowering vehicles.

6. Comfy Long Drives

With great moderations, comes great comforts( spidy!) Buckle up for great riding comfort with your lowered suspension. Say good-bye to those uncomfortable jerks and enjoy a completely new dimension of driving.

How To Lower A Truck?

Now after knowing why you need to lower a truck, let us now jump to the next question that is, How to lower a truck? While there can be different ways for different models, below I will explain briefly the procedures you need to follow:

how to lower a truck

1. Swapping Coils

Probably the easiest and most traditional way to lower truck is by cutting down the spring length.  But unfortunately, cutting them by heating not only reduced performance but riders even had to compromise on drive quality. With the advancement of technology,  manufacturers have now invented small springs which can be swapped with original ones for modification. Not only it will be compatible, but it will also be quite affordable too.

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2. Harden Torsion Keys

Modern trucks have this suspension by default to increase the load and hauling capacity. These can be adjusted easily and can be done at home with minor or no labour force at all. All you have to do is loosen the torsion bar’s hardware, and the transmission will be lowered instantly by a  few inches. The more you loosen, the lowered your truck will be so you can readjust anytime according to your own comfort.


3. Replace The Casting

Since the factory skeletons are designed keeping everyone’s demand in mind, they follow the middle path which is most economical and feasible by all. If you want to go a little edgy and benefit out most by this alteration and see your truck’s performance go up miraculously, you need to do some good investment and replace the entire chassis.


4. Staging Rear Axle Over Springs

As discussed above, default models are built in an economical format. Generally, the rear axles are by default placed below the coils. By using various rear alteration kits available in the market, you can manually stage the rear axle above those spring coils and get an instant drop of 5+inches. It is one of the safest methods as it only serves the purpose perfectly hassle-free but also seldom altering default factory version as others do.


5. Replace Old Shackles And Springs

Another option to get your truck lowered is by lowering springs and shackles by a few inches. YOu might need professional help here though. They will throw ut the old ones and replace them with new lowered gears. You need not fear as it will not take more than an hour to do so. Moreover, it is budget-friendly too as the shackles do not cost much, all you need to pay is a few extra bucks for labour charge.

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6. Coil Conversion

Many companies manufacture adjustable coil-overs these days which can be adjusted according to performance needed. They not only bless your suspension with the much-needed drop but also provide splendid control over steering and great performance.


how to lower a truck

Cost To Lower A Truck?

Now after you know everything about the benefits and procedures of lowering, many of you may still hesitate thinking about the cost factor. Many questions may arise regarding the cost of repair, affordability, feasibility etc.

While the cost of alteration is a subjective term and varies extensively from model to model and place to place, it can range anywhere between $150-$5000 overall. Pricing may vary based on various factors mentioned above, other than that the quality, extent of alteration, level of professionalism etc also affect the cost table. If you take help of manufacturers service centre, no doubt alteration will be of superior quality but not many can afford it.

Summing Up

Honestly, lowering is something you will never regret. If you decide to lower a truck, just go for it without a second thought. After all, who doesn’t appreciates a change for good? So that was all I had to offer you regarding how to lower a truck, hope you find it useful. Let me know in comments whether you are in support of lowering or not!

Thank you

Happy driving!

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