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How Do You Open A Jammed Car Door?

Have you ever faced a situation when your day begins in a rush? Your start of the day initiates all in rapidity, whether it’s your morning routine or breakfast. You are late for the office too, and suddenly you analyze the car door is jammed and unable to open. I could relate to how aggravating and frustrating an experience it must be that day. Thus, to deal with such uneven issues, our article will guide and help you in how you open a jammed car door. You only need to follow the steps, and soon you’ll reach your solution.

How To Diagnose A Jammed Car Door?

Finding the cause of the problem is the first step to fixing the issue. Once you know about each diagnosis, then it would be easy for you to troubleshoot the method for opening the stuck door.

There are two things because which the problem initiates. It is usually an issue with the key or an issue with the car door lock assembly. Let’s look at some causes responsible for the generation of the problem.

1. Broken Connections

It is regarded as one of the common reasons. It occurs because of the broken connections observed in the door panel or lock assembly. Whenever you cannot deal with the door handle, door lock cylinder, or interior locking switch that is not correctly connected to the car door latch, you’ll find the door stuck in the lock position.

2. Structural Damage

It is seen most often after an automobile accident. The structural damage could be a fender bender, a crash, or specifically aggressive slamming of the door. Thus, all this would result in a bent or disconnected latch.

3. Broken Key FOB

Nowadays, modern cars are high-tech control using the key remote or key FOB for keyless entry into the vehicle. There are conditions when you cannot open the door through the critical remote, and it could either be an issue with the battery or some internal malfunctioning with the key FOB.

The problem can be quickly diagnosed by using the key to unlock the vehicle manually.

How Do You Open A Jammed Car Door?

Car doors are stuck for multiple reasons, and some are easily solved conditions while others require a little more effort. So, let’s try a few methods to deal with the problem and find the desired results.

1. Cleaning And Lubrication

Whenever you are stuck with something immovable or not regularly moving, you can use a lubricant to fix the issue. It is one of the most accessible and most acceptable ways to deal with the problem. Generally, dry oil is better than the oil-based solution as it would not attract the things that build up, such as dirt and dust.

You can try a flattened screwdriver to uncover the keyhole of the car door lock and push the moveable metal piece inside all the way. Next, you can also spray WD-40 directly into the keyhole for better outcomes. Try to put the car key into the lock and jiggle it until the lock is loose. Repeat the process until the lock works.

2. Repair

For dealing with the situation further, we first need to fix the cause of the problem, which could be broken connections. It is better if we try to bind the broken link observed in our car by the panel of the door.

You can use any of the convenient methods to fix the issue. If you are using glue in this situation, it is essential to have the right binding agent for the materials you are restoring or gluing together. You may also use the fabrication method such as cloth tourniquets or screws to solve the problem.

It is better to replace the parts that can’t repair, and you may easily find them online at a low price. But we would suggest you choose quality above quantity as it’s long-lasting.

3. Remove The Door Panel

Here, in this case, if you are not able to find the solution, then the door panel and try moving the lock mechanism.

First of all, remove all the screws from the door; once you did this, the further steps are easy to perform. Next, pull off the door panel, locate the locking mechanism, and assemble metal rods, plastic fasteners, and moving plates right below the door’s lock.

Later, grip the rod attached to the metal plate and move it up and down to unjam the lock. Do this multiple times until you succeed in your aim. If you are finding it still hard, then use a lubricant to deal with the situation, and you’ll be able to loosen the door.

At last, test your door lock with a key and re-screw the panel of the door.

4. Call A Locksmith

When you fail or are unable to get the desired solution, you can get a locksmith at last. These issues are easier to diagnose and solved we succeed in opening the car door.

Thus, the simplest and fastest answer to the issue is the professional auto locksmith. They will do the procedure with minimum loss and damage; after all, it is their profession to deal with such situations daily.

We would recommend you never hesitate to call a locksmith if you have doubts or confusion regarding your ability to handle the solution. After all, everyone has a specific task to perform.

Repairing the power door lock by a locksmith will cost you around $50 to $200, and at maximum, it may reach $500 (for replacement). However, it may vary widely from place to place and vehicle to vehicle.

1. How Do You Open A Car Door That Won’t Open From The Outside Or Inside?

Lubricating the door latch is one of how doors that won’t open from the inside or the outside can be fixed. Begin by checking the keyway for blockage. Next, open the door and try to adjust the lock assembly to see what is stuck. Lubricate the assembly and move again.

2. Why Won’t My Car Door Open From The Outside?

If the car door will open from either the inside or outside, but not both, it is most likely a failure with the mechanics inside the door. The most likely cause is a loose or broken rod or cable connecting the non-working door handle to the latch.

3. Why Won’t My Door Open From The Outside?

Make sure that the lock is not frozen shut. If it is, you will have to remove the doorknob assembly, remove the hinges, and wiggle the entire door out of its frame. If the latch assembly is working just fine but the door is still stuck, try squirting a little bit of all-purpose lubricant between the door and the frame.


The steps mentioned earlier and causes are best to deal with the problem. However, we expect that you’ll deal with the situation whenever you are stuck with such issues.

I hope all the readers are pleased with the matter and know how do you open a jammed car door. If your doubts or queries related to the topic persist, then comment below in the comment section. And we’ll try our best to solve all your questions as quickly as possible.