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How To Lower Your Car Without Coilovers?

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The lowering of the vehicle so it’s closer to the ground is a popular way to customize your ride. However, we must also take care of ride quality hand in hand while lowering the car. Do you know how to lower your car without coilovers? How much does it cost to lower your car? And much more related questions regarding the topic. Here, our article will guide and help you deal with the situation with the best possible outcome and provide you with the desired result you expected.

So, let’s begin with the topic and have a detailed description of the methods and techniques of lowering the car.

How To Lower Your Car Without Coilovers?

There are several methods to use in lowering the car. Among all the processes, the most preferred one is coilovers, but what if we reduce the car excluding this method. So, let’s discuss some of the strategies to lower the vehicle without the coilovers.

1. Lowering Springs

In this method, the lowering of the car generally performed by using slightly smaller springs with marginal higher spring rates to compensate for the lower ride height. Thus, as a result, the entire vehicle sits more down to the ground.

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The lowering springs often use higher spring rates than OEM springs; therefore, the dampers present in the vehicle have to work extra hard to keep the car under control. It would result in experiencing bouncy and lose control over the body movement, or you can say that the old shocks on the vehicles again welcomed.

The familiar problem face with lowering springs is the lack of height adjustment. It is because most springs designed to be a cheap alternative to coilovers. The only application or method to better perform with lowering springs than coilovers is to provide the vehicle with electronically controlled dampers from the factory.

Lowering springs for lowering your car is the best option for most enthusiasts because they are smooth and will not make our car super stiff. Thus, soft and comfortable daily driving.

2. Air Suspension

It is an option with significant expenses; that’s why most individuals avoid using this technique. Also, the people have fears regarding the poor handling quality in air suspension of the vehicle. The main reason for choosing an air suspension for lowering vehicles over coilovers is ride height management. Air suspension generally uses inflated bags and deflated according to the need, which will help change the ride right. Thus, ultimately allowing you to park at a car show and slam your car with the press of the button.

Air suspension will also allow you to quickly clear driveways or speed bumps by airing up the bags. All this signifies that in terms of adjustability alone, the airbags are a perfect option for many show cars.

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Having a cushion of air present between the chassis and the road will help you attain a smooth ride with the stock suspension or any other method for lowering mods in the vehicle. However, a properly designed air suspension system generally handles the modifications and a set of coilovers, but that depends on the type of kit you purchased.

3. Cutting And Torching The Springs

Although it is not a reasonable solution to your problem, certain people still do it as they find it cheap and easy in context with other techniques. Cutting your spring to the desired limit is a way to lower your car, but it not recommended due to certain complications experiencing post the method or technique.

On the other hand, torching your vehicle’s springs to a limited extent will also help you in dealing with or finding the solution to your problem. In this method, the spring heated enough to compress the coil tighter than they already were to lower your ride height. It is also a dangerous method and not preferred like the cutting of springs.

How Low Can I Lower My Car?

The lowering of the car must perform keeping in mind all the cons and pros related to the vehicle. The maximum limit to which you can lower the vehicle is approximately 1.5 inches. It is regarded as the best height to have the aggressive lowered look with a comfortable ride. However, we can even reduce the car by 5 inches by installing hydraulic suspension in the vehicle, which is very expensive.

If you lower your car much than the limit, then you would face a rough and stiff ride, with the increased risk of bottoming out and scraping against any driveways and speed bumps.

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Does Lowering A Car Make It Faster?

The lowering of cars generally means getting or achieving stiffer springs. As a result, less weight would transfer and distribute when you hit a gas or brake hard. Thus, faster acceleration and quick stops observed.

Apart from increasing speed and acceleration, it also enhances the vehicle in various other things like it provides better handling, reduce rollover risk, improve traction in cars and a few more. Lowered cars are considered more aerodynamic and also improve gas mileage.

How Much Does It Cost To Lower The Car?

The cost of lowering the cars depends primarily on the method you use or opt for the purpose. Different techniques cost different price, and some are readily cheap methods while other are extensively expensive.

Lowering the car by installing the lowering spring will cost you around $100 to $700; air suspension for car lowering may range between $300 to $4000. The hydraulic suspension will cost you approximately $2500 to $5000. However, these values may vary from place to place and depend on the type and model of the car.


We hope all the readers are pleased and satisfied with the information mentioned earlier. Also, we expect that now you know how to lower your car without coilovers. Hence, you can easily lower your car easily and by yourself smoothly.

If your doubts or queries regarding the topic persist, we request you to please comment below in the comment section. And we’ll try our best to answer all your questions as quickly as possible.