How To Reset Air Suspension In Range Rover?

We all have dreams that are a significant focus of our lives; they are our goals and our reason to live life with the aim; consequently, we have dream cars too; it could be Ferrari, cars by BMW or the range rover.

We feel very enthusiastic and exceptional after achieving our dreams or buying our favourite car, and we make every possible outcome to protect it. But most often, we fail to do so, and thus we need either repair or replacement; hence, we want to provide you with the best of our knowledge and help you with one of such issues, i.e. how to reset air suspension in range rover.

What Is Meant By Air Suspension?

Range Rover are best known for their off-road capabilities and smooth motion on terrain areas, all this because of its air suspension quality. Air suspension is a suspension powered by a pump or compressor that pressurizes the air instead of spring to give a smooth and comfortable ride. This vehicle property helps to navigate various terrains and made it possible to adjust the vehicle’s height with the ground in such areas.

In short, air suspension is meant to provide a comfortable driving and journey to maximum extend with keeping safety as the prime concern.

Causes Of Failure Of Air Suspension In Range Rover?

There are generally various reasons for the failure or faulty air suspension in Range Rover. So before knowing how to reset air suspension in a range rover, we must be aware of the reasons for its failure; hence the most common causes include

1. Airbags

The leakage in airbags is one of the problems that are responsible for faulty air suspension. It can be caused by rubber losing its strength or elasticity with increase travelling distance or age of the car. Generally, this is not too common, but for safety precaution, one must have a regular check on it.

2. Height Sensor

Their function is to measure the vehicle’s height with the ground and usually lie close to airbags. The height sensor sends the signal to ECU, which results in a smoother ride of the vehicle when travelling over the bumps or with heavy loads. The fault in the height sensor is due to the damage or loosening of wires or may be due to erratic weather.

3. Compressor Issues

Failure of the compressor results in cessation of the engine, and it generally fails or damaged after many years of being used. The compressor wears out and produces loud noise to compensate for the leak and recognize failed compressor.

4. Storage Tanks

It is not that common as the Range Rover storage tanks are very well designed but in few cases, specific issues are observed like filling of water due to rain or any other medium in the tank or rusting seen in storage tanks. These problems are rare and are pretty expensive to repair.

5. Electronic Controls

Many a time electronic control unit may fail, thus causing the system to regulate the air suspension system in the car inefficiently. So one must visit the garage or professionalist to deal with such issues or problems.

How To Reset Air Suspension In Range Rover?

Facing the Range Rover suspension issues is not a big deal; after all, all the air suspension have a limited time or lifespan. The general lifespan of an air suspension bag is about 50k to 70k miles, or they need replacement every ten years. So, one must primarily be aware of the causes of air suspension failure and confirmatory in that we can take specific measures to either avoid or deal with such issues.

Resetting air suspension in the range rover generally depends on the extend of damage or the worn-out components of the air suspension.

The best technique to deal with this issue is to replace air suspension components before damaging and destroying immediate parts beside them. There are several ways which would help us to know or signifies that the condition of air suspension is terrible and its need to be replaced or checked.

Point 1:

If you notice that your vehicle’s height from the ground shows some uneven spacing while driving, i.e., the rear end of the car is gushing compared to the front end. Thus, you need to have a proper check of air suspension once to be sure.

Point 2:

While facing or observing various harsh noises, which are pretty strange and not usual, it means one or the other components related to air suspension are damaged and need inspection before it’s too late.

Point 3:

Suppose you find that your air compressor is weak or is not meeting up the demands or performing the functions it meant to do, then it’s sure that there is a leak in air suspension. Hence, again replacement to the compressor is the only option.

The easiest way in all these cases is to avoid the possible conditions which would lead to damage air suspension of our vehicle. After all, leaking struts or failed compressor has no other option but to replace it. So, to save us from replacing the entire system, it is better to solve the problem before reaching the critical level and affecting our vehicle.

Thus, the only answer to how to reset air suspension in range rover is to attain and know the cause as soon as possible to avoid extra expenses and save yourself from complete replacement of the air suspension in the vehicle.

How Much Does It Cost To Repair Air Suspension?

The air suspension failure on the range rover is quite expensive to fix, approximately $1800 to $2000, which includes labour cost of about $230 to $280, and the rest is because of the replacement of components of air suspension. Other options include the replacement of air springs or electronic struts.


I hope we had answered your issues regarding how to reset air suspension In range rover. The most acceptable way to such problems is to know the cause within the period to save extra expenses. If any queries related to this topic persist, we will try our best to answer them all.