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Why Do My Rear Wheels Locked Up After Sitting?

Good Lord! The rear wheels locked up after sitting again. The most irritable and trouble causing problem ever. The Climate’s got some chill! but not your Car Wheels. This just not only pauses your journey might as well cause trouble to the whole iteration. The garage eventually becomes a resting house in your car forever! But no, we can’t let that happen. You must’ve put all the savings on that car to take you from point A to point B.

But to connect those points, we need to get the wheel moving right. This article will help you with that. The rear wheels locked up after sitting is a quite dramatic problem that every car experiences during the rainy/winter seasons. We will help you fix that in seconds.

What Would Cause A Rear Wheel To Lock Up?

100 reasons can cause trouble for your vehicle. Ther question are you ready with the 100+1 solutions? Learn to fix it right on spot instead of rushing to a mechanic or lamenting In the middle of the road.

Before you learn how to fix anything one should learn about what causes the problem in the first place?

Let’s now dig deep into the topic and see what causes Rear Wheels Locked Up After Sitting.

  • The Unavoidable Rust in the at The break Drums is the Biggest Everlasting Enemy that causes your Rear Wheels Locked Up After Sitting.
  • Rust emerges due to constant rain, or snow around the area where is the car is located.
  • Rainy/Cooly places were to blame the rust that acquires the motion of the wheel.
  • The Rust not just stays put to the Break Drums instead it also loots the break Callipers gradually.
  • Sometimes, a Car wash can cause the locking situation for your car. As the wash lets the water find ist wat to the inner parts of the wheel/Break Drums.
  • You leave for a Holiday Trip with your car resting in the garage unattended can cause the seize. Stagnating the vehicle for longer periods is a big cause.
  • The Rusting in the Break Switch is the main proper yet practical reason that can cause damage to your wheels.

Tese potential reason inflecting the rust purposefully is the reason behind the seize of your Vehicle.

A Point to note: The Locking up/Seizure only happens to the read wheels. It is only because of the automatic Breaking System.

This is a minute problem but it can hold you unmoved from your car. You don’t want, In fact, no one wants that. These derogatory wheel seizures will twist your inner patience to the core.

How To Avoid The Rear Wheels Locked Up After Sitting?

Well, this is not inevitable. With some little care, we can help prevent this problem every time you leave for something longer.

  1. Use wooden ramps to hold your Car instead of Hand Breaking. Because Hand Brakes opens up the portal that will actually cause locked wheels In many cases.
  2. Never apply Hand Brakes if you’re going out os the station which takes a bit while to come back.
  3. Using gear is the best option among the rest.

By using these simple tactical steps you can completely avoid the Rear Wheels Locked Up After Sitting.

And Before learning How to Fix the problem one must know about the Items that will actually accommodate problems like rust.

What Is A Brake Drum and How Does It Function?

Break Drum acts as the Breaking Surface on the wheel side.

The part that connects Brake Drum and Wheel is known as Wheel Hub.

Break Shoes are mounted inside the wheel hub helps the wheel to slow down by applying friction upon breaking. Wheel Cylinder at the Top is the Hydraulic part that pushes the Break Fuses. They are self-adjusting when the lining wears off the system adjusts the Break fuse towards the drum. The Functioning of Break Adjuster is to carry the force on Breaks. When force is applied on Breales, the hydraulic fluid pushes the wheel cylinder piston which pushes the brake fuses.

This action creates friction between the Break Liner and the Inner surface of the Drum. This brings the vehicle to rest.

Now, that you learned about the system and how does it work let’s move on to the next key topic.

How To Fix The Rear Wheels locked Up After Sitting?

There are a total number of 5 methods that will help you to fix the vehicle, The Best thing is nothing of them require a specific set of skills. All you need is patience and the potential to fix down the vehicle.

Let’s study the methods on how to fix the rear wheels locked up after sitting.

1. Put on The Gear and Stutter the car or Move the car Forward and Back up to the limit. The movement will help the wheel to loosen the friction and helps you in moving the vehicle.

2. Engage and Disengage the Hand Break for a good number of times equally so that he breaks loose the grip onto the drum. The adhesiveness of those brake calipers might lose the grip subsequently by doing the Hand brakes.

3. If the above 2 methods failed then get yourself a hammer and hit the adjacent sides of the wheel (the only wheel do not touch the rim. Because you might end up giving a dent to the whole rim which is whole another dimensional problem to fix) by hitting the wheel with a hammer the rust that is glued to the Wheel drum might get disassociated.

