You are currently viewing 4 Powertrain Control Module Failure Symptoms & Fixes

4 Powertrain Control Module Failure Symptoms & Fixes

If you’re wondering about the Powertrain Control Module Failure Symptoms. We have the answer and hope to fix it once and for all. Every once in a while we find ourselves stumbled upon something rare and crucial such as Power Control Module Failure.

ABS unit module control box with pipes of the car brake system.

Why just know about the symptoms if you can learn about the whole system so that the next time you help others learn right!

Some systems in your car play a very vital role that obligates the drivers to learn about them vividly to avoid any disastrous events beforehand. Also, your car doesn’t want to drive her with unanswerable apprehensions all over his brain.

Today we provide with you the best and the most practical and perfect way to find the Powertrain Control Module Failure Symptoms alongside How To Fix it.

What Does The Powertrain Control Module Do?

Powertrain Control Module or Engine Control System or Engine Control Module acts as a heart to your Car.

If you take a glance at our previous articles, one bone can see the infection of the system Central System. a.ka. Power Module and can clearly understand how vital it is for vehicles.

Well, we are exactly talking about the Power Control Module. Whenever we raise or use the word Central System in our previous articles. Finally today, we reached the point to learn and diagnose the actual Powertrain Control Module.

PCM or Powertrain Control Module acts like a Central Processing Unit for Your Car. The most efficient, sophisticated, intricating, Crucial, Utilitarian aspect of the Car.

The power Control Module serves as the heart of the body.  It takes the information from various parts of the car systems and utilizes/stimulates those information to maintain the credibility, and functionality of your car by turning the Engine Sparks and the fuel to customize for better efficiency and performance altogether.

As the paragraph above clearly suggests how strongly important and crucial the PCM is. The disability or the trouble in PCM might lead to various nondiagnosable revelations when left unattended.

One must not evaluate or underestimate the valuable contribution of PCM. Not just the functioning and signals, the PCM is also widely contributor to the fuel supply. Fuel Injection plays one of the major roles in moving your car, fuel ignition, and the air that revolves inside the system.

In short, A Power Control Module is the underrated technical equipment of the Car that needs utmost attention and care.

A System in which such vital importance assuredly needs more speculation cards. So to diagnose the system, one should know the symptoms of a Bad Powertrain Control Module.

What Are the Symptoms Of A Powertrain Control Module Failure?

Well, Before getting into the precarious symptoms of a Powertrain Contro Module system. Let me occur with the fellow articles that an Engine can show symptoms because of various Internal Problems.

So, to confirm the bad performance or a Bad Powertrain Control Module one should exactly know how it showcases the problem that is tormenting the system affirmatively.

There are 4 Typical Ways to Fi8nd the Symptoms Of A Powertrain Control Module Failure.

  1. Engine Light Illumination.
  2. Trouble With The Engine.
  3. Bad Performance of Your Engine.
  4. Starti8ngf Trouble.

1. Engine Light Illumination:

The first most obvious and the primary symptom of a Bad Powertrain Control module is the illumination of the Check Engine Light” in your dashboard.

Before coming to conclusions, always remember that the Check Engine Light only illuminates if in case there’s trouble with that system or sensors. This proves means that there’s a problem that needs assistance to fix the Powertrain Control Module failure.

Also, in some rare cases, people claim to be seeing the light without any proper reasons which leads to the Powertrain Control Module in such rare cases scanning the computer system to apprehend the culprits such as trouble codes.

2. Engine Trouble:

If there’s anything that gets affected if the Powertrain Control Module goes the world. Then it’s the Engine of your Car.

Not very occasional nether safe. The Engine behaves disruptively if you have trouble with the Powertrain Control Module. You may experience some misfires in very irregular intervals or the stalling of your car. In such pitiful cases, the unhealthy PCM may also cause collateral damage to the other neighbour part of the engine.

Why experience or be a part of a car with such apprehensions in your mind when you can fix it right?

3. Bad Performance Of The Engine:

Can’t stir the shake with a bent stirrer right! The follow up of the above two symptoms is the Bad Performance of your engine.

As we discussed the bad purge valve in our previous article. The performance of the Engine drastically deteriorates with less acceleration capacity, Excessive fuel consumption, and the power of the vehicle. The engine plays a vital role in your car. Engines define your car. And a Bad Powertrainer Controller Module can dispense the whole system if you perpetuate your car without fixing it.

4. Starting Trouble:

Every Car Owner’s nightmare! The hateful, precious starting trouble. Well if you behold a bad PCM then starting trouble is imminent and irresistible.

A Bad Powertrain Controle Module hates you to move you or the car. Not an Inch! When a Bad PCM reaches the pinnacle movement it does not supports you to move your vehicle. This means the resting period starts within your garage.

Only fixing the New PCM can leap you out of the trouble.

Your car may crank upon inserting the car. Bit it does not hitch up with the engine.

The reason behind this is is the functioning of the Powertrain Control Module.

