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How To Replace A Heat Pump Compressor [3 Ways]

Is the heat pump compressor of your car  Less started to fail? The heat pump compressor is one of the most important components of the air conditioning system. It pressurizes the refrigerant responsible for cooling the interior and distributes it. In this article, we will tell you how to replace a heat pump compressor on your own.

The heat pump compressor works in the form of continuous cycles. This puts a lot of pressure on the various components. So, if you notice any problem with the compressor, the air conditioning unit will be directly affected. The following are some of the common signs indicating a problem in the heat compressor.

Signs Of A Failing Heat Compressor

Below are some of the signs of heat pump compressor failure.

1. Lack Of Proper Cooling

If you experience that the cooling capacity of your ac has reduced, then this indicates that there is a problem in the heat compressor. The heat compressor is responsible for the regulation of the refrigerant that is necessary for proper cooling and circulation throughout the interior. So, if you notice that the air conditioner does not cool your car like before, it’s time to check the heat compressor.

2. Problem In The Compressor Clutch

The heat pump compressor works in the form of cycles i.e, it is turned on and off at regular intervals, by the compressor clutch that provides the power to it from the engine. A pulley controlled by the clutch engages and disengages the power from the engine, and if there happens to be any problem with the clutch, the compressor won’t turn off and would remain on consuming more power. The problem could be the other way round, i.e the compressor won’t turn on if the clutch is faulty, and will not be able to disengage the pulley from the engine power.

Replacing the clutch might solve the issue, but mechanics suggest that replacing the heat pump compressor is the best option to avoid further issues with the compressor clutch.

3. Thumping Or Squeaking Sounds

Hearing thumping or squeaking sounds after turning the ac on signifies damage to the heat pump compressor. The heat pump compressor is made up of various components and has sealed bearings. If any of the component’s bearings get worn off, this would create loud thumping sounds when you turn the ac on.

These sounds should not be ignored and looked upon immediately. A professional mechanic can diagnose this problem and fix it without replacing the compressor.

How To Replace Heat Pump Compressor

If you are a car enthusiast and like to fix it yourself, then we are here to guide you. Replacing a heat pump compressor is quite easy, and you could surely replace it on your own.

Tip: The heat pump compressor is quite heavyweight, so you might need someone to help you out with it.

Step 1: Remove The Old Compressor

The first step to replace the heat pump compressor would be to remove the old compressor. Make sure the engine and the ac are off. Locate the heat pump compressor and look for the pipes and wires connected to it. Unscrew the pipes using a wrench, and place them out of the way. Now remove the connected wires using a screwdriver. As you are doing this for the first time, you would not remember the location of the wires and pipes to fix them back. So make sure you note down or remember the position of the wires and the pipes and do not mismatch them while putting them back.

After detaching all the wires and pipes, it’s time to remove the compressor from its place. Carefully remove the compressor and place it aside on the ground.

Step 2: Place The New One And Fix The Pipes

After removing the old compressor, it’s time to place the new one in its place. Carefully place it in the same direction and start looking for the pipes to screw them back. There should be five pipes in total. Make sure you start this process as fast as you might forget the position of the pipes and place them wrong. Following is the list of pipes that need to be fixed to the compressor-

  1. Flow pipe to the heating system
  2. Return pipe
  3. Ground supply pipe
  4. Return pipe
  5. Cold feed pipe

After placing all the pipes in their respective positions, tighten them using a wrench.

Step 3: Fix The Wiring

After completing step 2, wire up the system to complete the task. If you have purchased a new compressor, it should contain a user manual to guide you in the wiring process. But if it’s missing, don’t worry, most compressors have colored marks indicating the respective wire that needs to be fixed there. If this thing is also missing, look for some help online, and refer to some videos or images depicting the wiring of the heat pump compressor.

Refer to the video below. It is a detailed tutorial on how to replace a heat pump compressor.

If you are not sure about any of the above steps and face any problems, do not hesitate to get help from a professional. Any mismatch in the placement of the pipes or the wires may damage the new compressor, as there’s very little chance of someone getting it fixed for you.

Can I Just Replace The Compressor On My Heat Pump?

Yes, it is possible to replace the compressor.

How Do You Change  A Heat Pump Compressor?

A trained service technician can change a Heat pump compressor .but it is costly.

Does A Heat Pump Work Differently In Two Models?

No, A Heat Pump Works mostly the same in two models, similarly in cooling  .both work together in one unit, use similar components whether it can be called on to heat a space or we can say cooling it.

What If You Do Not Replace The Faulty Heat Pump Compressor?

This is a legit question for those who do not use the air conditioners in their car. Yes, if you do not turn on the ac in your car, you could certainly delay replacing the heat pump compressor, and drive your car with no problem. If the problem is with the clutch, then never turn the ac on, as it will keep the compressor on and consume power from the engine all the time. And if the problem is in the bearings or other components, you could turn the ac on, but it would hardly cool your car.

How Much Does It Cost For Heat Pump Compressor Replacement?

The average cost for a heat pump compressor replacement is going to be around $1500, but if you can have deep pockets and can afford the luxury to spend more then it can go all the way up to $2700 or more depending on which part of the world you get it done.

What Causes A Heat Pump Compressor To Fail?

Failure of a heat pump compressor can be due to frozen coils, lack of maintenance, due to inadequate refrigerant charge, some electrical problems,  less or more refrigerant, etc.

What Causes A Compressor To Overload?

The main reasons behind compressor overloading can be negligence, dirty air filters can cause the system to strain work and sometimes it can be due to system malfunctioning due to which a compressor gets overloaded.

Final Words

We have learned how to replace a heat pump compressor and discussed all the queries related to it. Make sure you follow all the steps carefully and do not mismatch the wiring and the pipes connecting to the compressor.

If you like this article and have any queries, let us know in the comment section below.