These are the 3 typically solvable problems that needed no expertise or skill been the tools to fix. But when things exceed above these issues pad and get the kit to fix it once for all. 

Note: The below-mentioned solutions are only to be performed under critical sense and guidance also requires to be done one after the other without skipping.

Type 1: Solution – Hard Way

  1. Remove the wheel by releasing the bolts that hold.
  2. Get rid of the tire that is bothering you, The rear tires.
  3. Now, you can see the Wheel drum Promoinenly, Start pounding the rim/drum with a metallic hammer to lose up wheel circulatory rim to disentangle from the rust.
  4. And the wheel Drum should move affirmatively.
  5. After pounding the weel uses a lamp/torch to heat the Drum. Heat is a bad conductor to rust. The rust might demolish on its own when applied heat. The heat should be on nonflammable terms. Which means, do not use any liquids that might sabotage the whole process of rearing.

Type 2: Solution To Fix The Rear Wheels Locked Up After Sitting:

Preferred only when the Type 1 Fails.

  1. Ge rid of your wheel.
  2. Hit gently with a hammer as you did previously.
  3. Now apply penetrating oil to in between the Break drum and the Wheel. Which the rotatory joint that helps the wheel move.
  4. Now that you have applied one, give it a try and try to move the wheel.

Type 3: Solution To Fix The Rear Wheels Locked Up After Sitting:

Only to be used if the above 2 drastically fails to unveil the wheel movement.

Also, this is the last and very sensible case. If you are not sure about performing such high tasks feel free to consult a mechanic. Do not feel compelled to do the job on your own.

  1. As you got rid of the wheel clearly, inspect the drum efficiently.
  2. Now, by using a hand drill make a hole at the comfortable top on the Wheel Drum.
  3. As you have created a hole now, insert a screwdriver, and poke it the hole. After inserting the screwdriver now hit it to the inside. By doing that Breaks crews will collapse thus releasing the Brteakdrum to free.
  4. In some cases, you might require to make tow holes opposite sides of the wheel drum. So, don’t be suspicious about going it if required. It does not cause any damage to the drum. This would definitely do the work when performed precisely.

Now, fix back your wheel and check.

There’s a 99% chance that the wheel moves.

Note: The process of drilling holes onto your wheel drum is a healthy and harmless technique. The technique was certified by many experts all over the world. So you don’t have to be concerned or be apprehensive about the method.

Check the Car by relating the hand brakes and the Gear.

Your car should definitely move this time.

Done And Dusted.

Frequently Asked Questions:

So,here are some of the frequently asked questions about causes ,why do my brakes wheel to lock up etc?-

What Causes A Rear Wheel To Lock Up?

The shoe lands or “bosses” are an often overlooked item when looking for the cause of a rear wheel lockup condition. The shoe lands keep the brake shoes square with the drum and provide a friction surface for the shoes to move against. Over time the bosses can become grooved and corroded

Why Do My Brakes Lock Up When I Park?

One reason could be a defective wheel cylinder, which is part of the brake system. It is found at the top of the shoes, and its function is to place force on the shoes so they comes into contact with the drum. A defective cylinder can cause brake lock up. Your parking brake cable could also be adjusted too tight.

What Causes The Brake Caliper To Lock Up On Automatic Transmission?

The likely cause is a failed wheel bearing unless something exceptional has caused the brake caliper to lock the brake rotor. By far, the most common cause of what you are describing is simply bearing failure though. Repair can be obtained by requesting wheel bearing replacement.

Why Are My Rear Brake Shoes Binding Up?

Hold down springs are designed to keep the brake shoe firmly against the backing plate. If the hold down springs are weak then the shoe could cock causing a binding condition. The replacement of rear shoe hardware should be suggested each time the rear brake shoes are replaced to prevent this from happening.


Everything does not require proper attention or intervention of an expert. Somethin g actually don’t even need a skill. All you need is some proper step by step guide that can help you build the trust within yourself and to help fix the car with your very own hands.

Also spending some money on something that is very Natural and Simple Nature is a waste. Learn about the system . Learn about the machines and with a hammer in your left, Tools in your right, and Potential In your Heart you can fix the car like a pro.

As I say, This is not rocket science” You just need someone to help you, accompany you during the process to boost up your intentions. And that someone is We who help you in fixing in your car.

I Hope This article helped you with Learning the reasons for rear wheels locked up after sitting and How to fix it every time that arises.

Drive Safe and Act Smart.

Thank You.