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Why Is Oil Coming Out Of Exhaust?

Sunday mornings are the best. They are free of stress, work or office tension, or any worries; it only signifies calmness and a soothing atmosphere. And if the weather is also pleasant, then it’s like the cherry on a cake. So, planning a picnic in such an atmosphere doubles all our happiness as well as energy. But what if you notice the oil coming out of the exhaust. And that too from your car while planning a day out for a long drive. It could ruin everything, our picnic, our mood, and even our calmness. However, don’t worry like every problem has a solution, so to this also.

Our article provides you with the best ways and methods to deal with the problem. Thus, helping you with these situations. So, here we will discuss some of the most common causes of oil leaking from the exhaust. You only need to follow the guidance instructions step by step, and soon you will reach your solution.

Why Is Oil Coming Out Of Exhaust?

Oil leaking from the exhaust pipe can cause multiple deep issues. Some issues are minor, while some can cause severe damage to your vehicle. Therefore, quick asses of the problem are needed instead to face severe difficulties in the future.

These issues are pretty common in cars; hence, there is no need to panic if you are stuck in the situation. Here are some common symptoms or signs signifying the same issue in the vehicle, and thus quick treatment is required to solve the problem as soon as possible.

So, let’s have a brief introduction to some common causes of the issue regarding the topic:

1. Check Your PCV Value

As we all know, the internal gases present in the engine travel to the combustion chamber through these PCV valves. So, the valve is one of the essential parts of the machine as it performs various functions.

So, if there is any clogging in the valve, the gas volume’s pressure upon the engine increases, all this would result in the passage of oil through several seals due to increased force and, at last, reaches the exhaust pipe.

We can observe certain signs because of the issue. These include- bluish smoke from the exhaust of the vehicle and oil-smeared spark plugs. The easiest way to deal with the problem is to replace the valve. For this, you can visit the nearby mechanic who will solve the issue within no time.

2. Ruptured Or Torn Head Gasket

The head gasket is generally determined as one of the significant parts of the engine. It plays multiple roles, but it functions as a seal between the engine head and the block. A faulty gasket allows more than one fluid to pass through the seals, and a resulting mixture of fluids reaches the exhaust stream. Hence, the problem initiates.

Various indicators determine the problem. These include- decrease engine performance, excessive fuel burning, and the overheating of the engine.

The only way to fix these kinds of issues is by applying a new head gasket to the vehicle. However, it is a pretty expensive solution but long-lasting. The average cost of a head gasket lies in the range of $800 to $ 1600.

3. Inspect The End Of The Exhaust Pipe

In this case, the smokescreen pattern observed was used to determine the condition of the exhaust pipe. We can generally watch the black smoke from the soot, which constitutes a part of the liquid that appears as oil.

In these cases, the car owner must not act lazy for proper maintenance. The exhaust pipe must be regularly clean to avoid the retention of dirt in the engine pipe.

It is usually generated due to condensation from the car mixed with the soot material producing the oil-looking appearance. You can confirm soot by wearing a glove in your hand and running your finger around the ring of the exhaust. Thus, no worries, as the issue is easily fixed.

4. To Watch Out For The Smoke Colors

It is one of the crucial steps in determining the cause of the problem. The type of oil from the exhaust is generally determined by the colour of the tailpipe smoke, which ultimately helps us know the problem’s initiation.

There are multiple colours of smoke observed in vehicles. The black smoke occurs due to unburnt fuel, thus signifying that the engine fails to burn more than one combustion catalyst. And the bluish smoke resembles the oil leak from the engine into the combustion chamber of the vehicle. The white smoke from the engine requires a broad examination of the vehicle related to the topic. The problem could either reside in the combustion chamber or because of the faulty piston oil rings.

It is usually regarded as the standard issue in the vehicle, so don’t worry; after all, it can cure quickly. Frequent maintenance of the system is required to ensure safe driving and avoid unnecessary problems in the engine.

5. Worn Valve Guides

Valve guides are responsible for the flow of gas into and out of the engine, thus play a vital role. Some conditions cause damage to the seals around the shaft with the advancement of time; once the valves wear out, the engine oil leaks and flow into the exhaust pipe, causing the oil to come out of the exhaust.

The best indicator of oil coming out of car exhaust is the emission of bluish smoke from the tailpipe of the exhaust.

How Long Can You Drive With Oil Leak?

Its recommended not to drive your car whenever you observe oil leaks. This would hinder the car’s performance and is also not good for your safety. However, you can drive your car for at least ten to fifteen minutes till you find and solution or substitute.

Frequently Asked Questions:

So, here are some of the frequently asked questions about what causes white smoke and oil from the exhaust , how do I fix white smoke from Exhaust etc?-

What Causes White Smoke And Oil From Exhaust?

If your exhaust system is producing a thick, white smoke then this thick smoke is due to the likes of a damaged cylinder, or a cracked engine block, which causes coolant to burn.

How Do I Fix White Smoke From Exhaust?

White smoke  from exhaust comes because of a crack, which allows coolant to seep into your cylinders. You will need to replace your head gasket. At the first sign of white smoke, you can try head gasket repair treatment before you do serious damage to your engine.

Can A Oil Leak Cause White Smoke From Exhaust?

When the oil leaks into the combustion chamber, it mixes with the fuel and gets blown out of the tailpipe along with them. The result is white or bluish-white smoke. This is a problem because in the combustion chamber.

How Do I Stop Oil Coming From My Exhaust?

The head gasket acts as a seal between the engine head and You will need to look out for symptoms such as reduced engine performance, and fuel burning excessively. All of these issues can cause oil to leak from the exhaust pipe.


So, there are various reasons and causes why is oil coming out of the vehicle’s exhaust. It is a warning sign that some the other things are wrong with your car. Thus, it needs to check by a professional mechanic for immediate repair without wasting time. Otherwise, it may lead to severe issues in the vehicle.

We hope that you may not have any doubts regarding the topic now. And if your doubts or queries regarding the matter persist. I would request you to please comment below in the comment section, And we will surely try to answer all your doubts as quickly as possible.