You are currently viewing Progressive Suspension 412 Series Shocks | Full Review

Progressive Suspension 412 Series Shocks | Full Review

Are you looking for quality shocks with durable suspension in them? Then Progressive Suspension 412 series Shocks are one amongst them. However, there are many other series of shocks that Progressive Suspension has.

Let us find out if and why to use shocks from Progressive Suspension.

Progressive Suspension 412 Series Shocks Reviews

We have reviewed Progressive Suspension 412 Shocks so that we can help you in making a purchase decision.

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Design Of 412 Series Shocks

If you are thinking about the design of Progressive 412 suspension shocks and whether they will go well with your bike then, these shocks which come in a pair are very simple looking but are definitely with high durability power for smoothening your ride experiences. They are manufactured and constructed in the finest quality material with a double-walled steel body that gets nitrogen gas-charged.

The Progressive Suspension 412 Series Shocks have multi-staged velocity sensitive valving in them that provides smooth and consistent damping. An adjustable and heavy-duty progressive rate spring pre-loaded with a five-pistol cam style lets the shock provide you dial in the ride.

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The length of these shocks can vary from 11″ to 14.2″ in size and they can have multiple options or fitments such as full show chrome or black covers, chrome or black springs in progressive rate, and Standard or Heavy-Duty progressive shocks.

These Shocks are extensively tested under extreme conditions and are highly recommended and designed specifically for Harley-Davidson models with easy installation features to be supported them. They are TUV approved shocks that gain the trust of the customers.

Performance Of Progressive Suspension 412 Series Shocks

To have a better performance make sure that you buy the right option of 412 progressive suspension shocks. If you are planning to install them for average weighted single rider then go for Standard quality shocks.

Else, it is better to buy a Heavy-duty shock as they are a better choice for fitting them into bikes which have the touring rider carrying a passenger along 50 per cent of the time while riding long distances. And also those who have a body weight of 225 lb. and up should go for heavy-duty shocks for improved performance.

Frequently Asked Questions:

So, here are some of the frequently asked questions about

Q1. Why choose Progressive Suspension 412 Series Shocks?

Progressive Suspension 412 has all the best features under the budgeted price offered. They also provide great stability and give a comfortable experience for long bike journeys.

Q2. What type and length of shocks should one buy in the case where there is 70 per cent of the time single riding situation?

We recommend buying Heavy Duty Progressive Suspension 412 as they give more comfort level and make the riding experience smooth. In regards to the length, we can not decide until we know the length of your previous stock shocks. It is better to consult your bike garage man if your bike can withstand such height.

Q3. Does Progressive Suspension 412 give a softer ride experience?

People have experienced a great improvement in their bikes while riding for long distances. These shocks are easily adjustable to your comfort level.

Q4. What size of shocks to buy to raise the height of the bike?

In such a situation, we recommend going for 13″ standard or heavy-duty Progressive Suspension 412. This will raise the height as well as smoothen your ride.

Q5. Do The Progressive 412 Shocks Come In Black/Silver?

Yes, they come in black, they also come in Silver.

Q6.How Good Are Progressive 412 Shocks?

The Progressive 412 shocks yield a more comfortable ride than OEM shocks. The 412s are low-cost shocks, so the improvement in comfort is not as epic as that of Progressive’s high-end shocks costing is thrice the price of the 412 shocks.

Q7.What Is Meant By Progressive Suspension?

Progressive suspension means the smaller number being at the end, will cause the shock to move higher for a given amount of wheel travel causing it to ramp up. Rising rates are also considered progressive.

Q8.How Long Do Motorcycle Shocks Last?

Motorcycle shocks last for up to 5 years.

Q9.Do Progressive MTB Springs Work?

The MTB spring works as advertised. It smooths or removes bottom outs pretty well. I am on a fairly linear bike to start, and while keeping the coil feel pretty as the same. The Small bump compliance, looks pretty similar to the stock spring.

Q10.What Is The Difference Between Standard And Heavy-Duty Progressive Shocks?

If the rider is less than 250 lbs, then use the standard duty shocks. If the rider is above 250 lbs. (regardless if you ride two up or not), use the heavy-duty shock.

Q11.Do Progressive Springs Ride Better?

Yes, progressive springs ride better and also make the suspension stiffer rapidly.

Q12.What’re Better Linear Or Progressive Springs?

Progressive rate springs have mostly less total deflection compared to a linear rate spring of the same free length. So, progressive springs are better than linear springs.

Q13.Why Are Heavy Duty Coil Springs Used?

Heavy duty coil springs are used to absorb some amount of weight to carry for a truck. It will increase its capacity load and prevent sagging.


Please keep these points in mind before purchasing Progressive 412 series shocks:

  • These shocks are measured in a way that the centre-of-eyelet is to the center-of-eyelet.
  • If a Shock is slightly longer then we advise that the stock may be altered to the head angle slightly and this may provide approximate quicker steering.
  • In case the shocks are slightly shorter then we advise that the stock may be altered to the head angle slightly and this may provide approximate slower steering.
  • Before purchasing the shock or attempting to install the shocks that are different than the OEM length, confirm that your wheel travel can be altered without causing issues like clearance, such as swingarm/axle to exhaust contact as well as chain/belt guard or tire contact.

If you have any questions regarding the product do let us know in the comments below.