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How To Pull A Dent Out Of A Car Fender?

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A dent can spoil the look of a great looking car. It is not very pleasant and fixing it can be a problem. This can get very irritating especially if you bought a brand new car and got a dent on it. Going to a repair shop can cost you money. But, that is what we are for. We have found a few ways you can try to fix the dent. Keep reading to know how to pull a dent out of a car fender.

A dent in a car is like “Achilles’ Heel” for a car’s look. This can be caused by a normal accident or by someone who vandalised your vehicle.

How To Pull A Dent Out Of A Car Fender

There are many ways you can fix a dent and we have mentioned some below-

1. Using A Plunger:

A plunger is used to unclog a sink. It creates a vacuum and sucks the debris or waste from a compact space. The dent will be fixed on the basis of the same principle. Wet the plunger from the inside as this will maximise the pulling strength. All you have to do is put the plunger on the dent. Put pressure on it in order to create a vacuum. Now pull it slowly. This might pull out the dent completely or even partially. If it is fixed partially, repeat the process.

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2. Using Boiling Water:

Most cars nowadays have a plastic body and pulling out dents is easier. This method will be most effective in plastic bodies. Boil some water and pour it over the dent. The water will soften the plastic. After pouring the water use your hands to put pressure on the opposite side of the dent. This will make the dent pull out and the affected area will flatten.

3. Using Dry Ice:

Dry ice can also be used to fix dents. When in contact with the car body, it will expand the plastic causing the dent to pull out. Make sure you wear protective gloves and then directly rub some dry ice over the dent. It should be fixed in a few tries. You could also pre-heat the surface so the expansion will be more intense.

4. Using Hair Dryer And Compressed Air:

The hairdryer blew on the car dent will heat the surface and the compressed air will cool it down. The hot air will expand the plastic and the compressed air will contract the plastic. Blow hot air on the dent using the dryer and get the surface as hot as possible. After that use the can of compressed air and blow its contents on the dent. This will make the dent pull out on its own.

5. Using Hot Glue, Screws And Wooden Dowel:

This method is the safest method as it will not chip off your car paint. First, connect the screws to the wooden dowels. After that apply some hot glue over the dent. Now take the dowel and affix it over the dent with the help of the hot glue. Let the glue dry. After that use your strength to pull the dowel. This will help in fixing the dent.

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6. Using Metal Rod:

When your car gets a dent, some areas are pushed upwards and some downwards. You can use the tools above to reach both sides of the dent. Use the metal rod on the underside of the dent and the rubber knockdown on the overside of the dent. This works really great for pulling out dents.

How Much Would It Cost To Fix A Dent?

All of the methods above will not cost you a lot. Most of the things are available at every household and even if you have to buy something, it will not cost you more than $20. Therefore, these methods are very cost effective. If you go to a repair shop, they will cost you for no reason.


A dent can be very damaging for you car’s overall look. It will definitely be affecting your personality as well. Albeit, the dents on your vehicle will not damage anything, it will certainly look better without them. Most people ignore fixing car issues due to the money they will have to spend. Fortunately fixing a dent will most probably not cost you even a dime. If your car dent does not get fixed by the methods above, spending on a special tool made for fixing dents would be a good option. This will fix your dent under $50. The keypoint here would be not getting a dent at all. Most dents are caused while backing up a wall in a parking lot. If you take extra caution before parking, the chances of getting a dent would be really less. You should also cover your car with an outdoor cover. I hope this article helped you a lot in knowing how to pull a dent out of a car fender.