Why Do My Parking Lights Stay On When Car Is Off?

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Let me guess! The most embarrassing thing about the car would be if the parking lights stay on when the car is off. If you concur with my worlds then you must how to fix that problem. Besides the illumination, these lights might also drain out the battery if stayed on for long periods. Nobody would want that ever! So, let us know what is the purpose, functioning of parking lights alongside How to Fix it at the end.

Parking lights

Before we slid into the topic let me confess by saying: Parking Lights is a most essential part of your case and overlying the rule might land you into the violation of the traffic rules act.

Now let’s focus on How To fix the Parking Lights Stay On When Car Is Off.  As we always say in order to fix one, you should know the one.

What Is The Purpose of Parking Lights?

Parking Lights first came into implementation in the year 1968.

The Purpose of the parking lights is to alert/inform the other commuters/travellers the car Is at rest the side of the road.

parking lights stay on when car is off

The lights are of 2 contrast colours Orange/Gold. The reason behind developing the bulbs in those 2 colors is that it differentiates/distinguishes them vividly from the other functional lights of the car.

Als, the lights are not just to alert the fellow passengers but they can also serve as the backup lights in case of a sudden abruption of headlights. Anyhow, traveling with headlights off is a serious issue. The parking lights are only for backup. Do not take advantage of or substitute them for headlights. Headlights are a must regardless of night or day.

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Located at either side of the vehicle jut beside the headlights each side. Also, driving your vehicle without proper functioning conditions of parking lights can convict you under violation of traffic rules law. The most vibrant specialist of a parking light is that can be visible from a distance of 500 ft.

Note: Parking light is not internally together with that of headlights. Although, they belong to the same relay the portals are different from each other.

The Law in many countries gets people to leave the parking lights on when the cars were parked. Many of the users have complained about the battery being drain from the constant illumination of the lights. The sudden rage of complaints made the law to amend the necessity of illuminating lights only when the vehicle is parked in areas/roads on a 30mph and + speed limits.

That also means when parked near the Residental areas the necessity of illuminating the parking lights is not necessary. Avoiding the law, for instance, the constant illumination of parking lights does not much affect the battery due to their less consumption.

For the record, Traffic lights are not just for the commuters but also for your own safety. When parked on Highways, the possibility of getting hit by a vehicle commuting with high speeds is highly imminent. Vehicles are endangering with these kinds of possibilities. Parking lights will help avoid those collisions. Manufactures included them minding the vulnerability during these types of situations.

parking lights stay on when car is off
two cars in a fender bender

Along with the parking lights, the lights for your car’s license plates comes handy.

How To Troubleshoot Your Vehicle?

Even though the consumption is very minute when compared to that off headlights, Small Bricks make place after all. So, we don’t want that to happen, We don’t want the parking lights to drain the whole battery our gradually.

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parking lights stay on when car is off

So we must learn to trouble our vehicle which is not that hard to point out. The functioning is as simple as it gets. Switch off the car and get off of your car. You can clearly see the lights glowing even after switching and locking the whole car system. In other terms, you can see the sign “P” on your vehicle’s dashboard when the parking lights are off.


The Functioning of parking lights does not depend on whether your car is off/on. Just behind the steering rim, you can see the switch that will let the Parking lights On/Off.


Parking Lights Stay On When Car Is Off! Period! They do not depend upon the engine system. it doesn’t bother the lights whether the lights are on or off. The relay is comprised of a whole new system associated with headlights with ab battery as a power supplier.

Just behind your steering wheel, you can see the rocker switch mounted on. Towards the seeing makes it off and towards the road makes its glow. Simple and Clear.

This is exactly how you can find the difference and diagnose your vehicle.

How To Fix The Parking Lights Stay On When Car Is Off?

Lets us now go over the steps you can go through if your parking lights stay on when your car is off.

Step 1 – To Fix The Parking Lights Stay On When Car Is Off

parking lights stay on when car is off

Switch ON/OFF the Park Lightswitch which is located behind the steering wheel continuously. The process of constant ON/OFF can make the circuit trigger and lets the power flow normally.

The most simple and easiest way to fix.

Step 2: Internal Inspection  

Only when step 1 fails to switch off the lights.

parking lights stay on when car is off

  1. Open up the fender
  2. Kindly remove the negative terminal battery. By doing it the Electric Current should switch off of your vehicle. This process will help the vehicle Current to back off the vehicle.
  3. Remember, the whole process takes a time period of 15-20 minutes altogether.
  4. Disconnect the negative terminal and wait for the 20 minutes maximum as the current discharges subsequently.
  5. After completion of the desired time connect back the terminals and check fort the Lights.
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Step 3: Disassembly

Only when 1 and 2 Fails

The crucial and most important trouble could be because of the wrong alarm module. The module is located right behind the control panel on the radio.

  1. Disconnect the negative cable.
  2. Ge inside and squeeze the breaks for 25-40 seconds
  3. Now short the negative cable to the positive cable. This should be done in the duration of 30-35 seconds.
  4. Now you can turn the key to run position and as soon as you did it yo should connect the Battery Cable to their beloved positions.
  5. By doing this you are giving time for the Electronic relays discharge the power.
  6. Befoe switch back the car make sure the connections proper and clean.
  7. Now get inside of your car turn the parking lights and see the magic.

parking lights stay on when car is off

The Lights Should disappear just like the sun before dawn. By doing these 3 processes one after the other you can simply get to switch off the lights without any consent from the experts.

If In case, out of 99 probabilities the lights still refuse to go off. Take your vehicle to the mechanic to inspect the vehicle in Fictional prescribe. Sometimes physical damage may do trouble.

After making g sure the above 3 steps if the vehicle still torments you it is highly preferable to consult the mechanic ASAP.


It might sound like an irregular problem. And believe, me these kinds of problems are not so frequent. And frequent problems ate very friendly to diagnose and fix.

As I say in “This is not rocket science” All you need is a proper guide who can take you through the steps and help stabilize your potential to the core.

You Vehicle’s parking lights stay on when the car is off is very irritating for the ones who are behind us. So it is our responsibility to contribute to a safe and secure journey to fellow commuters.

This is how we travel safe and nice.

Stay Alert and Drive Safe.

parking lights stay on when car is off

Thank You.

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