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How To Keep Windows From Fogging Up?

Winter is a really good season for most of us. The cold breeze gently hitting our faces early morning is also great at waking us up. But, it can also have effects on our car. In winters, our car windows tend to get foggy. If you face a similar problem, this article will be a great asset as it explains how to keep windows from fogging up.

This can be really irritating, especially if you’re running late for an important meeting or a movie with your date. And, getting rid of fogged up windows is also time-consuming.


What Causes Windows To Fog Up?

The windows of your car happen to fog up due to the air outside being cooler than the air inside. This lowers the relative humidity. The moisture present inside the car condenses on our glass windows.

The reason for this moisture could be literally anything. Even your breath. Yes, you read that right.

How To Keep Windows From Fogging Up?

There are various ways for getting rid of foggy windows. Down below are some common methods on how to keep windows from fogging up:

1. Turn On The Heater:

Switch on your car’s heater with the hottest intensity possible. This might sound strange but hot air is lighter, floats in the air and holds more moisture.


2. Turn On The AC:

When you switch on your car’s AC, the air inside the car flows out easier. This will help the cold air to pull the moisture out of the car.

3. Turn Off The Recirculation Function:

You should turn off the recirculation function of the car. This will replace the moist air inside the car with dryer air present outside.

4. Open The Windows:

This will help the moist air present inside to pass outside quickly and easily while replacing it with dryer air outside.


5. Turn On The Defroster:

You should turn on the defroster after doing the above as this will remove all the fog present on the windshield and windows.

How To Prevent Foggy Windows?

The method mentioned above are quick fixes but not permanent. Unfortunately, there is no permanent solution for this. But, there are ways by which you can really delay fogging up of windows.

1. De-icing:

Keep a bottle of deicer in your vehicle during winters as it is very handy and very cheap considering its uses in winter. Spraying some outside the windshield and window will help any snow or hail to melt. This will lower the temperature and the outside air will be moister. Doing this will help you prevent your windows from fogging up.

2. Reduce The Moisture Inside The Car:

The biggest reason for foggy windows is the moisture buildup in your car. Try to keep your car as dry as possible and make sure there is not a leaking space for moisture to slip in.

3. Clean Windows:

Cleaning up your windows will remove a dirt buildup on the glass. The dirt buildup makes it easier for the moisture to stick on it. Removing this will make it harder for moisture to condense on your windshield.

4. Warm Up The Engine:

Before you head out, turn on the engine with the windows down. This will warm up the engine and the car. This will remove the fog present on the glass.

1. Why Does My Windshield Fog Up Even With Defrost On?

Fog is simply moisture condensing on a cold surface. When the air inside your vehicle is moist and warmer than the outside air, it hits the glass that’s cooled by the outside temperature, and you get fog. If your windows fog up, you probably already know to try the defroster for your windshield.

2. Why Does My Car Fog Up So Bad?

Fogging is caused by warm, humid air inside your car forming condensation on the cooler windows. It’s the reverse of the water droplets that form outside of an ice-cold can of drink on a warm, humid summer’s day. Modern cars are especially susceptible to fogging

3. Does The Defrost Help With Foggy Windows?

When the windshield gets foggy, the go-to move for many drivers is to blast the defroster, using the hottest heat and strongest setting to clear the glass. The warm air from the defroster helps evaporate the moisture near the windshield, but it’s only a temporary fix.


Even though this might seem like nothing. Fogging up of windows is a major reason for accidents. The fog present on your glass compromises your vision, making it hard to drive the car. But, luckily the fixes are quite quick and very easy. I’d suggest to not go out on the road with fogged up windows. Not only is this unsafe for you but for others and your loved ones as well. The only you’d have to invest for this issue is just a bottle of de-icer which is really worth it. I hope this article helped you know how to keep windows from fogging up.