Progressive 490 Shocks Review

Progressive 490 Shocks Review

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Have you got a new bike? Or are you looking to make your bike rides smooth? Then you should definitely buy some good quality shocks for your bike. There are n-number of shocks in the market but one should make a wise choice among them. In we talk about our experience with the Progressive 490 shocks review.

Progressive 490 Shocks Review

Progressive 490 Shocks are truly sporty in nature with features like a high-pressure monotube. These high-pressure monotubes are with deflective disc damping technology, hand threaded preload, and a rebound adjustment that aids to smoothes and allows you to have a straighter ride.

The Progressive Suspension technologies are embedded with a linear rate spring that allows to have a consistent feeling throughout the damper stroke and has the ability to withstand extreme weather conditions and temperature ranges and heavy loads on the bike.

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The features also include an engineered jounce bumper that has a built-in metal cup aiding to smoothen and control the bottom on the bike while riding on rough roads.

These Made in USA product of Progressive 490 Shocks are sold in a pair. They are with a nitrogen-charged system and adjustable rebound damping feature for its smooth running of the bike. They can be the best choice for performance demand required while riding in the town or for your next race.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Do The Progressive 490 Shocks Come In Black?

Yes, we put them on my 2016 XL883N. Very firm but very well-performing shocks.

Q2. Do Progressive 490 Series Come In Chrome?

They come just in black. But they look amazing on my bike and they ride extremely well.

Q3. Is The Measurement From The Overall Length Or Centre Of The Eye?

From Eye to eye.

Q4. Will The Shocks Fair With A Passenger?

Yea they perform great with a passenger and without.

Q5. Is The Installation Process Hard?

The installation process is fairly easy and you can save the labor charge.

Q6. What Is The Performance Like?

It is smooth as butter! One of the best investments you can make.

Q6. What Is The Performance Like?

One of our colleagues installed them on his 2019 HD Street Glide Special and he was also really happy with it.
Well worth the money!


We recommend using Progressive 490 Shocks for high-quality and smooth riding performance. Also, cross-check that can these pairs of shocks can be easily installed and fitted into your bike model. This process can be easily done on Amazon for accurate results. 

If you have any questions regarding the product do let us know in the comments below. 

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