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My Car Doesn’t Auto Lock, What To Do?

Automatic Car locks are a very reliable thing with much safety. A vehicle can be easily operated and maintained if the lock system is working properly. Imagine you have not locked your car and you are assuming that the car is auto locked, and later you realized that the car was open. What will be your reaction? So, here are the reasons why my car doesn’t auto lock. 

Why My Car Doesn’t Auto lock?

If your car doesn’t auto lock then probably the given below situations might be the reasons. Given below are the problems, check these once before going to the technician.

1. Your Key Fob Battery Might Be Dead

This is the most common thing where the issue of car doesn’t get auto locked many cars arises. This is a complex issue if the fob’s programming is the problem. In keyfob, the security chip works without the battery from a very closed range. The key fob works even if the battery is weak. You can check the owner’s manual for directions. This key will keep your door open if the fob battery is dead or the main car battery is discharged.


You can go to the technician if your auto-locks are not working but check your key fob once. Here, check the battery of it since these are the most basic steps. So, most probably, your battery might not be working. Depending on the vehicle & warranty, the price will vary. You can replace it by yourself. Little Efforts and Money Saved!

2. The Solenoid Is Bad

Check the rest of the doors if one door lock isn’t working. If the other door locks are working properly, then the solenoid wire of that door is Bad. Poor and hurried wiring leads to inadequate current supply to start the solenoid. The car doesn’t get auto-lock can be dangerous and should be addressed immediately.


You should know that the solenoid is the mechanism that control’s your door’s locking and unlocking functions. So it might be in disrepair or need to be replaced. If this is the case, a mechanic can resolve this problem. For that, remove the old solenoid and replace it with the new one.

3. Blown Fuse

When your car has a short circuit, it will cause the fuse to blow instead of melt. Also, the fuse is blown due to overloading. So, what will you do? Check all the doors first before coming to any conclusion. If they work then it can be the result of a blown fuse. 


Fuses in your car may occasionally blow because of the age of the car or getting overtaxed. The solution for this is very easy. Replace the fuse, this will correct your problem. The big advantage of this case is it is very cheap and fixed.

4. Damaged Car Lock

If your car doesn’t auto lock then your car door itself is damaged. Locks can also be blocked by debris and dirt.


For damaged car door locks, you can reach a locksmith or the car dealership where you bought the car. In this case, they will repair the previous lock only and in the worst-case scenario, the lock has to be replaced.

5. Wires Might Be Broken

The car doesn’t auto lock problem doesn’t exist in the batteries that break the cycle of the automatic car door lock but in a faulty wire. How will you detect it? First, hold up the switch and open and close the door repeatedly. A broken wire may be jolted into making a connection. In this case, you won’t get much power for the locks when you use the fob.


The wires that connect the lock to the car’s battery may be faulty or broken. Before assuming any causes, check the wires that are not proper and replace the broken wires. And also make sure one thing is that all the connections are proper and tight.

6. Weather Conditions

The car doesn’t get auto lock can also be due to the extremely cold weather which caused the machine to freeze. As the doors on your car are not moisture-free, weather-resistant. So, the cold may cause the links that are controlling your power locks to freeze. You should try to avoid the door freezing as far as possible since it brings several problems and the whole mechanism is disturbed.


This issue is one of the serious issues faced by every car owner once in their life. Especially in the winter seasons early in the morning, we have seen many people struggling to open their door locks which are frozen due to cold.

Heat your key. Simply heating your key with a lighter might be enough to unstick a stuck lock. If the lock is completely frozen, you may have to heat your key more than once. As with all other methods, don’t rush it, and turn the key in both directions slowly. You will be able to get the melted ice in your hand in a few minutes.

Is It Safe To Drive The Car If It Doesn’t Lock Properly?

Locks are meant for safety. And on top of that, automatic locks provide more safety and security, since it works on a remote, with just a tap or a click it is way better than the manual lock system. However, if the car doesn’t auto lock properly shift to the manual locks and disable the automatic one. So, it is safe to use the car without them but you need to be more alert and attentive.

Frequently Asked Questions:

So, here are some of the frequently asked questions about why is a car does not automatically locking, the cost required to fix an automatic lock, how do I reset my central locking etc?-

Why Is My Car Not Automatically Locking?

Sometimes what happens is The key fob battery gets dead and this is the main reason why your car door lock is not working. Replacing the battery in the key fob could solve this problem. If the battery isn’t the problem, the issue may be with the fob itself.

Why Is My Automatic Door Lock Not Working?

If the automatic door lock is not working then it can be caused by the switch, solenoid, or wiring problem within the linkage of the affected door. If all of the door locks are not working,then start your diagnosis at the fuse box. So,you can inspect the fuse that protects the door lock circuit .

How Much Does It Cost To Fix Automatic Locks?

To fix automatic locks it costs $50-$200 at an auto repair shop,  or stereo shop or $200-$600 at a car dealership, depending on whether the problem is a  broken rod, a bad switch, a burnt-out motor.

How Do I Reset My Central Locking On My Car?

To reset central locking on Car you should-

Press and hold the lock button on your car remote for only one second, then put the key into the ignition, and after that turn it on and the lights should be turned off when key is turned off.

What  Is a Passive Door Lock?

Passive Door Locking makes you not use the lock button on the key fob, or the vehicle’s door handle to lock the vehicle. You should park, turn the car off, and walk away.

Do Cars Automatically Lock When Parked?

If you leave the car and go away, then your car is not locked.  But If you don’t open a door, the car will relock in about 30 seconds.


The car doesn’t auto lock properly, which will be a matter of concern. For one-two door, you can bear with it. Power door locks are one of the most important facets of your vehicle’s security system. Without it, you will not be able to use and drive the car more efficiently. Science is proof that electronic security is far better than man security. So, for security reasons, One should always repair the locks immediately if they don’t function properly.