As mentioned earlier, A PCM plays a vital role in your car. So if the PCM fails then eventually it fails to send the signal’s from the key holder to the engine. To make it clear, assume the sem is like a brain in. If the brain fails to send the signal your hand can never hit the mosquito. Similarly, a Bad PCM fails to carry the signal from the key to the Engine. Leading to a Stagnation. The Engine remains clueless about the effort of the driver who’s trying hard to fix the set.

Thus your car fails to start the engine unless you fix the Powertrain Control Module.

How To Fix The Powertrain Control Module Failure?

Just being frank. To fix the issue you need an Expert who has distant knowledge about Computer Systems. It’s highly preferable to consult a Mechanic or Electrician who knows how to rectify the issue and fix them. Tools that can extract the bad codes, signals, and sensors require computer components that are not very easily affordable and handy in markets.

ABS unit module control box with pipes of the brake system.

Most of the problems of Bad PCM arise because of Software malfunctions. And we strongly recommend hiring a Technician who can fix the issue confidently.

Several Electrical Commutations leads to several Short Circuit problem or some mismatch in the software programs.

Such things require Professionals who also take a good amount of time because of the complications in the system.

Damage to the circuit board and thronging of Electricity from point A to B can lead to these disastrous troubles.

In some cases, people often reset the specifications PCM by resetting the whole system. Well, this is not healthy or a solution to the problem. Resetting the whole system without consulting an expert is a big irreparable mistake. Do not reset the whole system of PCM without the assistance of an Employee whom you hired to fix the issue.

Let the dissatisfaction and the enthusiasm dissolve to your core and let the Technician do his job. Repairing the Powertrain Control Module is one of the most touchest repairs of the car. Don’t just burn your car and let the Mechanic take charge.

How To Replace The Powertrain Control Module System?

If you are thinking of replacing the whole system. Let me inform you, the cost varies between 800-850$. Including the labour costs, the whole process might take a big part of your salary say 1000$ mostly.

The only way we can reduce the paycheck is by buying The Powertrain Control Module on your ondffixingngx it.

To do that, you must learn the specifications of your old PCM precisely to replace it with the new one. Unlike the cost, the repair is easy to digest and fix on your own. All you need is to know ow the trouble and learn the specifications.

As soon as you get ahold of the new system. just replace it with a new one by unplugging the old one and plugging back the new one.

But you need to check the wiring holes and the signals that let out before inserting the new one. Check every connection such as engine ignition, battery, smart plugs, and the starter before fixing the Bad Powertrain Control Module.

If the connections work well, then there’s no trouble with the wiring so you can happily replace the PCM with zero suspicion.

Note: Before buying the Powertrain Control Module, it is better to take advice from the expert or mechanic with whom you have good bondage to inspect the Old one and to confirm the trouble. The cost lets you do all these. Recheck every single wire before replacing the PCM.

Even though replacing the whole system is as simple as it sounds we highly suggest you consult a mechanic before commencing any act on the system of your computer.

Let the Cost speak instead of your Enthusiasm.

Just for one-time sake let the Mechanic intervene to fic the Trouble.

Frequently Asked Questions-

So, here are some of the frequently asked questions about what causes powertrain control module Failure, cost happening etc?-

How Do You Know If Your Powertrain Control Module Is Bad?

You would get to know if your Powertrain Control module is bad when-

  1. When Engine Stalling
  2. Misfiring
  3. When  there is an issue with Engine Performance
  4. The car does Not Start
  5. Poor Fuel Economy.

What Causes Powertrain Control Module Failure?

Thermal stress can be due to excessive heat and excessive vibration which can cause the failure of the Powertrain control module.

What Happens When PCM Fails?

When PCM fails then it can destroy the functions of components along with the engine and a few other engine problems are also caused.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Powertrain Control Module?

For the replacement of a Powertrain control module,it costs between  $920 and $997.

How Serious Is A Powertrain Malfunction?

A Powertrain malfunction is serious because then there is an issue with either your transmission system or engine.

How Do I Reset My Powertrain Control Module?

You can reset the Powertrain control module by

  1. Opening the hood of the vehicle.
  2. Use a wrench to loosen the lock nut,
  3. Then pull the cable off and disconnect the negative battery which would cut the power to the PCM.

How Do I Know If I Need To Replace My PCM?

You will get to know you have to replace PCM when-

  1. Other warning lights may be on which includes traction control
  2. When you lose fuel economy without any suitable reason.
  3. Your car stutters when starting and requires many attempts.
  4. Stuttering
  5. Stalling during idling.


If you find any trouble or come across any weird Powertrain Control Module Failure Symptoms you must consult a Mechanic to fix it. But before consulting the one you must make sure that there’s a trouble that needs to be diagnosed. I prefer to end the conclusion by saying “This is not Rocket Science” with hands muscled with enthusiasm and a heart full of potential everyone can fix their car like a stud. But in some rare unique cases, we prefer to co0nslut a mechanic to fix the trouble:)

But we make sure you troubleshoot the problem and know ow about the Functioning of the system straight from the textbook. By learning that you don’t need to gape when the mechanic tries to fix the trouble during the appointment.

I hope This article helped you to learn the Powertrain Control Module Failure Symptoms and How to Troubleshoot your Car.

Stay Smart and Drive Safe.

Thank You!