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Common Overcharged Car AC Compressor Symptoms

Hello there! Ready to enrich your knowledge with another fun blog? You are in the right place then. Today’s blog is about overcharged car AC compressor symptoms, risks and possibilities. And since we care for you a lot, a bonus point for you. We also have a column about the appropriate amount of refrigerant for the proper functioning of the car and long life! So let us begin with our first question:

Can You Put Too Much Refrigerant In-Car AC?

The first question that arises in everyone’s mind is that is it safe to keep coolant jar full to the neck? How much refrigerant is excess? The fluid should not overflow when the car is accelerating or takes sharp turns. If you are not a professional, chances are you will mess up and overfill refrigerant.

So basically the answer to the above question is NO. Doing this can promote unwanted problems such as slugs. Moreover, since the coolant is liquid, it is highly contagious and will take no time to spread the calamity to other parts too.

Can Overcharge AC Damage Compressor?

As we know, anything in excess does more evil than good. Same goes with overcharging. It not only heats up the compressor more than safety level but also puts extra unwanted load over the compressor. As a result, the performance is reduced exponentially and the battery life diminishes significantly. In such a situation, the initial symptom is under-cooling. It will stop working and functioning properly. Overcharge develops a condition know as slugging. It means due to extra refrigerant overflowing, the compressor, as well as other internals, undergo damage vigorously.

Common Symptoms Of Over Charged AC?

How to figure out that something is wrong with the AC or more accurately, with the AC compressor which is just an outcome of overcharged AC. Here are a few most common and noticeable symptoms which may alarm you:

Slugging, loss of ability too cool effectively in a short time, inappropriate pressure points, excessive heating in evaporator coil or compressor, unwanted noises like rattling and hissing, poor performance, high pressure, malfunctioning system, fissiparous circuit, condenser overflowing with fluid, etc.

How Much Refrigerant Does My Car AC Needs?

After knowing the cons and overcharged car AC compressor symptoms, it is now time to meditate upon preventing from letting it happen. It can be done easily by maintaining a healthy refrigerator mark. According to experts, just keep the fluid level almost an inch below the rim of the jar. Anything above that is considered to be in surplus.

Frequently Asked Questions-

So,here are some of the frequnetly asked questions about happening , how does a mechanic discharge an overcharged Ac system?-

How To Tell If Your Refrigerant Compressor Needs Charging?

You should notice that as the low-side pressure reaches approx. 25-30PSI, that the compressor clutch will engage. You may notice the compressor clutch engage and disengage as more refrigerant is added. Eventually, it should stay engaged all the time. It is absolutely important to note here that over-charging the system will cause permanent damage.

What Happens If You Overcharge Your Air Conditioner Compressor?

Noises from the Compressor: When a system is overcharged the compressor has to work much harder to try to get all the coolant through the lines. Remember that your AC works by turning this compressed liquid into a gas and then it will be returned back to the liquid state again

How Does A Mechanic Discharge An Overcharged Ac System?

When you take your car into a mechanic to get the job done, they use a machine that relies on an airtight seal and a vacuum to pull the excess coolant from your system. The entire process is enclosed and safe so that none of the coolant is allowed to leak out.

Can An Overcharged Car Ac Cause Overheating?

 It’s possible that an overcharged car AC could end up causing overheating in your vehicle. As we have seen, the compressor can break down as a result of the system being overcharged

What Happens If You overfill Your Car’s AC Compressor?

The ac compressor has a simple job. It moves the refrigerant around smoothly which helps remove heat. After which it will pass through some coils and effectively keep the refrigerant at the correct operating temperatures. When it’s overfilled this makes the travel of the refrigerant much more difficult.


So it was all you need to know about overcharged car AC compressor symptoms. The secret of a healthy vehicle lies in how well you manage them. The more the merrier! Although this problem is not that problematic and is a result of manhandling, it can slander your car adversely. So it is always better to maintain a safe side. hope you enjoyed today’s session. Please let me know below about your experience.

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