How To Remove Gum From Car Seat? [Super Easy Ways]

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Stuck gum on your car seat? Many people search on the net on how to get gum out of car seats but fail to find a solution that could get the gum out without damaging the car seat. If you are too wondering how to get gum off car seat? We have listed out the best solutions that could be trusted to get the gum off your car seat with no damage to the fabric.

Getting gum out of a car seat is considered as a very silly thing, but when you actually get it stuck, you would know how difficult it is to get it out without damaging the seat fabric. Most people think that rubbing off the gum with a wet cloth or so would get it off, but this is not the case. It requires a lot more effort. Also, rubbing the fabric with too much force will damage the fabric, and may even tear it out. And it does not even guarantee to get the gum out. So, before taking any step further, read the following methods on how to get gum out of car seat to avoid damaging the seat fabric.

How To Get Gum Off Leather Seats?

The following are the methods that would help you the gum out of the car seat. Be patient, and avoid rubbing the fabric to avoid causing damage to it.

1. Freeze The Gum To Get It Out

This might sound a little weird, but freezing the gum to make it hard is an efficient and safe method to get the gum out of the seat.

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Step 1: Put some ice cubes into a plastic bag and place it on the gum for about 5 minutes. You can also use an ice pack. The reason to not use ice directly on the gum is to avoid getting the gum wet. This would make it more sticky and difficult to remove.

Step 2: Let the gum get hard due to the low temperature of the ice. A sticky or wet gum would pull the fabric with it when trying to remove it.

Step 3: Once the gum has become hard, try to remove it using a blunt knife or a scraper. This should remove most of the gum out of the seat. Do not rub the knife harshly over the seat otherwise, it could tear the fabric. Also, place the knife or the scraper in a horizontal direction, to avoid picking holes into the fabric.

Step 4: The above step should remove most of the gum, but if some residue is still left out on the seat, use detergent on the area, and softly scrub the area using a rag. This would remove the gum out of your car seat.

2. Use Heat

You can also use heat to remove the gum from the car seat. Heating the gum with a hairdryer would expand the gum and soften it making it easier to be removed.

Use a hairdryer over the gum, and heat it until it becomes soft. Do not use too much heat as it could damage the fabric. Once the gum has become soft and rises up, remove it using a rag. Use detergent or any other dishwasher that would form foam and remove the residue.

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3. Use White Vinegar (For Vinyl or Cloth Seats)

Using vinegar over the gum would loosen it, and make it soft. This would make it easier for you to remove it using a rag. Remember, this method should not be used on leather seats. We have mentioned a separate method to remove gum from leather seats in the next section.

Step 1: Warm up some white vinegar, and soak a small cloth into it. Rub it over the gum such that it would soak the vinegar. The vinegar would loosen the stickiness of the gum and make it soft. Remove the gum as much as possible using your fingers or a rag.

Step 2: Make a solution using 1 tbsp dishwasher, 2 tbsp white vinegar, and some warm water and mix it thoroughly. Use a soft brush or a rag to clean off the rest of the residue and repeat it until it is removed completely. Use a soft towel or tissue to wipe off the solution and you are done.

4. Use Tape To Remove Gum From Leather Seats

Removing gum from leather seats is a bit easier compared to removing it from vinyl or cloth seats. Take a scotch tape and cut a small portion out of it. Place it on the gum and pull it, such that the gum comes off with it. Repeat this until most of the gum comes off from the seat.

You can also use the “freezing method” (Method 1) to remove gum from leather seats. Clean the residual gum using a clean rag.

Use a leather conditioner over the affected area after removing the gum out of the car seat. This would prevent cracking of the leather.

5. Use A Commercial Degreaser

There are a lot of commercial degreasers available in the market, that are specially made to remove gum from the car seats. These degreasers are made out of chemicals that are suitable for the respective fabrics only. So make sure you choose the right one, that is made to suit the fabric of your car seat.

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Spray some degreaser over a clean cloth, and softly rub the affected area until most of the gum is removed. Use more of the solution if needed. Use another cloth and wet it with cold water. Clean off the solution and the remaining residue with the cloth and you are done.

Always make sure you read the instructions given on the degreaser, and see if it is suitable for the fabric of your car. Using a degreaser that is not suitable for the fabric of your car could permanently damage the area, making you spend more money over it.

5 Methods To Remove Gum Out Of Car Seat

Following is the summary of all the options that you could use to get gum off car seat.

  1. Freezing the gum (For leather as well as cloth seats)
  2. Heating the gum (Only for vinyl and cloth seats)
  3. Using white vinegar (Only for vinyl and cloth seats)
  4. Scotch Tape (Only for leather seats)
  5. Commercial degreaser

This is how to get gum off car, that you can follow without damaging your leather seats.

Final Words

We have listed out in this article all the safe and effective methods, that you could use to remove gum out of the car seat. Do not hesitate to try more than one method to achieve expected results.

If you like this article and have any queries, let us know in the comment section below.

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